HAIL TAXI releases music video & digital download for ‘Magic Spark’

Canadian alt-folk-rock singer-songwriter, Steve Hewitt, has released a music lyric video and digital download for his acoustic, guitar-driven song ‘Magic Spark’

‘Magic Spark goes out to all the people who are searching for something, whatever that something is’ 

-Hail Taxi

Hail Taxi has infused all influences from genres such as traditional folk, alternative rock and indie pop rock to create a unique, diverse sound with his trusty acoustic guitar. The voice behind Hail Taxi, Nathanial Sutton, released previous records on his own label Oak Apple Records and has since been recognised outside of his own nation and ultimately picked up by Engineer RecordsWith a vast knowledge of the industry and creativity, Hail Taxi has brought an exclusive sound with his music that’s sailing oceans and spreading worldwide.

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