REVIEW: Those Without ‘Blackout//Amnesia’


Swedish pop-punk band Those Without recently released their EP Blackout//Amnesia. The five-piece have strayed away from generic upbeat modernity and incorporated their melodic ideologies into a fast-paced environment of stand-out bass work, hard-hitting drums and a mixture of distorted, clean and cadenced guitars. Sitting atop of the audibly balanced instruments is vocals of lead singer Oskar, who adds probably the biggest selling point to Those Without. With an industry full of missing T’s, the accented vocals set the band aside from a clogged-up scene of rising bands – and Blackout//Amnesia is the start of something exciting.

It’s to note that the EP is greatly produced with unmistakable sound, making each instrument jump out with the spotlight never truly shining in one spot consistently. They’re a band of fluctuating talent throughout, such as ‘Untitled Document’ giving the five-piece a heavier edge through the use of emphasised rhythm and an underlined melodic lead; or the way drummer Dennis has great power behind his instrument in ‘Rain On,’ with the ability to shift tones and patterns with fluent ease. Usually, the bass is hidden under all the obvious, stand-out tones that bring a band together, giving it the depth that music requires, ‘Stories’ really brings out the sound of Filip with thunderous effect.

‘Apathy Syndrome’ is one of the most notable tracks from the EP, with a real sense of unity through the music. Lyrically, it’s relatable and catchy, but it’s more than just the words being easy to catch on to. The instruments promote movement – with a gentle shift of tone, the band doesn’t concentrate on that fast-paced, high energy sound that the scene has come to know well over the years. In fact, it’s one of the slowest tracks the album has to offer, but it packs a punch that comes along with the pop-punk label, making it the most stand-out track to come out of the EP. Those Without really show a vast sense of creativity to incorporate what they know and have learned from being a scene and making music together.

There’s no denying the chemistry the band has together, with Blackout//Amnesia being their first EP and already sounding like an established band with clear direction in their music.

Follow Those Without on Facebook. You can listen to Blackout//Amnesia on Spotify by clicking here.

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