[REVIEW] Haunted By Wolves – 002

Haunted By Wolves have started to release their string of new singles recently, starting with track titled ‘002.’ Their previous tracks, ‘666’ and ‘Tell Me’ received good reception, making it into some big Spotify playlists – but ‘002’ accompanied by it’s music video, feels like an accomplished piece that show the bands clear direction and sound.

Their mysterious intros are still there, along with their heavy hitting riffs. Their impactful drum crescendos are a staple in their music writing, but unlike ‘666’, ‘002’ maintains that boisterous and blaring energy throughout. It consists of those instrumental interims in all the right places as well as incorporating electronics that emphasise the intensity of the track. With three tracks under their belt and available on Spotify, Haunted By Wolves have a clear flair for song writing, with all three having a different tone. However, despite that, Haunted By Wolves are moulding a very distinguishable sound that will set them apart from the rest, which is what will see them go far and rise above the oversaturation of “heavy metal” in the breaking scene.

Words by Jessy Morgan

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