FTTTF3Northern English alternative band, Feed Them To The Forest have gained high praise since formation and initial release, and for good reason, too. The five-piece band have worked alongside names such as Mike Spink and Robin Schmidt – who’s seen the likes of Gaslight Anthem, Placebo and Mumford & Sons – to mix and master their digitally available tracks ‘Black Canary’ and ‘Six Seasons and a Movie.’ But now, in the coming weeks, Feed Them To The Forest are about to drop something more than just a little bit special – and it’s got some great vibes.

‘Black Canary,’ for those who haven’t heard, is an immediate introduction to the sound of FTTTF, and their headed direction in which they’ve already started to show proficiency for. It’s got huge vocal ranges, and a guitar complimenting every note on offer. It’s a song that really shows their energy as a band, much like their second song ‘Six Seasons and a Movie.’ The creativity and originality that oozes from their instruments for these songs are extraordinary. FTTTF have caught onto something largely unheard, bringing a refreshing sense of ingenuinity to the scene. And with the release of physical CD copy, ‘Double A Side,’ the two bonus tracks included show that they’re more than able and willing to continue exploring that creativity. Live session, ‘The Kids Need New Shoes’ is relatively melancholic, with the overall sound capturing genuine emotion that can make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up. In addition, the talent possessed by the leading guitar is powerful, holding the ability to speak as loud as the vocals. Behind both components, the cadenced drums and subtlety of the bass adds the depth. Overall, it’s a song driven by feeling, giving histrionics to the music in a very sincere way.

Stated on their official facebook page, FTTTF have advertised themselves under the genre’s of punk / emo and alternative, and bonus track ‘The Kids Need New Shoes’ is a real contender as to the best song to display each of the genre’s influences, proving that their modern take on these genre’s can really make it within the scene. The second bonus track – an acoustic version on their beautifully energetic ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ – is more than just an acoustic. It’s a demonstration that their musical talents go far beyond the works of various instruments, but the display of euphonious vocals shows that they can master any kind of project in front of them with passion. For previous fans that has heard the material released for ‘Black Canary’ and ‘Six Seasons and a Movie,’ upcoming release of ‘Double A Side’ is a real treat that shows another side of FTTTF; it’s a remarkable collection of worked songs.

You can keep up to date with Feed Them To The Forest by visiting their official page, FEED THEM TO THE FOREST and following their FACEBOOK and TWITTER for updates. 

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