We Are Giants THE EMPIRE EP Review

img_0140Smack bang in the middle of England, Northamptonshire three piece band, We Are Giants have been spreading their music locally, receiving high praise for their quirky and almost surreal sound that they’ve become known for. Earlier this year, We Are Giants released a brilliantly compilation of tracks that encapsulates who and what they are – a band with a passion for what they do, and a sound that’s groundbreaking. Reaching to every corner of the UK, We Are Giants are fortunate enough to be in one of the biggest, most accepting and adventurous alternative scenes the world has to offer. A generation packed full of energy drinks, We Are Giants are no doubt one of the most anticipated bands to have grown and developed in the UK. Enter Shikari have reached practically every corner of the world, and We Are Giants have the potential to go just as far.

There’s a surreal feeling surrounding the We Are Giants EP The Empire, and as you enter first track, ‘We Are Giants’ the mystery only increases. But the kick really starts as soon as second track, ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ begins. The instruments are alarmingly quick to the point, and with a funky bass line, We Are Giants are definitely a futuristic band creating music way ahead of the times. But, saying that, there’s a somewhat nostalgic scene into mid-2000s when music of all sorts were digging themselves out of the woodwork and entering the world to be enjoyed. ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ is a real mind blower, but it’s nothing compared to third track and maybe a favourite from the EP ‘The Empire.’ One of the best things about this track is it’s charming and loose bass line, complimented by a nostalgic sound of the guitar. There’s a lot of energy to be found in this EP and We Are Giants have found their happy medium of creating solid tracks and harnessing their talents to emphasise the use and importance of each instrument throughout their creations.

‘What’s The Difference?’ starts relatively differently, although doesn’t differ from their already very unique sound. The four track EP is one that’s definitely got much appeal to it, but with each song there’s so much to enjoy. ‘What’s The Difference?’ is one of the best tracks to really introduce this wild and other worldly band. A quick interlude of a 1940’s waltz snippet, the band are clear in their comedic value together. Their enjoyment channels through their work, making The Empire one of this year’s best listened EP.

To keep up to date with We Are Giants, follow them on Facebook and regularly check their official website and be sure to check out The Empire on Spotify, iTunes or BandCamp.

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