The Young & Restless – Family Values (Single Review)

Northamptonshire Pop-punk act is back, with a new single titled ‘Family Values’ and what a cracking song it is! Everything that they’ve done has helped them to improve, and just get better and better. This song particularly captures all the earlier aspects of pop-punk, whilst continuing to maintain some traits of the new era of pop punk!

It’s a very different style to which they have portrayed in their earlier releases, but you can totally grasp that they have actually molded into what could only be described as; their new sound, of which I think suits them perfectly.

It’s always intriguing when a band loses their main vocalist, but I really feel that Ali Morrison & Rob Hardy has truly stepped up to the plate, and brought something very new to their sound. Of which I honestly feel was necessary, before they became stale. Family Values alone is something that has actually made me feel a spark of excitement for more of their new music. Hopefully, they can keep this hype going, and will not disappoint me now.

Family Values is released on Friday 22nd June, and you’d be crazy to miss out from listening to this track.


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The Five Hundred – Smoke And Mirrors (Single Review)

‘The Five Hundred’ is definitely one band that everyone needs to get behind, and it seems that they just continue getting better and better! Smoke and Mirrors; their most recent single, is possibly the best song of their’s that I have had the pleasure of hearing from them!

The Long Branch Records guys were very clever in choosing this band, because they have an extremely bright future ahead of them, and this single just solidifies it more; in preparation for their album to drop on August 17th.

If you’ve never heard of them, then why not? I promise you that you’re missing out on something special, especially if you’ve not had the chance to see them perform in a live environment. They have put a lot of atmosphere in this song, and the switch between clean and unclean vocals really sets them a tier above most bands of this genre. Catchy chords also add to make it something quite unique, to which I just can’t help but bang my head throughout the whole of this track!

I feel that this could be the start of a very bright future for them with the release of their album on August 17th, of which I am truly excited for; this song absolutely slays from start to finish.

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Score -8/10




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Layover – Your Laughter Never Leaves (EP Review)

This is certainly something you would expect from Layover; melodic chords, sing a long choruses; that will get you humming their tunes all day, every day, and I say this with a smile on my face because; it’s what I have been doing since I have listened to this release!

I was heartbroken when they called it a day for a while, and I wished for the day for them to get back together. Then they announced that they have new music coming out, and my heart skipped a beat because; I missed them on the live music circuit.

The only disadvantage with pop-punk in my eyes, is that most vocalist seem to sound extremely similar. But Layover break out that boundary and turn it into something quite amazing, which their vocalist Luke Rainsford ensures, bringing his own uniqueness in every possible way. They have sing a long choruses, and sad lonely melodies; that truly set the mood within this release; which is just what I’d expect from Layover.

I think easily, my favourite track on this release has to be; ‘Hollow Me Out’ as it just feels perfect in every way, from happy chords, to the absolutely incredible sing a long choruses; of which cater for all crowds within the emo/pop-punk scene.

If you’ve never had the chance to listen to Layover, then I’d recommend checking out this release; then as a must, all of their backlog.

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Shields – Life In Exile (Album Review)

If you haven’t heard of Shields before, then you’ve honestly been living under a rock! This band have been going from strength to strength, and having recently played to an incredible crowd at their album release; we are bringing you a review of their new album; of which I must say, is incredible!

They begin this album how they mean to go on. The first track; ”Intimacy” brings a bone crunching start to the album, which openly paves way for their incredibly well written and produced album. If this first track doesn’t compleately blow your face off; I can 100% guarantee, that by the end of this album, you will honestly be begging for more! They have seriously come out with one of those albums, of which I think could easily take AOTY for me already. Joe Edwards truly portrays his vocal range perfectly, while keeping in melody with this track.

I feel that we’ve waited for what feels like a lifetime for this new release, and I was worried that it wasn’t going to live up to all the hype, but I was so very wrong! I truly feel that this album, is actually better than what I could of ever hoped for.

My personal favourite from this album, is actually the first track; ‘Intimacy’, as it paves the way for some really incredible melodies, of which fit the album as a whole, and with continuing to keep the traditional sound of which Shields portray; also bringing forward a bite of new style in there.

They’ve also smashed it perfectly with the guest features; which I really feel also adds another dimension to the tracks; especially Joel Heywood (Silent Screams) when he comes in for his feature on the track; ‘Mother’, which is definitely something extremely special, and even more incredible live!

