NO FUN AT ALL release first track ‘Spirit’ from upcoming album GRIT

Swedish punk rock quintet, No Fun At All have released their first single along with their album announcement that’s received massive excitement since the drop on Friday. Within the first twenty-four hours, over 600 physical copy pre-orders were made along with smashing out an impressive fourteen-thousand plus views on YouTube. ‘Spirit’ is the first single release from the band in just under ten years, and their return is welcomed by fans around the world. Releasing on April 13th, upcoming album Grit is a huge step forward for the early 90’s band in the modern industry of music.

‘Spirit’ is of high-energy, representing the growth and progression of the punk rock genre during the decade of silence. The video, highlighting the intense atmosphere surrounding their live shows, ‘Spirit’ is an authentic nostalgic kick back into the 90’s with a modern spin and twist on their music. Wonderfully produced with percussion drums bringing that almighty punch to their music, No Fun At All prove that their distinctive sound that brought them high praise in the early years of their career is far from finished and that the 12 track album is going to be huge.

Previously launching themselves to be precursors in the early stages of the punk rock era within Europe, No Fun At All sought high demand, praise and fans after their 1994 release of No Straight Angels where they began headlining stages around the world. Calling it a day on their musical journey in 2001, it wasn’t until 2004 did the band get back together for a show in the spring of 2004 that the band rekindled their love and enjoyment for playing live music. Through a light advancement, the band saw themselves taking part in shows from 2004 to 2017, and after a line-up change in 2016 saw two long-term members took a step back, No Fun At All recruited bassist and guitarist Stefan Bratt from Atlas Losing Grip and Fredrik Eriksson of Twopointeight. With their fresh enthusiasm and passion, No Fun At All hit Soundlab Studio with Mathias Farm from Millencolin to start putting together their 12 track album, Grit. Released through Bird Attack Records, Grit will be available on vinyl, CD and digital downloads on April 13th.

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FALSE ADVERTISING reveal ‘Falsetival’ & info on upcoming album BELLIGERENT

falsetivalAppearing at festivals taking place around the U.K. including Cardiff’s own Pwer Festival, False Advertising has announced their line-up for ‘Falsetival’ set to take place this April in Manchester’s Soup Kitchen. With names such as Peaness, Forever Cult and Dead Naked Hippies, False Advertising has teamed up with some of the most chaotic, fun-living bands in the U.K. scene. With tickets priced at £8.50 or £15 for early access and a Falsetival poster, the doors are opening at 3pm for an all-day festival. For tickets for Falsetival, click here.

Commenting on the idea behind the event, Jen Hingley says: “Inspired by the daytime festivals that we’ve visited and played over the last year (like the SXSW day parties, Wrong Festival, The Great Escape and SWN), we decided to put together our own DIY all day gig, which has somehow – potentially by name alone – become known as a festival. We asked a bunch of the bands that we’re excited about at the moment to play and then spent ages deliberating over how we should complete the line-up having had about 20 bands ask us whether they could join too.” 


Belligerent (Japan exclusive album) tracklisting:

1. Hey You
2. Scars
3. Give It Your Worst
4. Not My Fault
5. Honest
6. You’re Too Slow
7. Dozer
8. Piece Of My Mind
9. Alopecia
10. I Think I Got My Wish
11. Sigh
12. It’s Been A While (so sick)

Alongside the Falsetival announcement, the Mancunian band triplet revealed their Japanese-exclusive album set for release April 11th. The album is a compilation of previously released tracks over the past two years via 2670Records. Including re-mastered tracks from their I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring and Brainless EP’s, the album will also be available in the U.K. on their bandcamp and on limited physical CD copies. You can preorder Belligerent by clicking here.

False Advertising have massive momentum under their feet as they stride two steps at a time. While working on a new album at Paul Epsworth’s Church Studios in London, False Advertising are on stage plenty of times over the next few months including Pwer Festival, Kendal Calling, The Alternative Escape and Hanwell Hootie.


