REVIEW: A Kind Of Superhero ‘On My Own’ [Releasing Soon]


Italy is handing out its contribution to the pop punk scene in handfuls, and their most recent deliverance is a band of various backgrounds, who’s music is about to hit the scene with a bang. A Kind Of Superhero is a five piece with influences ranging from the likes of Blink 182, Ramones, Rise Against and Zebrahead. There’s a huge variance of genres, but A Kind Of Superhero have one aim in mind, and that’s to represent the 90’s rock scene – and they’re doing a bloody good job. Musically connected with dedication and passion in their work, A Kind Of Superhero are about to drop their best track to date, and luckily for me, I’ve been given the chance to have an early listen.

Now, before we start talking about their forthcoming track, ‘Out Of Time,’ we should bear in mind the material that the band has put out before. Concentrating mostly on their performances and audience experience, A Kind Of Superhero have mastered the arts of that solid punk rock sound, antiqued with the quality and liveliness of their instrumental talents. There’s a lot of appealing elements to the bands previous releases that does make their music enjoyable, wonderfully vintage and heavily influenced by their idols. Putting out the playful sounds of instrumental chemistry, A Kind Of Superhero has been the centre of huge applaud in the past for the creation of ‘Out Of Here,’ so you can see why we’re excited about the release of ‘On My Own.’

In the time since their previous release, A Kind Of Superhero has had the opportunity to hone in on that talent and explore the skills, ultimately taking their creation of music to the next level. Their short experience in the scene has given them time to really thrive in their music, with space to explore different concepts and areas, but one thing A Kind Of Superhero won’t give up on, is their passion for their chosen genre. ‘Out Of Time’ is the musical equivalent to the band advancing their talents, remembering that they want to engage with their audiences not only through headphones, but through live performances. Giving them the edge that most bands lack – they’re a band that sounds just as good live, but giving you a better experience.

‘On My Own’ is a brilliant introduction to the band if you’ve never listened to them before. Delivering a hit of drums after a brief introduction with a distorted guitar line and soft vocals, it doesn’t take much for A Kind Of Superhero to present what they’re best known for, and that’s the atmospheric sound of old school punk rock derived from the influences of major bands during the 90’s. Being a modern band, A Kind Of Superhero has truly channelled their energy in the right places, through the medium of their predecessors hail across the industry in the early years. For fans of the old, 90’s coming of age groups such as Sum 41, you’ll be shocked and perhaps surprised that A Kind Of Superhero are the love child of Insomniac and Nevermind, it’s younger half-brother being All Killer No Filler. It’s a mash-up of DNA, and ‘On My Own’ enhances the impact of their influences, offering a fresh perspective of just how powerful the 90’s were on today’s generation.

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