MIDNIGHT FOOLISHNESS release ARE YOU READY video from latest album

Brooklyn based trio, Midnight Foolishness has been on the bill for a plethora of names including Red Jumpsuit ApparatusCrazytown and Carousel Kings, and their latest material show them climbing the ladder even further into their own. The NY pop punk band recently premiered their video ‘Are You Ready?’ taken from their full-length debut album Use Your Head, Not Your Hands. Speaking with New Noise Magazine, Midnight Foolishness context the song to discuss celibacy despite the provocative lyricism noted during it’s chorus. Describing ‘Are You Ready?’ as being one of their party songs during shows, it’s a song that doesn’t require attentive listening to groove to. In fact, it’s notoriety comes from it’s incredibly addictive hooks and sing-along factors. It certainly is a catchy piece to promote their latest album release which is available to purchase here.

Connect with the band via Facebook and purchase and download their album here.

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