FIGHT FOR FRIDAY announce details sophomore EP ‘Someone’s You Could Trust’

29066481_1797196866978171_2113507226873233408_nCumbrian pop-punters, Fight For Friday, has announced their EP Someone You Could Trust recently that consists of five tracks and will be self-released on May 11th. Streaming their first single ‘Headache’ on YouTube yesterday, Fight For Friday are a stand-out quintet drawing from their talent for music and chemistry together. ‘Headache’ is a real anthem of a track, with poetic lyrics posing almost philosophical stances emphasised by an atmospheric style of play through heavy bass, cadenced drums and a distinguished voice.

Talking about their first single and EP, vocalist and guitarist Seb Harper explains that it is a “song based on introspection, overthinking and loneliness. We wrote it after the news of Chester Bennington’s death and although it isn’t directly related to him, it made me think about how much other people can affect your own thoughts and how hard it can be when there’s nobody around to listen or impact your thoughts in a positive way. It’s probably our most powerful song in terms of both musicality and lyrical content,” adding that the song is “relevant to the context on the EP and the message we are trying to portray: the effect that other people can have on someone’s happiness, health and life experience.”

Recording Someone You Could Trust at White Bear Studios along with the help of engineer David Page, ‘Headache’ shows the real crisp production of the upcoming album and the impact that Fight For Friday have through a thought-out memorandum that’s not only effective in the present but a reflective rationalisation in future instances. The infectious, modern pop-punk tone that Fight For Friday has taken is helpful in their contagious music that’s almost therapeutic – calming and positive with that punch of energy throughout.

“The best thing about this band is the natural bond and growth that we have.”

Forming in 2014 as an extra-curriculum activity at school, Fight For Friday have watched their band mature and materialise in front of their eyes as their dreams of playing punk have grown into reality. Playing venues such as Manchester Academy and Fac251 and touring the UK twice, they describe themselves as “a high school band that didn’t stop.” With their first EP released in 2016, Fight For Friday’s remedial writing process has seen them riding waves of momentum as they enter into Someone You Could Trust era of their career.

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[REVIEW] Scream Blue Murder ‘Hollow Stories’

Coventry based four-piece, Scream Blue Murder released their debut album Hollow Stories in 2016, starting the band on the right foot where they continue to grow in the industry. The full length, ten-track album is a display of the band’s energy for atmospheric, enticing music. First track, ‘Unbreakable’ shares the importance and talent for each instrument in slow rendition but introduces the band in such a heavy impact way. With a plethora of influences from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria and Cancer Bats, the four-piece have truly come together to combine their interests and efforts into one epic metal-rendition.
27657519_1660006100709909_2528635643748235799_nWith ‘Restart, Rewind, Reset,’ heavy from the get-go, the heavy bass and distorted guitars come to life. One of the most stand-out elements of Scream Blue Murder is their modern twang on the metal genre, as the track moves in and out of heavy, combative attitude into anthemic. The tumultuous relationship between the instruments and the way they ricochet off each other in such a dynamic way gives a surge of power to each track. ‘No Hope,’ for example is a charming track that’s almost magnetic, and definitely a favourite of the album. With heavy riffs and an impressive display of fret and string control, the underlying accent of a porcine-like bass, the third-track is Scream Blue Murder’s ingenuity and talent when it comes to songwriting. As it moves forth into ‘Escape Plan,’ the band’s passion intensifies massively, where breakdowns become even more epic and their songs fluctuate in frequencies. It’s a must to mention and give kudos to drummer Jamie Bloomer for his pugnacious drums that brings much of the weight to each track on the Hollow Stories album.

