7eventh Sea Release Teaser Trailer For Upcoming EP AS THE CANDLELIGHT DIES

Metalcore band 7eventh Sea from Portsmouth has just released a teaser for their upcoming EP As The Candlelight Dies set to be released April 4th this year. The five-piece band has influences such as Beartooth, Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction. The teaser, including references to the 2004 Horror/Comesy Shaun Of The Dead, the teaser is building a huge buzz and gaining a lot of reactions.

Their previous release of Narcissist in 2017 flung the band in the spotlight within the scene, with heavy, cadenced and pugnacious tones that really made 7eventh Sea special. Their first ever release of Mind Frame was clearly the start of a brilliant journey for the Portsmouth five-piece, and their most recent teaser trailer for their upcoming EP is another stepping stone for 7eventh Sea into the industry. The EP will be available on all major platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.


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LifeLust Release New Single NADIR


Cardiff based four-piece, LifeLust are an alternative metal-based band focusing on melodic ambience and gruelling breakdowns. Already showing signs of being a well-established band with clear indication of their direction, LifeLust is more than a little intriguing. Releasing their debut single recently, it’s easy to see that LifeLust has put their heads together and worked hard to create the image that we see today – and it’s paid off.

NADIR is intense in energy, packing that punch that metal has in seconds on the track starting. The production of the track is immaculate, with clear, unrelenting sound that really brings every instrument into play to make this insane, epic sounding track. There are many appeals to LifeLust, including the way that the vocals are passionate and tense, although not too harsh to give the music a hostile emotion; the way that the guitar and drums work together with chemistry to bounce off of each other with ease; the way that the heavy tempo is cadenced and rhythmic, straying from the mismatched instrumental metal sound that has recently taken the scene by storm. The track is full of depth, anthemic moments and more importantly incorporating harmonics, heavy basslines that compliment the profoundness of the overall track atmosphere.

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Putting in plans for a 2018 release, LifeLust is in full swing to show the world what they can give. Already showing massive talent and distinctive sound for their desired genre, the four-piece are bringing excitement to the local scene and beyond.

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Fissure Of Riddles – Nemea [REVIEW]

23519227_1185511991583108_2954110375646456975_nDriven by passion, creativity and inspiration, Fissure of Riddles recently released their first debut album, Nemea. The quartet, originating from the shores of Dorset have extensively toured the UK since their becoming in December 2012. With two previously released EP’s under their belts, Fissure of Riddles have shared the stage with names such as The Lotus, Psycroptic and Kobra and have cemented themselves into the UK metal scene.

Nemea, released on January 20th, is a combination of talent and creativity that brings a fresh and new perspective to the metal genre. Describing themselves as melodic riff conjurers setting out to combine elements of progressive metal with southern and sludge, Fissure of Riddles have put themselves in the spotlight with their unusual take on the norm – and Nemea is the perfect exhibition to show off their style. There’s a lot to be admired about their most recent release, including the dark atmosphere that they introduce with the introductory track ‘Glacial Retention.’ It’s an early example of the eerie feeling that F.O.R can bring into a track, showing that their combined instrumental talents can really give depth to a song. They aren’t at a loss for energy though, as second track ‘Ignorance Is Blessed’ proves. The fast-paced track is anthemic and is almost Zeus-like in the sense of its epic sound. With heavy instrumentals and topped off with pugnacious vocals, each element combined compliments each other, letting the track fall perfectly into place. There is a lot to be said about the way the track shifts into changes, but easily shortened to a summary of brilliant breakdowns and guitar solos. Kudos to the finger muscles of bassist Dan Challinor and both guitarists, Matt Wyzzy and Mark Taylor.

At first glance, Fissure of Riddles aren’t scared about packing their songs full to the brim, with longest track ‘Flensing the Dragon’ running close to twelve and a half minutes long. While lengthy, it’s a track that doesn’t lack in intensity. With a lengthy intro, the drummer Lee Biles kicks the track into gear and takes on a classic metal-esque style – much like the ‘Drown Our Bilge’ style, with insane drum rhythm, heavy bass and heavy guitar riffs – but with sections perfectly falling into places and a steady rhythm (although, still very energetic.) This track is one that really brings out that melodic side, with heavy emphasis on the use of guitar layered over the top to really bring the track to life. The mood does switch though, keeping the long track fresh at every point. The way that vocalist Matt Wyzzy projects his voice in a variety of manners during one song is impressive, even more so the switch from antagonistic vocals to hypnagogic. Midway point of the song, it definitely feels like a Pink Floyd and Cradle of Filth love-child, offering a gothic surreality. In the best way, it’s a very intense track bringing ambience to their heavy style.

