I’ve sat on the new Corey Taylor album trying to figure it out for the past couple days. Don’t get me wrong, I very much dig it. It’s a solid piece that sits alongside all the great albums that has been released this year. It’s just… what were we going for? It’s like modern punk meets country. Like a love child of

Of course, when you think of Taylor, you automatically think of the heavy music he’s involved with. Like the thunderous sounds of Slipknot, or the Stone Sour riffs. You think of the pugnacious attitude attributed to his career in music. But, that’s not what we have in his recent release, CMFT. We’ve got pointy leather boot vibes, mixed with that of late 80’s hair metal and WWE entrance tracks. Is this something Taylor just thought would be fun, or is this what he’s always wanted to do? Either way, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear. For me, it’s what I didn’t know I needed from Taylor. His extensive career of music making, touring, book writing and screen writing feels like it barely makes sense when putting it together, but if there’s anything that CMFT does, it’s prove that there’s a lot of talents that Taylor hasn’t shown.

Feel like barn dancing while simultaneously mosh pitting? Turn over to Samantha’s Gone and go wild. Sitting on a porch in a rural area isolated from the big city with nothing but a bourbon and cigar to keep you company? Well, looks like Silverfish is for you. Want to lose yourself for an hour or so? The entire album will help you slip into a comfortable mood and provide the rhythm to move your body like waves. CMFT has everything it needs to stand out in Taylor’s career. It has melodic value, sweet guitar solo’s that takes you back to listening to your parents version of metal. It features distortion in all the right places, it’s even got that psychedelic hint just to tip it over the edge.

If you’re looking for light listening, or even something to indulge in and forget about everything else for a little while, CMFT is the perfect album for it. I think it’s fair to say that we can hope that we’ll hear more of this side of Taylor in future.

CMFT is available now on all streaming platforms.

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