DUCKING PUNCHES release new single ‘DISTANT SHADOWS’ & More tour dates


Ducking Punches released their latest single ‘Distant Shadows’ last week that’s already an instant hit with fans. The track, released via Xtra Mile Recordings is composed of outstanding vocals unique to singer Dan Allen, rhythmic drumming and a guitar complimenting every instrument, Ducking Punches are staying true to their music while pushing the boat out into a harder, heavier tone that’s bound to show in their upcoming album. It’s a track really brought to life by the depth of the bass holding the rhythm and tying together each instrument. ‘Distant Shadows’ comes from their upcoming album, Alamort due to be released February 16th.

You can pre-order Alamort here

“Distant Shadows is about drifting apart from friends through a lack of trying and a lack of common ground. It focuses on how fickle friendships are not healthy to have in your life. The title is a play on words, taking the line from Horace, and twisting the meaning.”

-Dan Allen

Tracked and mixed at the same recording studio as ‘Smoking Spot’ and ‘Sobriety,’ Ducking Punches have taken it a step further to be mastered at Sonic Iguana Stdui by punk-rocker Mass Giorgini known for work with Anti-Flag and Rise Against.

Alamort is set to be launched at London’s The Lexington followed by a hometown show at The Arts Centre in Norwich the following day. Not only that, but Ducking Punches have announced that a tour will be following with venues across Wales, Scotland and England as follows: TOUR DATES 2018

16th Feb – The Lexington, London 
17th Feb – The Arts Centre, Norwich
* * *  7th April – Peterborough, The Ostrich
8th April – Bristol, Crofter’s Rights 9th April- Leeds, tbc
11th April – Edinburgh, tbc
12th April – Warrington, Old Town House
13th April – London,Nightclub Kolis (The Lounge) 
14th April – Brighton, Washed Out Festival 
16th April – Nottingham, Bodega 
17th April – Newport, Le Pub
18th April – Stourbridge, The River Rooms
19th April – Manchester, Manchester Punk Festival  
27th April. Bolton, The Alma 
28th April. Shelby. Pop Punk Pile Up Festival. 
5th May 2018.  D-Deutzen, Rock am Kuhteich
25th May. Hamburg, Hängeviertel festival
26th May. Braunschweig, B58  
16th June – Indie festival, Bavaria
13-15th July. Mighty sounds. Cz
+ More to be added…

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