Parallaxis “Dissonance” EP Review

PARALLAXIS(Photo Credit to Clearway Media)

The first track on the album starts somewhat misleadingly with it’s slow introduction into the song, but “Malice,” sums the talent of the band up perfectly. The electronic undertones contributes an extraordinary element to the post-hardcore 5-piece band that adds to the appeal – and definitely makes the listener want more. Parallaxis’s guitarists, Ben Stevens (lead) and Ash Henbrey (rhythm) have an impeccable equilibrium between them, particularly seen in second song, “Clarity.” The guys behind Parallaxis have tuned into what it is to make music powerful, and in the direction and genre they have taken to, have managed to create and stress emotion of each song.

The aggressive vocals throughout gives the EP an overall pugnacious attitude, softened and complimented by the clear voice of vocalist, James Holt. Modern post-hardcore are rarely described as “catchy,” and more-so reviewed on the amount of sound that the band can make, but keeping to the post-hardcore mixed with a sense of old-school metal, Parallaxis’s partially classic direction has achieved a captivating and addictive musical experience in their latest EP Dissonance. The final track of the album, “Home,” is an example of their brilliance, with an emphasis on Dan Wotton’s heavy bass line. The illustration of their musical talent in Dissonance is exciting, and promising to further excellence of high-energy, emotionally driven music and shows.


The post-hardcore genre is a broad definition for a constellation of groups, and Parallaxis have given the category their own unique spin. The third track on the EP, “Dissension,” has an added intensity due to Dan Coombs’ pulsating power of the drums, abruptly cadenced guitar and explicitly distorted vocals. The tumultuous song is one of the most significant on the Dissonance EP, with the aptitude and choler expressed mostly through the instruments.


They’re not all about fast-paced and erratic action though. Parallaxis show their varied talent in the musical industry with their ability to slow right down, and tap into an intimate part of their creativity during their songs. “Clarity,” is the second song of the EP, and much like the first track “Malice,” has a balanced structure between accelerated and slow. Their ingenuity of an allargando experience – the term used for an accelerated piece of music to become softer, while broadening their tones in a majestic manner, while keeping the loudness of the overall sound – is rare in any case, but Parallaxis seem to have it down to a tee, and accomplish with success.

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