Ghost Iris – Blind World Album Review

Ghost Iris is one of the most underrated bands that I have had the fortune of coming across and this album is the perfect example of how a band that really cares about their music portrays themselves.

Every record on this from the subs to the drums and melodic riffs play a huge part in this release that really sticks out for me. The vocals themselves have the perfect melody for the cleans and the aggression needed for the harsh vocals when it drops.

The song that really sticks out for me definitely would have to be Save Yourself as it’s just got a perfect melody which I feel is missing in every band that I have come across. The aggressive harsh vocals blend perfectly with the guitars and drums while also keeping a bitter edge against the clean vocals that come into play and boy must I say these are some extremely powerful lungs on their vocalist.

This album will always have a special place in my heart and will always appear on my most played releases just because of how unique and melodic this release actually is.  I urge anyone who’s on the fence about checking this release out to do so as you’ll understand easily why they’re one of the most underrated bands on the scene at this moment in time.

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A Room Swept White – Taught To Fall Album Review

A Room Swept White are certainly an exceptional band and listening to their album is no different from what you’d hear from them live. Melodic chords that really make you get on the edge of your seat and bang your head along with them.

Their live performance I can will be mental because they seem to really care about the music and the vocals which compliment each other perfectly from start to finish on this entire release.

The vocalist surely shows a melodic side of the screams which isn’t what you’d usually hear in metal so it’s refreshing to hear it alongside the clean vocals which seem to go perfectly in time with the harsh vocals.

My favourite release I feel would most definitely have to be Adversity as it just sticks out to me more than any of the other songs on the release but I am not knocking the songs as they’re all exceptionally good songs. If you’d have a chance to catch these live I believe they’d be an incredible band with a unique sound that would make them stick in your head and you’d be bugged if you couldn’t remember who they were.

If you’re after something that is a bit different to the rest then A Room Swept White is for you. Melding eerie orchestral stuff with a really riffy melody and even the vocals show a lot of emotion as if the vocalist is in pain from all the stuff he sings about.  

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Dead Crown – Come Hell EP Review

Dead Crown straight from the get-go on this EP shows that they’re here to bring heavy but melodic metal to the masses and they certainly succeed with their first track called Southside which has the perfect follow on to their second track The Seven which I feel is incredibly heavy and I can hear the punchy sub drops that hit beneath the drop at the start of the song.


Kendall Johns sure shows that he has lungs of a god with some of the vocals that really are aggressive while keeping some form of raspy rap screams which go perfectly over some of the songs brutally assaulting riffs.


I wasn’t sure what to think of this band when I heard the name but once I sunk my teeth into it I can’t stop listening to it as it’s like a brutal assault to my ears but in the way that I’d imagine a band to actually do it. This band could clearly hit it with the big guns so once this EP drops I can well believe them to actually be making a huge name for themselves which you can tell they deserve because they’ve put a lot of thought into the songwriting on this EP.


Definitely think my favourite song off this EP would have to be Home as it’s just super heavy from the get-go and once you’ve heard the first drop in the song it really builds the atmosphere for the whole song which I feel would be incredibly heavy and the crowd would kick off live which I know I would.


This band would go down well in the UK scene as they’re after something that’s just straight out heavy while keeping a punch to their riffs so that they’re not just a boring band live. The stage presence I’d expect from a band of this talent would be run around and entice the crowd into a frenzy which I would most certainly get involved in.


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itoldyouiwouldeatyou announce ‘Get Terrified’ EP set for April!


London based septet, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, are back after a short hiatus with new music on the horizon that’s already surrounding them with excitement. Their previous success came from their 2016 release of I Am Not Your Fault. The band grew loyal fans and followers within their local scene, and now they’re growing even bigger, focusing on building a like-minded community of fans. Their most recent lead-single release, ‘Get Terrified’ brings the band back into action with a tremendous punch, combining their indie-punk ways in such a spectacular way. The video, set in an American-style party of red punch cups and end of semester energy, itoldyouiwouldeatyou display their sash’s around their bodies displaying hidden traits to each character.

Directed by Chevy Blazer and produced by a queer art group, Clumsy Bodies that the band have been friends with for a long time, Joey Ashworth says that the video was shot around New Cross where they and bassist Ollie live. “We filmed most of the dance scenes at New Cross House, a pub we generally use when we don’t have wifi. They were really lovely and helped us out at the last minute when our previous choice of venue dropped out!” 

The voice of Joey Ashworth is calming, as they hit their notes in sync with the music that complements their voice throughout. With such a mixture of instruments in the song, it’s impressively organised as each instrument bounces off each other creating such a calming sensational listen, until the sounds become louder and the music becomes more mismatched. One of the most notable things about itoldyouiwouldeatyou is the way that the band have still managed to make dysfunctional, off-beat rhythms sound completely in place. ‘Get Terrified’ is a brilliant track to open the gates and announce their upcoming EP titled Get Terrified, showing off their originality and diversity with fluctuating tempos.