‘We Are Survivors’ takes a slightly different approach to its predecessors, offering a very surreal atmosphere in a very visual manner. It’s like envisioning the band in their surroundings as the intro ceases into the song – and the track becomes the most infectious of the album. With very anthemic potential as the echoed vocals sing the words ‘we are survivors, we will survive,’ the fifth track nearly steals the show. While the song runs at just short of three and a half minutes, it’s a very moreish track but their subtle change in tone for the halfway mark of the album continues into ‘Dying Breed,’ where the hypnagogic atmosphere laces through the instruments. Being the most authentic metal track on the album, ‘Dying Breed’ brings the essence of nostalgia to their music, rejoicing and enforcing their influences of bands such as Suicide Silence and pre-That’s The Spirit BMTH.
But the talent and exploration of Scream Blue Murder go further than their turbulence, as ‘Let’s Do Coke… I’ll Have A Diet’ proves. Combining their metal genre with the like of party anthems, ‘Let’s Do Coke…’ is like the band’s way of rebelling against the usual rules surrounding the metal genre. It’s definitely boundary pushing, but it works well, taking headbanging into finger guns with eminent use of breakdowns to combine them. ‘Personal Message,’ is colossal in sound, bringing the sheer strength and power of vocalist Aaron Bloomer to the forefront. The militant vocals add to the overall attitude of the song, channelling the aggressive energy that makes it truculent. Second to last track ‘Flatline’ is brilliant. Using clean vocals to compliment the bellicose, the track falls together perfectly in timing and highlights the potential that Scream Blue Murder has in various areas. Last song, ‘Hollow Stories’ is practically like the conclusion to the album, combining each of the stand-out points that each track holds to create the ultimate track, and is a such a concise, wholesome ending to the album. Hollow Stories is an epic album written by Scream Blue Murder, promoting how exciting it is for metal fans to be following the band at this time.

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Thought we had forgotten about international women’s’ day? You were wrong. We’ve been celebrating the best way we can – listening to as much music as we can. We’ve had The Distillers, PVRIS, Paramore, Against Me!, Flyleaf and much more running all day, but we decided to take the chance to put out some of the best up and coming. So without further ado, here is a few of our favourite female fronted bands that will really rock your socks off.

22007800_1424897690958010_7512329187754198062_nMilk Teeth


Forming in 2013, Milk Teeth are a four-piece band that has shared the stage with Sorority Noise, Citizen, Turnover and Creeper. The Gloucestershire band signed with Hopeless Records in 2015 and has gained a significant place in the up and coming scene, Milk Teeth are a very punk-oriented band taking clear influence from old-school grunge and punk bands such as The Distillers. Since their 2017 release of their Go Away EP, Milk Teeth has surged forward with masses of followers and fans. Just finishing a Canada and US tour, Milk Teeth are set to kick off their UK tour on the 13th of March in Bristol’s Exchange.


12278806_1083575058332802_3444736460369013686_nAll Hours


All the way over in Brisbane, Australia, All Hours is a five-piece pop punk band that took our hearts with their 2017 release of Sightseeing. Recently releasing The Brightside this year, All Hours is a brilliantly produced band with a distinctive sound and have their feet set solidly on the scene. The Australian five-piece is soon to be touring, kicking off March 16th at The Backroom.





21558886_1502482079831488_3989849405133422324_nStand Atlantic


Founded in 2015, Stand Atlantic is another brilliant pop-punk band hailing from the shores of Australia in Sydney. Their five-track album released last year literally took the scene by storm, with positive feedback and heavy reception. Stand Atlantic has since been riding momentum with ease as their audience stretches across the sea as far as the UK – and doesn’t stop there. Made up of three members, Stand Atlantic’s Sidewinder packs a massive punch with passion and energy resonating from their sound.


