Feed Them To The Forest ‘LIE WITH THE DOGS’ Music Video


Feed Them To The Forest has recently released a music video for their track ‘Lie With The Dogs’ taken from their upcoming EP Can’t Forget. Capturing the band standing out in front of a total white background, fur babies run wild around the five-piece making it a dream come true for most people. Giving faces to the band that has brought a new wave of contemporary emo to the scene, the video encapsulates the band in a way that brings them to life like never before. The video, filmed in Yorkshire for over a week includes a multitude of dogs borrowed from friends and family. Vocalist Elliot Partridge says ““This was one of the most fun (and challenging) things we’ve done. First, we had to find as many dogs as we could to borrow, then we had to chase them around to get them to stay in shot and keep their paws clean somehow.” 

‘Lie With The Dogs’ is the first track to be released from upcoming Can’t Forget’ due for release May 7th.


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Jared Leto breaks up fight @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

On Friday, 30 Seconds To Mars brought The Monolith Tour to Cardiff where Jared Leto broke up a fight taking place in the crowd.


In the video, Jared Leto tells the two people to chill out and take a breather, then asking if they want a mosh pit.

The Monolith Tour continues for two dates in the U.K. before heading to the rest of Europe. For dates and ticketing information, click here.

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THE MAPLE STATE release music video for WINNER and details for THE THINGS I HEARD AT THE PARTY

a0702814640_10Streaming their single ‘Winner’ on March 2nd, The Maple State have released the music video and are moving forward and gaining momentum as the launch for their upcoming album The Things I Heard At The Party draws near. Releasing on the 23rd of March via Far Out Records, the album will be available on a limited edition 12″ vinyl as well through most good digital retailers. To pre-order the album, click here.

Being an introduction to what the band are about to drop, ‘Winner’ is all kinds of emotions driven by passion and energy channelled through instruments and vocals. Taken from their bandcamp, the description of the track reads “I was in a relationship that came to a very abrupt end when I stumbled upon something pretty awful. I spent the next 24 hours drinking in Manchester, trying to forget what I’d seen and forgotten everything else. Obviously, this only served to make things much worse and I came away emotionally and physically beaten up. So I had a change of tack and spent the following 24 hours in the studio where I wrote and recorded the lyrics to ‘Winner’ in an afternoon. Between that initial emotional trauma and the final vocal takes that you hear on the track, only around 40 hours had passed. And that is why this is the most real song on the album. Everything you hear in my voice, I was living it in that moment.” 

Lyrically, the track is heartbreaking through perception. While brief, it’s gripping in nature with quick turns emphasised by the tone and tempo of the track. The video, engulfed by cinematic views decaying into the cracked scenes of industry, The Maple State have created an artistic piece of visualisation to match their effect. Starring guitarist and vocalist Gregory Counsell, he explains “We love the band Travis and are all huge fans of their videos from the 90s, in particular the video for ‘Turn’” adding “We shot it in a morning and afternoon, I wasn’t aware that they intended to start the video at the top of Winter Hill in -1C with snow and fog… by the end of the video I’m looking pretty well spent, and as much as I’d love to claim that way my acting, it was just me slowly dying.”

The Maple State has already announced details regarding their live shows, although due to their increasing fan base, dates are selling out quickly and in quick succession. Available tickets are on sale here.

To steam title track ‘The Things I Heard At The Party’ click here.

To steam ‘Something In The Water’ click here.

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Come The Spring ‘ECHOES’ Review

Brighton based progressive rock band, Come The Spring released their first full-length album this month on March 9th entitled Echoes. Released via Engineer Records, Come The Spring are emotionally charged in every aspect of their musicality.

18403402_945899282180363_3861558562026424439_n’13 Months’ kicks off the album with a huge surge of power, emphasising the sovereignty of the drums as it underlines the depth of the track, complimented by a weighted bass leading the rhythm. With such a solid starting point for Echoes, ’13 Months’ sets the tone of the album showing an anthemic and infectious potential for those with a progressive rock preference. As it moves into ‘Better Now’ the dynamism of the guitar really comes into play. Correlating with the vocals, the song highlights each talent individually, making Echoes come together in perfect synchronisation. Produced with clear, distinct sound, the augmented sound of the instruments are skilful and cadenced.

‘SJO’ brings on a different, surreal type of tone offering that atmospheric, almost visual experience. Feeling like the track would fit in well with the soundtrack to an epic, philosophical road-trip of self-exploration, ‘SJO’ is other-worldly in its short length and builds momentum for next track ‘For What It’s Worth.’ Released as a single earlier this month, ‘For What It’s Worth’ is a stand-out track on the album, showcasing the potential of Come The Spring thriving in arena-style live shows of fist pumping and ricocheting voices. As Echoes starts to become more distinct in its direction with a clear capability to use the instruments to their full potential to create their sound, ‘Brighton and the Blues’ comes with a mellow tone, fluctuating that power that has previously been displayed. It’s an intimate track, passionate in vocals as they fluctuate in frequency and attitude.

