YOUTH KILLED IT release latest track HEADBUTT prior to album release!

London and Norwich lovable line-up Youth Killed It has released their next video to add to their collection, ‘Headbutt’. Taken from their forthcoming album, What’s So Great, Britain? the boys have released a personality packed, tongue-in-cheek video relaying their track message. Frontman and guitarist Jack Murphy says: “The song was written about toxic masculinity and how males are pressured into feeling like they always have to “one-up” each other. In the video, we wanted to portray different types of males and how sometimes you don’t realise just how toxic your actions can come across to other people. It’s time to be more socially aware and understand that people love the real you, not someone you think you need to be. Life’s not a competition it’s a path that we all take together so let’s help not hurt each other along the way.”

This is the fourth video instalment taken from What’s So Great, Britain? set to release this October 5th via Rude Records. The album is available to preorder here and kicking off the release, Youth Killed It head out for a select few dates for promotion.

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YOUTH KILLED IT latest video, tour dates and sophomore EP release

Lovable Londoners Youth Killed It have recently released their latest video for ‘Great British Summer’ ahead of their sophomore EP release What’s So Great, Britain? due this October.

The eleven track EP will be released via Rude Records and is currently available for preorder here. Setting off for five shows promoting the EP, Youth Killed It are garnering masses of anticipation. Lead track ‘Where Did I Go So Wrong?’ and title track ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ are also available for streaming. Catch Youth Killed It on their upcoming flurry of dates and be sure to preorder.

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[REVIEW] The Dahmers – Creepiest Creep EP / Out Now via Lovely Records

Swedish rock and roll band, The Dahmers, take huge influence from garage pink, classic rock and 60’s pop – cultivating a sound that would appeal to the fans of bands such as Against Me!, Creeper and Misfits. Having their music described as a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’, The Dahmers bring a fresh take on the vast genre with catchy tunes replicating that of old-school punk and modern pop punk. Aesthetically, the band take inspiration from classic horror movies which migrates in their lyrical genius. Their latest EP, Creepiest Creep, takes their music with hints of frustration, solitude and alienation, all the while portrayed in a wonderfully mixed and well-thought chemistry of instruments.

Released in April via Lovely Records, Creepiest Creep is the bands next instalment of success since their release of Demon on Farsot Records In 2014, which later got international release from their current record label. Leading track, ‘Creepiest Creep’ has a nostalgic, old-school feel with prominent riffs and booming drum and bass lines that bounce off each other to give the track such a weighted feeling. It’s a track of twists and turns, all the while holding a classic sense of rock and roll from the 60’s. The Dahmers bring a fresh new take on a nostalgic sound, and prove that they are a band that will continue to grow, and title track, ‘Creepiest Creep’ is a track that will no doubt follow them through their career as one of their best tracks to date. This mastered four-track EP shows their fluctuating influences, with ‘Reoccuring Dreams’ taking a heavier tone reflecting upon their punk undertones and origins. It’s a short track, but nonetheless ostentatious in sound, really pushing their boundaries in an energetic flurry. It continues into third track, ‘Without A Face,’ although The Dahmers bring in melodic guitar riffs to move the track along. The bass and drums deserves the biggest applause on this EP, giving the track such huge girth in it’s entirety. Vocally, The Dahmers are similar to current big-hit band, Creeper, and with final song ‘Kiss Of Dario,’ that statement becomes solidified. With fluent riffs to move the track through it’s stanza’s, ‘Kiss Of Dario’ moves in it’s cultivations, with their punk and rock roots shining through in different stages. The heavy tones mix wonderfully with their rock and roll guitar, and overall, Creepiest Creep is an outstanding upcoming EP, worthy of being EP of the year in their sub-genre.

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[REVIEW] LOVEBITES – Social Hell, Available TODAY

promoimageBritish alternative rock band, LOVEBITES are dropping their EP Social Hell today bringing a new sense of the rock and roll genre. Forming back in March 2017, LOVEBITES consists of ex-members of SHARKS, Foes and Octane OK – and their mixed talents brought together brings a unique sound in the form of their latest EP. Social Hell is a DIY job by LOVEBITES, whose four tracks is self produced, funded and released by the band themselves through their own record label, Sabbath City Records. Talking about their decision to go DIY, bassist Christian O’Rielly comments “we were always going to self-release the EP, so we thought it’d be a cool idea to set up out own record label. DIY is a bit part of our ethos. At this early stage, there’s no point in us relying on a record label to put out our music. Obviously we’d love to be signed, it’d be a dream come true to see our records in stores, but not many people buy music anymore, so record companies are less inclined to take a risk on a bunch of young punk rock kids.”

Social Hell is a four-track EP, opening with infectious first-track ‘Tick Along’ that moves in fluent motions, with instrumentals fully engaging in the track at all times. In the run to take the EP’s favourite track, ‘Duppy’ is such an upbeat, story-like track that really puts an emphasis on the guitar. The distinctive vocals throughout Social Hell make the EP such a loveable release, especially in the fluctuating pitches that ‘Duppy’ plays forth. LOVEBITES have mastered the creation of catchy tracks, incorporating elements of surrounding genres such as indie, pop-punk and rock and roll to really finalise their sound.

