[REVIEW] Colt 48 – Negatives EP

London hard Rock duo, Colt 48 are gearing up for the release of their EP, Negatives this month. Due out on March 29th, the duo released Disconnected last month that has gained a lot of high praise for it’s well structured brilliance, encapsulating hard rock vibes sprinkled with a nostalgic early noughties nu-metal undertones. In anticipation of the release, their EP launch party takes place this week on the 15th to a sold-out crowd at London’s The Hope and Anchor.

With Disconnected already in the spotlight, the 5 track EP was created alongside Colin Richardson, and produced by Chris Clancy, both armored with impressive portfolios including names such as Slipknot, Machine Head, Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars. Discussing the EP, vocalist and guitarist Adam Jerome says “Negatives i s the work we’re most proud of to date.”

Lyrically incorporating personal dealings, Negatives explore their metal influences alongside their previous heavy riffs and stentorian beats. Opening with previously released Disconnected, Negatives has a lot on offer as it moves into its second track, Scapegoat. Instrumentally fused together by distortion, the sound of ricocheting drums takes the center stage as it motions the tracks in fluid movements, changing the overall temperament with ease. Out Of Habit displays it’s huge bass and lyrical mastery on a pedestal, carrying it into The Fire and expanding upon its influence by creating a monumental breakdown. The five track EP holds onto its metal influences throughout, conjuring a plethora of expansions blossoming in originality.

Negatives is due for release on March 29th, currently followed by two shows in Leeds supporting Stand Alone and Black Orchid Empire, and in London supporting Glamour Of The Kill as well as Camden Rocks Festival this June. 

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WOVENLUNG release latest track HOLD MY HEART

Hailing from Northamptonshire, metalcore quartet Wovenlung have shared the stage with the likes of American piece Secrets and Australia’s Sienna Skies with their EP Fractured under their belt and pushing their name out into the scene. Recently undergoing a lineup change, the band welcomed a new vocalist, Phil Walker, ready before their brand new release of the single ‘Hold My Heart.’ The track is available on all platforms, progressing the bands sound into a mastered art. ‘Hold My Heart’ features heavy riffs with weighted bass, giving it a pugnacious attitude driving its combative playing style. Full of energy and melodic fluency, Wovenlung have emphasised their instrumental use to bring on overwhelming explosion of noise. The spotlight truly shines upon drummer Billy Robinson, bestowing a weighted ambience to an already substantially bulked tempo.

‘Hold My Heart’ was released today and is now available on all platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

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The Five Hundred – Smoke And Mirrors (Single Review)

‘The Five Hundred’ is definitely one band that everyone needs to get behind, and it seems that they just continue getting better and better! Smoke and Mirrors; their most recent single, is possibly the best song of their’s that I have had the pleasure of hearing from them!

The Long Branch Records guys were very clever in choosing this band, because they have an extremely bright future ahead of them, and this single just solidifies it more; in preparation for their album to drop on August 17th.

If you’ve never heard of them, then why not? I promise you that you’re missing out on something special, especially if you’ve not had the chance to see them perform in a live environment. They have put a lot of atmosphere in this song, and the switch between clean and unclean vocals really sets them a tier above most bands of this genre. Catchy chords also add to make it something quite unique, to which I just can’t help but bang my head throughout the whole of this track!

I feel that this could be the start of a very bright future for them with the release of their album on August 17th, of which I am truly excited for; this song absolutely slays from start to finish.

Check out Smoke And Mirrors 

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Score -8/10




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Shields – Life In Exile (Album Review)

If you haven’t heard of Shields before, then you’ve honestly been living under a rock! This band have been going from strength to strength, and having recently played to an incredible crowd at their album release; we are bringing you a review of their new album; of which I must say, is incredible!

They begin this album how they mean to go on. The first track; ”Intimacy” brings a bone crunching start to the album, which openly paves way for their incredibly well written and produced album. If this first track doesn’t compleately blow your face off; I can 100% guarantee, that by the end of this album, you will honestly be begging for more! They have seriously come out with one of those albums, of which I think could easily take AOTY for me already. Joe Edwards truly portrays his vocal range perfectly, while keeping in melody with this track.

I feel that we’ve waited for what feels like a lifetime for this new release, and I was worried that it wasn’t going to live up to all the hype, but I was so very wrong! I truly feel that this album, is actually better than what I could of ever hoped for.

My personal favourite from this album, is actually the first track; ‘Intimacy’, as it paves the way for some really incredible melodies, of which fit the album as a whole, and with continuing to keep the traditional sound of which Shields portray; also bringing forward a bite of new style in there.

They’ve also smashed it perfectly with the guest features; which I really feel also adds another dimension to the tracks; especially Joel Heywood (Silent Screams) when he comes in for his feature on the track; ‘Mother’, which is definitely something extremely special, and even more incredible live!

There is one thing I have got to say, and that is, you really must check out this release; a perfect mix of incredible soaring clean vocals, and with crushing unclean vocals; it will definitely leave you gasping for air.

Follow them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shieldsuk

Buy this album via Long Branch Records: https://longbranchrecords.bigcartel.com/product/shields-life-in-exile-cd

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[REVIEW] The Disconnect ‘This Is How It Feels’ EP

Melodic hardcore band hailing from the shores of Southampton, The Disconnect are set to release their upcoming EP This Is How It Feels on April 22nd. Being their debut EP, the band has previously shown their talents in 2017 from their single ‘Holes.’ Now, in 2018, the band are moving forward and taking their next steps into their careers with no signs of slowing. Describing the band forming as a release that evolved into a coping mechanism for loss, The Disconnect have captured intimate emotions through their rambunctious tracks wading through aspects of positivity and negativity in non-chronological orders, throwing unpredictability of emotions into the air.

“This is catharsis, This is how it feels to lose a loved one, This is how it feels to be lost, This is how it feels to be helpless, This is how it feels,
This is The Disconnect” ‘Saviours and Kings’ brings a drastic shift to the norm, opening with atmospheric dissonance through a slight echo of guitar building a standing point for the track. Introducing the instrumentals in slowly, ‘Saviours and Kings’ shows it’s true colours with heavy, melodic riffs and combative attitude. The shift between bridges throws the track in unpredictable ways, almost story-like as it moves in twists and turns. The Disconnect are of massive sound, creating anthemic tracks that are infectious in nature and nothing short of brilliance in their development of their sound. Second track, ‘Achiever’ wastes no time, quick to start the pugnacious angst that’s held within the instruments. With harsh vocals that really emphasises the overall energy of the track ‘Achiever’ contains a symphonic chorus enriching the track with ingenuity and dexterity, adventuring paths and succeeding where most fall.

‘Welcome Home’ captures energy the bands energy in true form, moving quickly with unyielding drums deflecting the sounds of relentless distortion from guitars and a heavy bassline bringing weight and depth. ‘Welcome Home’ is a contender for the EP’s best track, vociferous and raucous with mephitic potential to latch and thrive in ones cerebral cortex. Wrapping up The Disconnect’s debut EP, ‘Empires’ takes full control of the fret board and displays a taste of nostalgia of mid 00’s metal. It’s a track that really compiles what The Disconnect is all about, a conclusion to the entirety of the EP with arduous energy channelled through mastered instruments in their current position. This Is How It Feels is a solid point for The Disconnect, and with release set for April 22nd, the band are sure to ground their feet riding the waves of momentum to spread their brutalised messages of inspiration through distorted tracks relating to the public in ways audible snapshots of stimulus.

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