23172755_811951088984239_5663995002123841987_nHidden in student accommodation in the northern areas of Manchester, Flowers For Charlie have combined their talents, chemistry and musical influences. Crossing lines between modern ska and pop-punk, Flowers For Charlie stand out among the usual suspects to appeal to the fans of Less Than Jake and new-generation Sublime fans that indulge in the pop more than punk. They’re a band of catchy chorus’s, percussion drums and ingeniously mixed guitars and basslines. The quartet that make Flowers For Charlie have brought their instruments alive and delivered such an ear-catching version of the music we have come to love in the new age. The self-titled EP is compromised of four, full length tracks that bring the sound of Flowers For Charlie to life, and doesn’t disappoint.

Priding themselves on their high-energy live shows, their latest EP is almost an audible reflection of what can expect to experience – a lot of hands in the air, movement and fans shouting the words back in sync. Opening track, ‘Gin and Tonic’ is almost like a parasite latching onto a single cell organism it’s that catchy. It’s a track that really ingrains itself into your head lyrically. It’s similar instrumentally too, offering a lot of upbeat melodic riffs along with the hard tone of drum smashing, giving the track a lot more life and energy. With angsty, combative rhythm intertwining through light-hearted bass undertones, Flowers For Charlie are breaking mounds and offering a new flavour.

“I offered you my world but you wanted gin and tonic; I offered it again and you said you didn’t want it.”


There’s a lot thrown into the pot for Flowers For Charlie – a mixture of bands strung together creating an authentic, early 2000’s venture into the pop-punk territory. ‘Hearts Apart’ brings out the originality for the band though, with lyrics poetically crafted which is only another check on the appeal-rating system. Relatable and creative, ‘Hearts Apart’ is a show of the talent behind the drums and guitar combining perfectly. It’s easy to see Flowers For Charlie appealing massively to the scene with memorable lyrics and music that promotes movement with ingenuous solos, percussion drumming techniques and basslines that move your head involuntary. It’s a theme that carries on throughout the Flowers For Charlie EP despite tone changes. The EP has massive variety – ‘Help Me’ takes a bluer tone, if you will. It’s not until this point in the EP do Flowers For Charlie really come clear in their chosen direction, ultimately developing a solid sound that suits them well. Ending with ‘Star-Crossed,’ Flowers For Charlie is not afraid to show off their talent in every aspect. Being the most stand-out track on the EP, ‘Star-Crossed’ is similar to its predecessors, but the spotlight really shines on the use of guitar giving the track an emphasis on its atmosphere and emotion. They’re a band that doesn’t need a second listen to grip you – they’re an instant hit with a huge appeal in all areas; lyrically and vocally, instrumentally that can really relate to any situation.

Flowers For Charlie are set to play The Eagle Inn to launch their EP, which will available on all major streaming platforms. You can support Flowers For Charlie by clicking here and buying yourself some sweet merch and stay up to date with events and news.

You can like Flowers For Charlie on Facebook to keep up to date with them.



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