THIS TIME LAST YEAR talks new track JUST TALK & Slam Dunk North

This Time Last Year has recently sought a lot of attention, and for good reason. The Leeds based pop punk band has progressed and matured since their 2017 first EP release Count Yourself Lucky, since releasing two new tracks that emphasise their growth as a unit and ultimately earning their place in the competition line up of this year’s Rocksound Breakout Stage at Slam Dunk Festival. Their latest track, ‘Just Talk’ is perky with uplifting tones that push This Time Last Year further into the spotlight for rising bands of the UK pop punk scene. This week, we took the chance to talk to This Time Last Year about their recent momentum and getting to know the band that are truly shining in unbelievable ways.

“The songs on Count Yourself Lucky were the first songs most of us had ever written, “ starts bassist Matt, “we’ve since honed into our sound with our latest single ‘Maple’ and our newest single ‘Just Talk’. Since Maple was released, our fan base has grown substantially and we’ve gained a lot of support from our peers.” Matt isn’t wrong, being the first track released since their debut EP that surged This Time Last Year into the fast-paced industry, ‘Maple’ is proof of the bands strengthened chemistry and sound as they move further and further up the ladder. With a distinct, heavy hitting pop punk sound, This Time Last Year has gained massive respect within the scene, with fellow bands supporting their journey and success. “As cliché as it sounds, TTLY isn’t just a band but it’s a family,” drummer Lewis adds. “Anyone who’s been to our shows can vouch for that!”

This Time Last Year’s most recent single, ‘Just Talk’ is yet another display of their talent for the genre. Recorded with Tim at Higgins Records, the single contains masses of energy, ‘Just Talk’ is an enthusiastic approach of breaking stigma. “I did my usual thing of putting a demo together and playing it for the guys, and they responded really well.” Ryan says, “it’s never a complete picture from the start, we all make our individual tweaks, “ he adds. “The message was written to those, myself included, who have, endured life issues but has always been seen as ‘the rock’” guitarist and vocalist Kyle says. “Recently I’ve wanted to write about mental health, but didn’t want it to be sad and preachy, but a bit more anthemic – something you can sing along to. Even heroes need saving sometimes, and talking is just the start.” The upbeat, movement promoting track is infectious, drilling the ‘just talk’ message deep with every chorus. “It all came together pretty quickly, “ Ryan says. “It’s a really simple song with some fun stuff going on with the vocals and I think that’s key to carrying the message.”

The success has launched This Time Last Year into the spotlight, but while the band gather votes to play Slam Dunk North, they’re still hard at work behind the scenes. “Our upcoming EP Flourish has as many positive vibes in there as possible, hence the name! One of the songs has guests too, but that’s all were saying right now, “ Lewis says. “Unfortunately our new material will not be released before Slam Dunk, but it will be out this summer!” Matt adds. With Slam Dunk nearing, the band are hot on their heels gathering votes, with many of their peers pushing and supporting too. “I’ve been going to SD since Fall Out Boy headlined the first one in 2006, and every year I have that dream of ‘imagine playing’ and this year it could happen,” Kyle comments. “Can you imagine the madness if we won this? It would be an amazing opportunity and it would make our dreams come true!” The dedication and passion of This Time Last Year puts them in a brilliant position, and with nothing but high praise for their live shows, This Time Last Year makes for one of the best bands in the run up. If you’d like to see This Time Last Year at Slam Dunk North, the competition is still in use for the next three days and can be voted for here.

Tomorrow also marks the first Pop Punk Pile Up event that includes names such as Malling Know, Room 94, The King Blues and many others for a three day weekend in The Venue Selby. Playing tomorrow at 3:40 alongside Air Drawn Dagger and High Visions, This Time Last Year are hearing up for a big summer. “Playing to an audience is why we do it. It’s an amazing feeling when a crowd is fully involved and its great to feed off the energy,” Kyle starts. “I think we always try and make our gigs a little bit personal and chat to people. My favourite thing is getting someone up on stage to sing a classic cover!”

Catch This Time Last Year tomorrow at 3:40 at Pop Punk Pile Up (tickets available here) and be sure to vote for this years Breakout Stage act at Slam Dunk North here.

Visit the official This Time Last Year site here and check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates

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