2017 Festival Season: Best Acts!

Festival season is once again drawing to a close this year, and it’s safe to say it’s sooner than anyone would like it to be. It’s the highlight of the year for many, giving the chance for real music fanatics and social butterflies the chance to really thrive in that somewhat intense environment of camping, finding water and cueing for the bathroom for what might turn out to be hours on end. Some might say that it’s not even remotely enticing after hearing the stories of having their tent used as a bathroom in the middle of the night or being awoken every morning at six a.m. to the sound of blasting music, but for others, it’s the best experience a person could have. It’s not easy, walking around sleep deprived and looking for the nearest watering fountain to fill up your water bottle that you bought on the first night, but it’s hard to have a bad time at a festival when you’re seeing some of the best performances. There are hundreds of festivals going on during the year, and here are some of the best and highly rated performances of 2017:

ESSDEnter Shikari – Slam Dunk Festival

For the tenth anniversary of Take To The Skies, Enter Shikari headlined the Slam Dunk festival, and really tore people in two to choose which band to end their SD experience with. Just like their music, they’ve always been known to be extravagant with their performances, and they really showed what they could do at this year’s Slam Dunk with phenomenal lighting to tip that surreal experience over the edge. At Slam Dunk South, it was completely packed and the sound of everyone practically drowned out the rest of the stages with bands such as Neck Deep, Bowling for Soup and Against Me! Hearing the famous Johnny Sniper live triggered many, as far back as the main entrance to go wild and ultimately reminding people why they initially loved Enter Shikari.

GDGreen Day – Nova Rock

Green Day has been around since what could be considered the dawn of time to some of us. They’ve influenced thousands of bands and individuals and driven the sense of hope into our young minds. I say this from a young point of view – being a twenty-two year old and grew up with their famous Dookie and American Idiot throughout my years of finding myself, Green Day has and continues to be one of the greatest influences on my person today. When the band released Revolution Radio last year and announced their tour, trying to get a ticket was almost like finding a needle in a haystack with them selling out fast and then being put back up for sale for something extortionate like £150… I don’t know who has that kind of money just laying around. Headlining the last night of Nova Rock really brought dreams to life, seeing the band that helped so many people grow on stage in front of them. It really was an extraordinary experience with the punk rock legends playing a variety of songs from over the decades, including 2,000 Light Years Away and When I Come Around, which really made them one of the best festival acts of this year.

RammsteinRammstein – Rock AM Ring

After last years crazy storms calling the festival to an end and this year’s rocky start, Rock AM Ring and its visitors never had their spirits dampened this year. Rammstein, claiming the highest title of “German rock band” there is, gained high momentum playing stages around the world in 2016, and this year carried on with their industry-breaking rules. Rammstein has really taken the light over the years, for their insane opera like shows with pyrotechnics and high energy. Located in Nürburgring race track, the East Berliners brought all that energy to the stage and bringing the entire crowd alive in what could be considered the most fierce crowd in history at Rock AM Ring.

Eminem-stage-2014-billboard-1548Eminem – Reading

Last year brought Red Hot Chilli Peppers to European festivals, and it was huge. It’s hard to beat that kind of name, but Reading pulled it out of the bag with Eminem and it went down an absolute treat. Appealing to the kids of the 2000’s with the likes of My Name Is opening “Hi kids, do you like violence? Wanna see me stick nine-inch nails through each one of my eyelids?” Eminem has come a long way, and still claiming his title as one of the most respected rappers of this generation. One of the most notable things about this years Reading line-up was the somewhat change in theme, with grime and rap. But, Eminem has been brought back into the spotlight with his music and rhymes really speaking a thousand words in recent events. Marshall Mathers has always had an unrelenting passion for his music, his messages and his fans, and his performance at Reading spoke a thousand words.

prophets_of_rage03_website_image_dtdr_standardProphets of Rage – Download

Okay, so a lot of these bands (minus Eminem and Enter Shikari) played the same festivals, so in a way, I’m not really picking the best of each festival. But Prophets of Rage were one of the most highly anticipated acts of this year’s festival season. With members from Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cyprus Hill, Prophets of Rage have come with not only a full-length album but the hits of their previous musical journeys. Being in the crowd for the Prophets of Rage show was like watching a revolution begin in front of your eyes. Pumping up a crowd reached across the entirety of a field is no easy job, but all Prophets of Rage had to do was walk on stage for everyone to be ready for the intensity ahead. Prophets of Rage are enjoyed massively for their own creativity as a whole instead of a super band, but one of the most favoured moments of their stage presence was the moment ‘Killing In The Name’ blasted from the speakers.

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