Have a punk rock Christmas with these gifts!

Christmas is a hard time for everyone, trying to decide which gifts to get for who. Take it from me, I spend most of the time worrying about getting it right and trying to imagine their reaction. It’s not an easy time of year, but for those looking to make yourself or a friend happy this Christmas by indulging in the mighty punk spirit, we’ve scoured the net to find some of our favourite (and most wanted) Christmas gift ideas to make your lives easier. There’s a little something in here for any music lover, but try not to get too jealous if you end up buying it for someone else.

The Used Complete ‘The Canyon’ Bundle.With the latest release of The Canyon, The Used have released the perfect bundle for Christmas. Consisting of a T Shirt, a sweater, a vinyl, CD and pin badge, this complete bundle kit is priced at £66.99 from kontraband – well worth the money for any lover of The Used.

This “Kool Santa” sweater or this “Sad Snowman” sweater from pop punk sad boys Real Friends might just be the final piece to someone’s (or your) Christmas wardrobe. It is a chilly winter, and priced at $14.99 from the official store, it’s a gift that’s going to warm your heart and compliment those honey knees of yours.

71jic1ruiil-_sl1228_Anyone can appreciate Blink 182, especially around Christmas time when there’s a bunch of family gathering so and your grandmother just doesn’t quite understand the beauty of penis jokes. The Blink 182 vinyl box set is a gift for any fan or vinyl collector. It’s the 10LP collection including the latest ‘California’ priced at a reasonable £123.94, and bound to look magical in anyone’s living room.

Small and mighty gifts are sometimes the best job, and if we start looking at albums that have come out this year, there’s a lot to fill up that stocking to the brim. Not only that but with the popularity of vinyl coming back into fashion makes for a quick and easy gift with most bands supplying them. Enter Shikari, Foo Fighters, Neck Deep and Queens of The Stone Age have all brought out albums this year that’s had high praise, and overall a great addition to anyone’s music collection.

Alternatively, there’s one gift that will go down well for anyone. And that’s a puppy.


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