Ducking Punches - press picture 2018 - Charlie Wallis PhotographyReleased on January 16th to major platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, Alamort is the fourth album by the four-piece punk rock band, Ducking Punches. Alamort is the second album released via Xtra Mile Recordings and was tracked and recorded at Cracked Rain Studio in Leeds where bands such as Citizen and Nervus has previously been. One of the most striking things about the album apart from the suave, chalk drawn skeleton plastering the artwork is its title, Alamort that’s derived from an old archaic term defined ‘half dead from exhaustion.’ A lot of thought and time has been put into their latest release since the announcement earlier in 2017 – and Alamort screams dedication.


“‘Alamort’ seemed a fitting title for what myself and the band had been through recently. Some of these songs are frighteningly honest but it has been really therapeutic to write. Themes of the album range from crippling self doubt to death, friendship, love, witch-hunters, addiction and hope.”

-Dan Allen on Alamort

The full-length, eleven track album is emotive, showing the bands creative talents in all areas. ‘With Unfounded Hope’ opens the album, it’s short and choppy with all the right mixture of instruments to fill each gap and a bassline complimenting the emotion of the vocals, and as the track moves on to ‘Smoking Pot’ their energy really comes forward. A lot of the spotlight falls on the drummer, with hard, prominent drumbeats that bring these songs to life and gives it that punch. Since their previous release of Dance Before You Sleep in 2014, Ducking Punches have really honed in on their talents and explored each of their elements. Spotlights change throughout the entire album, with ‘Missing You Is Killing Me’ really showing off the work of the guitar, underlined with bass and the drums pulling it together. It’s got that melody that sticks with you, while ‘Sobriety’ really highlights the way that the bass makes the entire song stick together with an added depth. Previously released single ‘Distant Shadows’ emphasises the vocals, and how the tone and power range through each track to match the instruments. The album is mixed with heavy and light tones all in a fluid motion. ‘I Ruin Everything’ is one of the slower songs added onto the end of Alamort, with the echoed guitar empowering the song. It’s not until further halfway that the drums and the rest of the band kick in, and it’s just another kick of epic sound.

“Sobriety is a song that outlines a lot of my addictive personalities, something myself and a bunch of my friends have struggled with over the years. I’m always fascinated by the personification of abstract ideas, love, death and in the case Sobriety. So that was a huge inspiration for this song.”

-Vocalist Dan Allen on ‘Sobreity’

Alamort in all is a display of the way that Ducking Punches are progressively moving towards their goal, establishing their sound and ingeniously exploring their work. The album has a lot of poetic value while always being driven by emotion and passion. The Norwich band has created a mass of following already, although Alamort is creatively their best album to date. With their increasing popularity, Ducking Punches are using their momentum to bring their fans better material with each relief, which is what makes them such an exciting band to follow and be a part of.

Alamort is available on all major platforms including Spotify and iTunes, alternatively, follow Ducking Punches on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the band.

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