Talking about the video, Joey Ashworth continues to say: “The world around us is trying to make us forget how to look after each other. It is trying to turn the young against themselves and to co-opt the old. It tells the working class that solidarity doesn’t work anymore, and tells minorities that they are on their own. It relies on cynicism. I am angry, but I am not and will never be cynical. So take the feelings and memories that make you up, realise that they and you are a product of your environment, and change it.  Get Terrified is about coming home. Realising the answer was here the whole time, and trying your hardest to love – through anger, through disruption and through solidarity. Get terrified, get angry, and scream love until your throat bleeds. We are coming home together.”


Get Terrified is set to be released April 20th via Alcopops! Records x Failure By Design Records and the EP will feature a discography of the bands physically-unreleased previous singles to date alongside brand new material. Available for pre-order now from their BandCamp page.

ITYIWEY currently have these live dates lined up:

  • 17th March – Aldershot, Westy
    27th March – London, Boston Music Rooms (w/ Daphne and Celeste)
    13th April – Brighton, Washed Out Fest
    14th April – Leicester, The Y Theatre (Kermes release all-dayer)
    28th April – Exeter, Cavern

For tickets and info visit the events page.

Keep up to date with itoldyouiwouldeatyou through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and be sure to check their BandCamp for new releases!  

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Only Strangers SELFTITLED

Newcastle Upon Lyme pop-punkers, Only Strangers have recently released their self-titled EP last month along with launch shows in Stoke this month in March. With gigs lined up for the year, Only Strangers are hitting new levels with their thunderous take on the pop-punk genre. With combative vocals and heavy, distorted riffs, Only Strangers are yet again on the rise as they further their adventure into the industry. Forming in 2010, the momentum of the band has only been on the up as they featured in the Punk As Duck Vol.1 compilation by Horn And Hoof Records, and with two EP’s under their belt, Only Strangers are chartering their sound piece-by-piece.#

The ten track album is fierce by nature, never lacking the passion they start out with courageous displays of energy and determination. Starting with first track ‘Last Time,’ Only Strangers are quick to show off their chemistry as a band with pounding guitar and brilliantly thunderous drums. One of the first things that jump out at you about Only Strangers is their distinctive vocals that don’t once fair – it’s a very charming style that matches their instrumentals. As the EP moves forward into the second track, ‘So Long, Etruria,’ the vocals become cleaner and the guitar becomes more melodic, still with that cadenced drumming complemented by a depth of bass. It’s quickly noted that Only Strangers have a lot of talent, and this unpredictable EP is an impressive display of each element that creates their idiosyncratic sound.

The production of their self-titled EP is remarkable, with each instrument really bringing the song alive and never once out-shining each other. ‘What Happened To You,’ is an example of their balanced choices, with each component bouncing off of each other to create the buzz surrounding their music. Although, one of their most stand-out tracks is ‘Never Wanted This’ with the fluctuating frequencies that play like a story. Starting slow, the band really work up the chorus in an epic kind of reveal. As mentioned previously, not once through the EP does Only Strangers lack in energy. Each song bounces and represents Only Strangers wholeheartedly. ‘Saturday Night’ furthers the EP into the mid-point, and keeps the very light-hearted sound along with a heavier undertone that Only Strangers carry well into the second-half of the EP. ‘Counter Attack’ takes a different tone, somewhat darker in nature, but with powerful chords carrying the track along with a deep bassline, Only Strangers brilliantly deliver this other side that’s being displayed. Only Strangers has really fallen into place within their genre, creating original work that’s infectious in sound. They really stick with you, and their masses of energy are enough to move you.


‘Anyway, We Delivered The Bomb’ brings Only Strangers back to their distorted guitar works and symbol bashing percussion drumming. It’s one of the most memorable tracks off the album, where the vocals become a lot more combative and bring the band well-and-truly into their own. Armed with their instruments, Only Strangers have succeeded in bringing their creative imaginations to life in such an ingenious way. Coming to the end of the self-titled EP by Only Strangers, the band really combine their works in their entirety to bring their sound to the forefront. ‘Creature’ is definitely one of their most interesting tracks, bringing their punk-esque sound into focus, almost as if we’re hearing a modern Misfits come to life. While the track is a little under three minutes, it doesn’t lack in punch with their melodic and synchronised guitars that carry into last track, ‘Hardest Thing.’ It’s almost sad to see the back of the EP as the first notes chime of their final track, although it’s a belter. Really giving time for listeners to take in the sound of the instruments we’ve come to enjoy, Only Strangers rides fluidity for their final track, making it such an exciting ending to a brilliantly thought-out and produced EP.

