No Braver – what’s coming next?

UK pop punk No Braver are a band that’s definitely not to be missed. With their few current releases, the band show a mass of talent bursting at the seams and channeled through their instruments and chemistry as one. Releases such as Ghost In The Shell and I, The Illusionist the band have a whole lot of ground covered with areas left to explore and expand upon in their further endeavours. One of the most notable things about No Braver is their unrelenting passion for what they do – with a few bumps along the way, there is no sign of slowing down as the band move forth with their musical career.

Touring earlier this year, No Braver proved that their enjoyment goes far more than just the creation of music. Giving life to crowds with interaction, comedy and pure energy and dedication in their work, No Braver have the spirit to take their music and their career to the next level as they currently record their EP.

The Southend-on-Sea band have made recent announcements regarding their upcoming movement. For followers of No Braver, it’s an exciting time as lineups seem to tighten and the band come together to hone in on their talents and instrumental skills. If there’s one thing we can hope for, is a hint of what’s coming next and when we can expect it! Maybe an early Christmas present?

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