18425280_715282371987439_4385515603688723701_nAir Drawn Dagger


Based in Sheffield, UK, Air Drawn Dagger are a force to be reckoned with. Borrowing their name from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the alternative rock band are growing in every aspect. Drawing from elements from grunge, rock and punk, their music is organic in nature with clear-cut direction drawing in loyal fans from around the globe. Currently, in the midst of releasing music, Air Drawn Dagger have a limited portfolio behind them but show buckets of energy and chemistry as they find their established sound. Releasing their single tomorrow, Air Drawn Dagger move forward in their career and really bring to life the old-school sound of distorted guitars, heavy drums and ultimately, the sound of punk.


Want to hear more? Head over to Spotify where we have created a playlist of all our favourites and more. Happy international women’s day! xo



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COME THE SPRING release their full-length album ECHOES tomorrow via Engineer Records

Come The Spring released their latest track ‘For What It’s Worth’ in November of last year taken from their upcoming full-length album Echoes. Due for release tomorrow on March 9th via Engineer Records, Come The Spring have displayed their talents for powerful hitting drums, moving guitar and distinct vocals with ‘For What It’s Worth.’ It’s an incredibly infectious song, remaining in memory well after playing. Based in Brighton, alternative rock band Come The Spring has compiled a seven-track album following on from their release of lead single ‘For What It’s Worth.’


Working with Ian Sadler of Emeline Records, the members of Come The Spring has a collective portfolio of impressive experience. Sharing the stage with artists such as Green Day, Hot Water Music and Quicksand, Come The Spring came together to create their own music and broaden their audiences where they can really fall into themselves. 27657956_1146514442118845_2029340562723445489_nTalking about the process of writing for the upcoming album, guitarist David Gamage talks about labels saying “Labels now have to concentrate on sales and touring seems to be the main way. Come The Spring (and our previous bands) used to tour a lot but now we are a little older we have less time, so we have to concentrate on new tracks and releasing recordings.” Previously, the quintet has released two EP’s entitled Revive in 2015 and Seven For A Secret in 2013. The previous EP’s are creative in nature, with huge passion in the form of punk rock that helped them gain such an established place in the industry. As the band ride their momentum into the release of Echoes, Come The Spring are striding forth and are forecasting further single releases this year.

Come The Spring is currently working with Engineer Records for their release of Echoes and their single, video and CD for the U.K although has gained massive interest from Far East and USA labels to take their music global. Thanks to the help of Ian Sadler, who Come The Spring have described to have a “very good ear and knows where the band are coming from,” the band are happy with Echoes and are excited for the release tomorrow.

Echoes will be available for both digital downloads and physical copies.

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BLANKET sign with Music For Nations (Sony)

Blackpool based quartet, blanket have announced their signing with Music For Nations, parented by Sony Entertainment. The label also works with names such as Andrew WK and Astroid Boys, establishing itself as a leader within the rock and metal world. Previously having their music described as “hugely atmospheric” and “bold, ambient, textural soundscapes” by Punktastic and The Independent, blanket continue to broaden their audiences reaching platforms such as BBCR1 Rock Show, PROG and Total Guitar. Commenting on the recent signing, blanket said: “To sign to a label as important and influential as Music For Nations seemed like an unobtainable dream for us. This is something that we’ve all wanted since we started playing music. The team at the label completely share our vision and aspirations of what we want this band to be. We’re putting our all into this and we’re excited to show our work to the world.”

The band are on tour throughout April with instrumental band Coldbones:


9th February – Bootleg Social, Blackpool – UK
12th February – Le Coin Aux Etoiles, Mons – BE
13th February – District Six, Dusseldorf – GER
14th February – Venue TBC, Poznan – PL
15th February – Klub CH25, Warsaw – PL
16th February – Klub Piekny Pies, Krakow – PL
17th February – Rock Station, Morlanwelz – BE

Fully establishing themselves in 2016 and self-releasing Our Brief Encounters in 2017, blanket are a cinematic ambience sort of experience. With members with extensive experience within the industry, the members of blanket have been on massively diverse stages shared with Youmeatsix, The Story So Far and Every Time I Die.

Our Brief Encounters can be purchased here or streamed on Spotify.

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