The EP is now available for purchase via Horn and Hoof by clicking here.

Keep up to date with Only Strangers via Facebook but make sure you check them out on Spotify.

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Ducking Punches - press picture 2018 - Charlie Wallis PhotographyReleased on January 16th to major platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, Alamort is the fourth album by the four-piece punk rock band, Ducking Punches. Alamort is the second album released via Xtra Mile Recordings and was tracked and recorded at Cracked Rain Studio in Leeds where bands such as Citizen and Nervus has previously been. One of the most striking things about the album apart from the suave, chalk drawn skeleton plastering the artwork is its title, Alamort that’s derived from an old archaic term defined ‘half dead from exhaustion.’ A lot of thought and time has been put into their latest release since the announcement earlier in 2017 – and Alamort screams dedication.


“‘Alamort’ seemed a fitting title for what myself and the band had been through recently. Some of these songs are frighteningly honest but it has been really therapeutic to write. Themes of the album range from crippling self doubt to death, friendship, love, witch-hunters, addiction and hope.”

-Dan Allen on Alamort

The full-length, eleven track album is emotive, showing the bands creative talents in all areas. ‘With Unfounded Hope’ opens the album, it’s short and choppy with all the right mixture of instruments to fill each gap and a bassline complimenting the emotion of the vocals, and as the track moves on to ‘Smoking Pot’ their energy really comes forward. A lot of the spotlight falls on the drummer, with hard, prominent drumbeats that bring these songs to life and gives it that punch. Since their previous release of Dance Before You Sleep in 2014, Ducking Punches have really honed in on their talents and explored each of their elements. Spotlights change throughout the entire album, with ‘Missing You Is Killing Me’ really showing off the work of the guitar, underlined with bass and the drums pulling it together. It’s got that melody that sticks with you, while ‘Sobriety’ really highlights the way that the bass makes the entire song stick together with an added depth. Previously released single ‘Distant Shadows’ emphasises the vocals, and how the tone and power range through each track to match the instruments. The album is mixed with heavy and light tones all in a fluid motion. ‘I Ruin Everything’ is one of the slower songs added onto the end of Alamort, with the echoed guitar empowering the song. It’s not until further halfway that the drums and the rest of the band kick in, and it’s just another kick of epic sound.

“Sobriety is a song that outlines a lot of my addictive personalities, something myself and a bunch of my friends have struggled with over the years. I’m always fascinated by the personification of abstract ideas, love, death and in the case Sobriety. So that was a huge inspiration for this song.”

-Vocalist Dan Allen on ‘Sobreity’

Alamort in all is a display of the way that Ducking Punches are progressively moving towards their goal, establishing their sound and ingeniously exploring their work. The album has a lot of poetic value while always being driven by emotion and passion. The Norwich band has created a mass of following already, although Alamort is creatively their best album to date. With their increasing popularity, Ducking Punches are using their momentum to bring their fans better material with each relief, which is what makes them such an exciting band to follow and be a part of.

Alamort is available on all major platforms including Spotify and iTunes, alternatively, follow Ducking Punches on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the band.

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Next Year ‘Resolutions’ EP – OUT NOW


Loughborough boys, Next Year have dropped their first EP Resolutions that is bringing our moods right the way up. The three track EP is filled with energy from the get-go, definitely showing what’s to come in the life of Next Year. It’s a very easy EP to get behind, with fast-paced, upbeat pop-punk rhythm, scream-your-heart out lyrics and the perfect amount of heavy to really get down to the headbanging. With influences such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and NOFX, the three-piece has really managed to incorporate each of their influences in a creative and ingenious manner bringing Next Year to life with the promise of high-energy, body bouncing gigs.

With each track having their personal USP’s and capture points, Next Year has some real potential to become a rising band in the UK scene. First track ‘Fall Apart’ is a brilliant introduction to the areas that Next Year can reach, and the ingenuity of guitarist James Brown with quick finger work and power strumming. Showing their talents in all the different areas are what brings Next Year into the forefront of January’s releases, not being afraid of putting in all their efforts. Being the first EP to come from these small-town English boys, the instrumentals are so carefully crafted that they all come together in such a mismatched, energetic way that really sticks out. Even with a change in atmosphere in second track ‘Hit The Ground,’ they still have that upbeat undertone that makes pop-punk the enjoyable genre that has blown up in recent years. ‘Resolutions’ definitely shows off the talent and dynamism behind drummer Alex Hurd, and cadence of bassist George Fall. All-in-all, this EP is a stunner that compiles the work of nostalgic riffs and vintage pop-punk with the modern day trends.

Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date – and be sure to catch them at a venue near you! 

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