The third track, ‘Just Fall’ emphasises that bassline, adding depth and moving the track forward through verses and choruses. Incorporating an aged effect into their music, ‘Just Fall’ is almost phonically cinematic, offering clear-cut Autumn pictures if you close your eyes. LOVEBITES have succeeded in releasing such a down-to-earth, wonderful EP to follow you through the seasons that Social Hell will quickly become a rising favourite of 2018 releases. The movement-promoting drums, ricochet off of melodic guitar, and as the EP moves into it’s final and title track, ‘Social Hell,’ LOVEBITES really show off what they’re about. In conclusion, Social Hell is so well thought, played and produced that it’s unique in it’s own league – and LOVEBITES have created such a breath-taking EP that it’ll be stuck in the minds of it’s listeners for awhile. These young punk rock kids have done a brilliant job with their first official EP, and are quickly solidifying themselves and their name in the U.K scene.

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[REVIEW] PUSHING DAISIES – Take Me Back To The Light

Bristol-based emo rock quartet Pushing Daises dropped their highly anticipated EP, Take Me Back To The Light, this time is running it solo. Being their first record single 2016’s Stay Sad, Pushing Daisies have created an exciting ambient album, holding onto the cadenced drums complimenting structured riffs. First track ‘Fears’ is infectious in nature, underlined with a deep bass that really adds a sense of depth and tying the track together. The seven-track EP is quick to show off the talents that Pushing Daises own when it comes to the contemporary emo genre. ‘Bleed’ on the other hands, takes a more punk stance with a clear bass line and tightened snare. Being lead by these two instruments, the vocals featured in ‘Bleed’ sets the tone of the track, but it doesn’t fall short of the expenditure that the band garner for a heavier track.

Mismatched melodies bring us into ‘Picture Frame’ which emphasises the guitar, overall creating a louder sounding track than the previous two. This time around, the drum relies heavily on its symbols, creating an ambient affair intertwined with an echoed guitar solo. Stealing the spotlight for best track on the EP, ‘Picture Frame’ compiles so much variance and a nostalgic kick into the bands previous material. ‘Crickets’ is close though, using a lower bass line and bass drum to bring a massive depth below a massive chorus, emphasised by the fluctuating guitar. At this turning point, we can hear the combination of instruments to bring the music to life, with ‘Crickets’ putting emphasis on each throughout its duration.

Slowing down the tempo, ‘Night Masquerade’ is almost soundtrack-like, although displays the vocal range further, dabbling in eerie ambience toned with layered instrumentals. Use of pugnacious screams faded through the bridges adds so much more depth to the track that it launches Pushing Daises into one of the most exciting bands of the modern age, and Take Me Back To The Light is in the running for this year’s selection of new talent. Concluding the EP with final track ‘Luxury,’ Take Me Back To The Light hones on the skill that has so far been on show for a final display of Pushing Daisies’ band chemistry. It’s a song containing sheer power as they combine their efforts of contemporary, modern emo and create an epic soundscape to end the EP.

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ORCHARDS release music video for ‘LUV U 2’ from upcoming LOSERS/LOVERS released July 2nd

Alternative rock group, Orchards, released a music video for their lead single ‘Luv u 2’ yesterday taken from their upcoming EP Losers/Lovers due for release on July 2nd via Big Scary Monsters Records. The dynamic sound of Orchards completely obliterates the stereotypical sounds of pop as they combine a multitude of aspects from various sources to pull together a successful and infectious sound. ‘Luv u 2’ is an aesthetically pleasing music video, fully representing the band perfectly in video format. Directed and shot by filmmaker Dan Chase, the video follows the band through a variety of scenes with vocalist Lucy Evers in focus throughout. It’s a perky, fun take on the track giving life and visuals for what goes on behind the scenes.

Talking about the track, vocalist Lucy Evers comments on the concept of the lyrics behind ‘Luv u 2’ saying: “it’s totally healthy to feel rejection or sadness.” When collaborating with director Dan Chase, they used the idea to create the video. “Each location represents being stuck in the same mindset despite no longer being in the situation that put you there, and it takes being reminded of why you’re in that head space in the first place (e.g. the flowers being handed to me) to come to the realisation that I no longer care about what that person thought of me.” Containing symbolism and the realisation of moving on and positivity of oneself, Orchards have tactfully created a track that ultimately brings a sense of self-love and motivation through a perky, upbeat and infectious track that wonderfully sticks in your head.

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North Walian alternative punks, GRAVVES have released their single ‘Hello Sailor’ taken from their upcoming EP Oh, The Joy on April 27th through Loner Noise Records.

The band coruscate in their punk roots, creating a home made video to go along with their weighty track. ‘Hello Sailor’ is a reflection of growth within the fleeting punk industry, highlighting the anarchist sound in deep bass, hard drums and a guitar riff to get you moving. The obstreperous GRAVVES bassist Adam Hughes commented on the track, revealing that ‘Hello Sailor’ is about “getting through a break-up and feeling like it’s the worst thing in the world, but eventually picking up and moving on.”

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