[NEW RELEASE] Angerona – Make Yourself At Home EP

Covid-19 may have taken away our live shows in cramped bars, but took very little determination from Cardiff based punk rock group, Angerona. Releasing their acoustic EP, ‘Make Yourself At Home’ today, features four tracks showcasing their musical conviction.

Although the EP features two of four members, it holds a decent resemblance to their previously establishing tracks. Gripping onto that upbeat, perky guitar to carry the weight of the featured songs, the vocals sits nicely atop with melodic overlays. The home DIY recordings, mixed and mastered by Mitchell Williams puts harmonies and reverb in all the right places to give those tracks that completed feeling. It’s a satisfying listen, presenting a talent for songwriting and creativity. Kicking off with a Creeper cover, Angerona waste no time in setting the scene – stealing your attention from whatever else you’re doing. With powerful vocal lines, the true spotlight of the EP shines on Ugly Soul. It’s a track that really portrays the mood of the album, keeping in line with their previous collection, playfully moving through the motions with a real infectious hit.

‘Make Yourself At Home’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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