Album titled track, ‘Echoes’ contains masses of petulant proclivity with mood-altering vocals bringing a sense of pure indignation through raucous vocals. The persuasive nature of Echoes is of massive talent, delivered with high quality, well-produced tracks. For their final track, Come The Spring take on ‘Boys Of Summer’ spinning their own unique gyration on it, proving that Come The Spring has a definitive, solid sound in their grasp.


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COME THE SPRING release their full-length album ECHOES tomorrow via Engineer Records

Come The Spring released their latest track ‘For What It’s Worth’ in November of last year taken from their upcoming full-length album Echoes. Due for release tomorrow on March 9th via Engineer Records, Come The Spring have displayed their talents for powerful hitting drums, moving guitar and distinct vocals with ‘For What It’s Worth.’ It’s an incredibly infectious song, remaining in memory well after playing. Based in Brighton, alternative rock band Come The Spring has compiled a seven-track album following on from their release of lead single ‘For What It’s Worth.’


Working with Ian Sadler of Emeline Records, the members of Come The Spring has a collective portfolio of impressive experience. Sharing the stage with artists such as Green Day, Hot Water Music and Quicksand, Come The Spring came together to create their own music and broaden their audiences where they can really fall into themselves. 27657956_1146514442118845_2029340562723445489_nTalking about the process of writing for the upcoming album, guitarist David Gamage talks about labels saying “Labels now have to concentrate on sales and touring seems to be the main way. Come The Spring (and our previous bands) used to tour a lot but now we are a little older we have less time, so we have to concentrate on new tracks and releasing recordings.” Previously, the quintet has released two EP’s entitled Revive in 2015 and Seven For A Secret in 2013. The previous EP’s are creative in nature, with huge passion in the form of punk rock that helped them gain such an established place in the industry. As the band ride their momentum into the release of Echoes, Come The Spring are striding forth and are forecasting further single releases this year.

Come The Spring is currently working with Engineer Records for their release of Echoes and their single, video and CD for the U.K although has gained massive interest from Far East and USA labels to take their music global. Thanks to the help of Ian Sadler, who Come The Spring have described to have a “very good ear and knows where the band are coming from,” the band are happy with Echoes and are excited for the release tomorrow.

Echoes will be available for both digital downloads and physical copies.

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BLANKET sign with Music For Nations (Sony)

Blackpool based quartet, blanket have announced their signing with Music For Nations, parented by Sony Entertainment. The label also works with names such as Andrew WK and Astroid Boys, establishing itself as a leader within the rock and metal world. Previously having their music described as “hugely atmospheric” and “bold, ambient, textural soundscapes” by Punktastic and The Independent, blanket continue to broaden their audiences reaching platforms such as BBCR1 Rock Show, PROG and Total Guitar. Commenting on the recent signing, blanket said: “To sign to a label as important and influential as Music For Nations seemed like an unobtainable dream for us. This is something that we’ve all wanted since we started playing music. The team at the label completely share our vision and aspirations of what we want this band to be. We’re putting our all into this and we’re excited to show our work to the world.”

The band are on tour throughout April with instrumental band Coldbones:


9th February – Bootleg Social, Blackpool – UK
12th February – Le Coin Aux Etoiles, Mons – BE
13th February – District Six, Dusseldorf – GER
14th February – Venue TBC, Poznan – PL
15th February – Klub CH25, Warsaw – PL
16th February – Klub Piekny Pies, Krakow – PL
17th February – Rock Station, Morlanwelz – BE

Fully establishing themselves in 2016 and self-releasing Our Brief Encounters in 2017, blanket are a cinematic ambience sort of experience. With members with extensive experience within the industry, the members of blanket have been on massively diverse stages shared with Youmeatsix, The Story So Far and Every Time I Die.

Our Brief Encounters can be purchased here or streamed on Spotify.

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LIGHTEN UP LAURA Are Working On New Music

Southampton based four-piece Lighten Up Laura gained all-round positive feedback for their 2017 release Acting Your Age. The EP brought the band to life, with gripping and infectious tracks driven with talent and passion. Since then, Lighten Up Laura have been on an upward journey, releasing ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ and ‘Missed The Boat’ as official music videos, putting on shows and ultimately enjoying the Acting Your Age era. Although, the band has posted about working on new material. In a recent Instagram post, Lighten Up Laura say “we’re writing new bangers for you lovely people.”

Made up of students studying music production at University, Lighten Up Laura have massive talent that has been proved in their already established sound that Acting Your Age displayed. With each musician having stand-out performances on their previous EP, it’s an exciting time to be following this up and coming band that keep on growing. Dubbing themselves as ‘unnecessarily loud and fast-paced,’ Lighten Up Laura are successful in delivering their end of the bargain. If you missed the alternative rock bands previous EP, it’s available on Spotify here, and it’s definitely worth listening to. While brief, the portfolio of music that the band currently have is impressive and taking to sounds such as Incubus, Foo Fighters and Placebo.

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