There is one thing I have got to say, and that is, you really must check out this release; a perfect mix of incredible soaring clean vocals, and with crushing unclean vocals; it will definitely leave you gasping for air.

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Kendall Johns (Dead Crown) Interview

We recently had a chat with Kendall of the Portland-based band Dead Crown and this is what he had to say!


1) Who thought of the name and is there a reason behind it? We really wanted a name that identified us and represented us well. I can’t remember who came up with it, but we were all spit balling names and when “Dead Crown” was thrown into the mix it was an instant yes by all of us. It just felt like us.


2) Who would you love to have featured on your songs? I personally would love a hip hop / rap feature on a song. Having $uicideBoy$ or someone of that vein would be sick.


3) Who would you love to tour with if you could only pick 4 bands? My friend Mitch plays guitar in Varials, not only are they sick, but they are the boys and feel it would be fun to tour with them. Besides that, Emmure obviously haha, Gideon and Knocked Loose.


4) What is your fondest memory of music career? Before we started playing shows publicly, we played a CRAZY house show. This house was packed with people, they all went nuts. A PA speaker fell on Brytons head during our set, I got hit a couple times, someone got slammed through our merch table. It was just pure chaos. And this was our first show and we didn’t even have a song out. It was sick.


5) What is your favourite song to play live? My favourite song to play live is a song called “Home” which will be on our EP “Come Hell” that’s dropping on 4/13. Its heavy and super high energy. The song is about sex, so its easily relatable by people which makes it more fun as weird as that sounds haha.


6) What is your favourite lyric you’ve ever written? Probably a line from our latest single “The Seven” which is “Ill show you fear, ill show you attitude, ill show you what it takes, to be the realest in the room”. I had a lot of good feedback on that line. People got hyped on it.


7) Is their a hidden meaning in all of your lyrics on the Come Hell EP? Not really, but if there is anything people can take away from it, its that I tried to be as transparent as possible while writing this stuff. We don’t fuck with bullshit. We are real dudes and wanted to keep shit as real as possible. So whatever I wanted to write about, whether its sex, wanting to kill someone or kill yourself. I just wrote that shit down in hopes someone could relate to it.


8)Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? Hopefully playing sick shows with sick people and hanging as much as possible. Come party with Dead Crown.


It was great to chat with Kendall about Dead Crown. Don’t forget to check their EP out when it drops and the review of it you can find on our website.

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Lunaform – Lunaform EP review

Lunaform are certainly kings of the hype game and they weren’t wrong when they said they had a lot to portray in their music as this release is exceptionally brilliant. Soaring cleans with aggressive harsh vocals really make this release. The melody of all the songs come together perfectly. Hats off to the sheer musicianship that is showed in this debut release by the guys at Lunaform.

If you’re not sure what to expect from this band then incredibly well-played riffs that soar together with the double bass kick and the impressive harsh vocal range from their vocalist Andrew Patterson.

I feel easy that Delirium is by far my favourite on this release as the cleans and screams come together perfectly in harmony over the top of the instrumental side of the band. The ranges that are portrayed in this song particularly are something that is to be desired for with a lot of bands. This band have shown you that you don’t need to be the most down-tuned band to be impressive.

The band alone I feel have come out with by far the best debut release of a band I have heard of in quite some time and it’s no surprise if these guys actually blow up to a massive band after the masses here this record.

I’d 100% recommend anyone to check out this EP as it’s something that has been thought out for quite some time and I am so glad it is finally out because I’ve been on the edge of my seat since they started teasing it.

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Ghost Iris – Blind World Album Review

Ghost Iris is one of the most underrated bands that I have had the fortune of coming across and this album is the perfect example of how a band that really cares about their music portrays themselves.

Every record on this from the subs to the drums and melodic riffs play a huge part in this release that really sticks out for me. The vocals themselves have the perfect melody for the cleans and the aggression needed for the harsh vocals when it drops.

The song that really sticks out for me definitely would have to be Save Yourself as it’s just got a perfect melody which I feel is missing in every band that I have come across. The aggressive harsh vocals blend perfectly with the guitars and drums while also keeping a bitter edge against the clean vocals that come into play and boy must I say these are some extremely powerful lungs on their vocalist.

This album will always have a special place in my heart and will always appear on my most played releases just because of how unique and melodic this release actually is.  I urge anyone who’s on the fence about checking this release out to do so as you’ll understand easily why they’re one of the most underrated bands on the scene at this moment in time.

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