[REVIEW] The Disconnect ‘This Is How It Feels’ EP

Melodic hardcore band hailing from the shores of Southampton, The Disconnect are set to release their upcoming EP This Is How It Feels on April 22nd. Being their debut EP, the band has previously shown their talents in 2017 from their single ‘Holes.’ Now, in 2018, the band are moving forward and taking their next steps into their careers with no signs of slowing. Describing the band forming as a release that evolved into a coping mechanism for loss, The Disconnect have captured intimate emotions through their rambunctious tracks wading through aspects of positivity and negativity in non-chronological orders, throwing unpredictability of emotions into the air.

“This is catharsis, This is how it feels to lose a loved one, This is how it feels to be lost, This is how it feels to be helpless, This is how it feels,
This is The Disconnect” ‘Saviours and Kings’ brings a drastic shift to the norm, opening with atmospheric dissonance through a slight echo of guitar building a standing point for the track. Introducing the instrumentals in slowly, ‘Saviours and Kings’ shows it’s true colours with heavy, melodic riffs and combative attitude. The shift between bridges throws the track in unpredictable ways, almost story-like as it moves in twists and turns. The Disconnect are of massive sound, creating anthemic tracks that are infectious in nature and nothing short of brilliance in their development of their sound. Second track, ‘Achiever’ wastes no time, quick to start the pugnacious angst that’s held within the instruments. With harsh vocals that really emphasises the overall energy of the track ‘Achiever’ contains a symphonic chorus enriching the track with ingenuity and dexterity, adventuring paths and succeeding where most fall.

‘Welcome Home’ captures energy the bands energy in true form, moving quickly with unyielding drums deflecting the sounds of relentless distortion from guitars and a heavy bassline bringing weight and depth. ‘Welcome Home’ is a contender for the EP’s best track, vociferous and raucous with mephitic potential to latch and thrive in ones cerebral cortex. Wrapping up The Disconnect’s debut EP, ‘Empires’ takes full control of the fret board and displays a taste of nostalgia of mid 00’s metal. It’s a track that really compiles what The Disconnect is all about, a conclusion to the entirety of the EP with arduous energy channelled through mastered instruments in their current position. This Is How It Feels is a solid point for The Disconnect, and with release set for April 22nd, the band are sure to ground their feet riding the waves of momentum to spread their brutalised messages of inspiration through distorted tracks relating to the public in ways audible snapshots of stimulus.

Keep up to date with The Disconnect on Facebook and check out their merch here.

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