Halloween is upon us, and this playlist is for you!

Friday the 13th has come and passed, and while superstitions keep people grounded in their comfort zones, the select few of us are enjoying the spooky season of pumpkin spiced lattes and fake spider decorations. It’s the perfect season to start pranking the arachnophobes and the squeamish. It’s the only season that Santa won’t punish us for being that bit cruel to our siblings and friends – although parents are off limits, they will be the one to punish you this Christmas.


Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a wonderful Spotify playlist featuring some of the best Halloween soundtracks and you can count on a few Nightmare Before Christmas tracks hidden in there somewhere. But, for the ones who stick to YouTube and the likes of purchased music on their devices, here’s a quick rundown of what’s on there:

tumblr_oresg2yj261r0u1meo1_400Muderdolls – Devil Made Me Do It

This might just be an old favourite of mine for when Halloween season finally came around, and I didn’t give my mother the impression of psychotic when I’d sing the words. Violent and definitely representing a crime scene, Murderdolls aren’t for the squeamish at any cost with lyrics that can bring on visualization.

giphyMisfits – Halloween (and Last Caress)

Misfits are one of those bands whose plastered over t-shirts and sweatshirts, and likely seen to have the sleeves cut off. Influencing many coming of age bands including Creeper, the attention on Misfits seems to grow every year around Halloween, so what song can we 100% guarantee to be on this playlist? That’s right, raw punk ‘Halloween’ that’s been covered almost a thousand times. Also, we included an easter egg of Last Caress because, well, who doesn’t like that song?

the-frighteners-gifBlue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper

Oh, do I need to say much? This song has been on every Halloween NOW CD releases since it was originally released in 1976. Yep, a whole whopping FORTY-ONE YEARS AGO. It’s almost unbelievable, but their legacy isn’t yet over because it might just be the biggest Halloween anthem that’s ever been created – and it’s known to every walk of life. You can’t escape the track, and at this time of year especially, it’s going to be plastered everywhere. Enjoy, creeps!

sourceMy Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

Okay, I just think no playlist is complete without My Chemical Romance, and they’re a band that can literally fit into any playlist you want them to. ‘The Black Parade’ has become an anthem for some people as they sing it in the crowd before a band enters on stage, or drunkenly putting on theatrics in the alternative bars around town. Join the parade and paint your faces white with black eyes – we’re going on a journey and you’re going to damn well like it.

tumblr_n29yugiyb11to7rato1_500Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine

Throwback to all the goths out there who once found the wonders of Cradle Of Filth. I think everyone went through the stage of exploring the so-called “goth” music, but ‘Nymphetamine’ is probably the only one that really stuck with most of us. It’s musically quite creepy, and Dani Filth is a Halloween costume himself. Win, Win! A good, nostalgic track of ripped CD’s and the inspiration for a Halloween costume. Thank me later!

These are only a few featured on our spooky playlist, and there’s a lot on here that will definitely accompany you on the speakers while you’re listening to laughing kids in their ghost costumes that are made out of pillowcases. Aside from the cliche’s, there’s a few gems hidden in there such as The Wonder Years, AFI, The Rasmus and Matchbook Romance. Let us know your favourite track!


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