ORCHARDS release music video for ‘LUV U 2’ from upcoming LOSERS/LOVERS released July 2nd

Alternative rock group, Orchards, released a music video for their lead single ‘Luv u 2’ yesterday taken from their upcoming EP Losers/Lovers due for release on July 2nd via Big Scary Monsters Records. The dynamic sound of Orchards completely obliterates the stereotypical sounds of pop as they combine a multitude of aspects from various sources to pull together a successful and infectious sound. ‘Luv u 2’ is an aesthetically pleasing music video, fully representing the band perfectly in video format. Directed and shot by filmmaker Dan Chase, the video follows the band through a variety of scenes with vocalist Lucy Evers in focus throughout. It’s a perky, fun take on the track giving life and visuals for what goes on behind the scenes.

Talking about the track, vocalist Lucy Evers comments on the concept of the lyrics behind ‘Luv u 2’ saying: “it’s totally healthy to feel rejection or sadness.” When collaborating with director Dan Chase, they used the idea to create the video. “Each location represents being stuck in the same mindset despite no longer being in the situation that put you there, and it takes being reminded of why you’re in that head space in the first place (e.g. the flowers being handed to me) to come to the realisation that I no longer care about what that person thought of me.” Containing symbolism and the realisation of moving on and positivity of oneself, Orchards have tactfully created a track that ultimately brings a sense of self-love and motivation through a perky, upbeat and infectious track that wonderfully sticks in your head.

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