[REVIEW] The Homeless Gospel Choir – This is your Landfil

The Homeless Gospel Choir, a band that came onto my radar from watching the supporting acts at a Frank Iero show a few years back. The energy on stage was captivating, the enthusiasm and emotion in the stage performance, the politically driven tracks pulled me in and held me there. That’s how The Homeless Gospel Choir became a staple in my library, and this month, they’re about to drop another record that’s hit just as hard as that first time seeing them live.

This Is Your Landfil is due to drop on April 24th via North American N-F Records and UK/EU Hassle Records. Being kind enough to share track ‘Art Punk’ prior to release, it’s a taster of what’s to come with the full length album. It’s a new start for the one-man band, being described as a reinvention for the one-man band as Zenetti leaves behind previous arrangements behind, (although it’s not entirely different, The Homeless Gospel Choir has always held a sound reminiscent of 90’s rock hooks and punk vibes.) Art Punk, is only the tip of the iceberg, including some memorable lines and what should belong in a scene of Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

“When you create something to share with the world –whether it’s a sculpture or a cartoon or a jingle– a strong bond is developed between the subject and artist… A familiarity exists that becomes more comfortable than experiencing human interaction. Art Punk is about the allure of being a recluse and the torture that goes along with it… a sing‐alone/sing-along pop song about the anxiety that artists, punks, and fuck ups often feel. We hope our song sticks with you but your anxiety does not…”

– Derek Zanetti

After losing his father, songwriter Zanetti sought cathartic songs and the community he’d found in the punk scene. This Is Your Landfil features poetic writing, a plethora of emotions and subjects as well as personal anecdotes. A favourite from the upcoming album is track number five, ‘You Never Know.’ It holds a melodic structure, a hint of the dark reality and an image of singing around a campfire with all your best buds and an acoustic. The Homeless Gospel Choir has crafted each song on the album to sound intimate, with each track feeling relatable in one way or another.

Releasing in two weeks, This Is Your Landfil consists of 11 tracks that will pique the fancy of most. The album will be live on most streaming services or alternatively you can pre-order the album here.

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