‘Scrumps’ is a song that carries on with that ambience, although brings the heavy element into the atmosphere created by their music. It’s a track that really shines for the drums throughout with Biles’ stand-out performance. Whereas ‘Paleozoic’ shows the depth that the bass has on the overall track, and how much an emphasised bassline can really add towards the aura surrounding it. All in all, at only fifth track in, Nemea is a hypnotic album – one that can’t be turned off midway. It’s the kind of album that sucks you in from the get-go. ‘Grid Your Lions’ brings a little turning point to the Nemea album, but despite the track lacking in run-time compared to its track-family, it’s a quiet marching kind of track. Almost like an intermission before the chaos kicks back off – and it sure does. The rhythm is the same, but the sound is escalated and amplified for ‘Edos’ where the intensity once again rises. The refreshing thing about F.O.R is their understanding that metal doesn’t have to be about fast-paced, insane playing style to get across to their listeners, but create atmospheres that bring to life each song. They use their talents in a variety of ways, instead of down-tuning everything to create that dark sound that the genre has become accustomed to – and F.O.R have still gained momentum through their touring. While ‘Hauling’ is the last track on the album, it certainly isn’t the last that F.O.R have to offer in terms of creativity. The band have an admirable knack of how to combine their talents in creative ways in order to convey their ideas. There is not one member that shines more than the other on Nemea, and that just proves how much chemistry F.O.R have together, and how their talents combined compliment each other.

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Black Tree Vultures – Debut E.P Review

written by Owen Jeffreys


The Black Tree Vultures who began their journey in 2017 is debuting their first E.P Sanity Isn’t Perfect next month, although after gigging around their local and surrounding area, The Black Tree Vultures has been accumulating excitement ever since. The metal genre really strikes out with the opening notes on the first song ‘Overrule Me’. The guitars feature a heavy distorted crunchy effect, with a slight electronic feel to it whilst the reverb effect really stands out in the opening. The vocals featured on Sanity Isn’t Perfect are well suited to the music, offering hints of Metallica and Pearl Jam through the use of instruments combined. ‘Overrule Me’ has great diversity with breakdowns, guitar solos, and intense build up points. It’s one of the most stand out song that the EP has on offer showing that correlation and cohesion are needed to make a song flow. The main appeal that really keeps jumping out is the use of Celyn Beynon’s vocals, showcasing talent and massive diversity using his voice to change the pitch and so well done, it could be considered perfection.

‘Holy Vultures Daydream’ kicks in with what sounds like a live performance which then kicks into a nice clean catchy guitar riff. The transitions in the song flow fluently, emphasising the drum fill in the song. ‘Doom Of Malakai’ shows similarities by jumping in with a few guitar slides although takes a moderately slow tempo, although really emphasises the depth that bassist Coner Stace adds to the track. After an instrumental minute of head bopping, the lyrics come in that brings a sense of influences to life. Being a band influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath, their sound has managed to combine an element from all, bringing the world a modern twist on the old-skool. Yet again the singing technique of the lyrics are not boring or repetitive, they are given uniqueness and are short and snappy just before the chorus. The song increases in tempo and the ear-catching guitar melody is complemented by a fast-paced drum beat by Jonno Smyth. The songs tempo transition is done superbly and the “Doom Of Malakai” is a great record on the E.P.BTV1

On the song ‘My Filthy Redhead’, the guitar solos really prove the skill of lead guitarist, Aaron Hammersley. The harmonic squeals are brilliant and the instruments really come together at certain points, proving that Black Tree Vultures know what they’re doing. ‘Thanks For The Memories’ hits out with a neat build-up, introducing the noticeable, combative drum beat. Contending for the most stand out song that Sanity Isn’t Perfect has to offer, it has a great chorus and a lot of originality to the song. While Black Tree Vultures have proven how their musical influences have come alive in their work, the band are quite clear in showing the direction in which they want to take and how they plan on doing so. ‘Thanks For The Memories’ is a song that is constantly changing little things subtly, keeping it fresh throughout. A perfect example is the guitar picking that changes into strong chords, and then a riff during the chorus.

The E.P is very well produced, and the talent of the band means they are capable of going as far as they want. Showing off their talents on each of the instruments, and each member having to stand out moments throughout, Black Tree Vultures have proved their hard-work and construction have paid off, making them one of the most stand-out metal bands in the UK.

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