Ever looked for a band that combines a nostalgic taste of alternative rock with the modern sounds of today’s hybrid genre? A sound so carefully crafted that it not only includes a balanced distortion on their riffs, but clean melodies and even a little tease of guitar solos that hasn’t really come up a lot in modern music. Brought to you from Conwy, North Wales, MAINES is built up of four members that create the memorable sounds found in their latest EP, Spring.

Made up of six songs, Spring leaves no area untouched. The EP shows various talents in areas of songwriting, such as the intro to Malkovich, the guitar work in Spider Skull, and the chorus in The Battle of Ventral Pallidum for an example. The EP’s tone shifts through the motions, displaying the musical range that MAINES has.

‘You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming’.

For fans of a plethora of genres, Spring has a lot to offer, with something that will stand out to most listeners. If there’s one thing to say, is that bring the first EP I have listened to from MAINES, it brings an excitement of anticipation for future endeavours, and a need to find out how the band plays live – from the sound, I can guess it’s a spectacle.

Spring is available to stream and purchase from BandCamp for £5.

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FALL FLAVORED ‘180’ Review

fallflavouredHailing from Lile in France, Fall Flavored are a mixture of some of the biggest influences in the punk rock industry, exploring each element that really brought the genre to light, offering a fresh modern twist on their music in an ingenious display of their musical talents.

‘Epic & Colegram’ comes with a mass of power behind the volume guitars and a thunder of rhythmic drumming that really binds the track together. The melodic value of the track is something special, promoting movement and giving the song that infectious nature – although Fall Flavored displays their talents in a variety of areas, with hints of heavy breakdowns and a weighty bassline that takes melodic into fist pumping. With fluctuating vocal ranges, the song moves fluently through nuanced tempo, and as it moves into ‘Mountain Of Rage’, Fall Flavored are more than just a one-trick pony. Demonstrating their influences through their instrumental usages, Mountain Of Rage really shows a correlation to progressive rock band Billy Talent, taking on more of a modern twang although really pushing the short and choppy breaks. One thing to note about Fall Flavoured is their ability to move the tracks in diverse directions.

With this album, we didn’t want to put frontiers or barriers to our compositions. We wanted to explore multiple registers of music at the same time, but without denying our punk rock legacy

‘Nonsense’ takes the punch into atmospheric, lead solely by the use of harmonic guitar work, showing keen control over the frets. Much like the previous, ‘Character in a Role Play’ is another boundary-pushing track, combining elements that can be seen in various genres. Being a sort of ‘ultimate-track’ of sorts, the style of Billy Talent is almost mixed with a Cradle Of Filth-esque style as it takes on a darker, eerie tone underneath the distinct feminine vocals. Fall Flavored have definitely grounded themselves solidly in the industry with such a distinguished sound currently unique and untouched within the scene.

The mismatched sound of ‘Runaway’ is charming with climbing power-chords, taking on a party-style sound of contrasting voices bouncing off each other. Heavily dependant on the bass keeping the track in rhythm, it takes 108 in a completely different direction and adhering to almost a different nature. This style runs through into the next track, with quick movement promoting muted chords. ‘Sleep’ is far different than what the title might suggest unless you’re an insomniac, with short bursts of energy instrumentally in sync throughout. ‘Can’t Be Beaten’ returns the band to their full state of punk rock with heavy hitting drums, although this time the vocal range takes the spotlight as the frequency fluctuates throughout, contrasting each verse. 180 is an album to be enjoyed throughout, with no one track similar to the last, spinning an unpredictable edge. ‘Stuck In Life’ emphasises their melodic sound with instruments fully complementing each other, while ‘Courtesy Of Boris’ displays their diversity with quick, pugnacious drumming really throwing out that attitude of the band. Final song, ‘Jump’ is their last display of talent, combining each element that’s played well for them. It’s the most infectious of the album, really sticking in the mind and standing out as one of their best – although each track from 180 really has it’s own appeal.

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LIGHTEN UP LAURA Are Working On New Music

Southampton based four-piece Lighten Up Laura gained all-round positive feedback for their 2017 release Acting Your Age. The EP brought the band to life, with gripping and infectious tracks driven with talent and passion. Since then, Lighten Up Laura have been on an upward journey, releasing ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ and ‘Missed The Boat’ as official music videos, putting on shows and ultimately enjoying the Acting Your Age era. Although, the band has posted about working on new material. In a recent Instagram post, Lighten Up Laura say “we’re writing new bangers for you lovely people.”

Made up of students studying music production at University, Lighten Up Laura have massive talent that has been proved in their already established sound that Acting Your Age displayed. With each musician having stand-out performances on their previous EP, it’s an exciting time to be following this up and coming band that keep on growing. Dubbing themselves as ‘unnecessarily loud and fast-paced,’ Lighten Up Laura are successful in delivering their end of the bargain. If you missed the alternative rock bands previous EP, it’s available on Spotify here, and it’s definitely worth listening to. While brief, the portfolio of music that the band currently have is impressive and taking to sounds such as Incubus, Foo Fighters and Placebo.

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RAYNE ‘Complex By Design’ REVIEW


Alternative rock band, RAYNE released their seven-track album early December that’s pushing the alternative boundary to its limits. The three piece from Sunderland have an exceptional flare for creativity, proved throughout the entirety of Complex By Design. The album is an experience for your musical preferences, bringing new and unique touches to the norm and overall bringing a fresh sound to the scene. Comples By Design is produced spectacularly with crisp and fluent audio showcasing each of the instrumental elements that makes RAYNE’s album a contender in the line-up for rising bands from the UK.

The opening track, ‘Subject A’ has a very authentic feel, and is a brilliant introduction to the adventure RAYNE is about to take their listener on. With the drums and guitar introducing a vintage style piano sound, RAYNE brings you instant hits by indulging in a very vintage style of play appealing to not only the new-generation of kids exploring their interests, but giving those late 80’s and 90’s fans something to enjoy. It’s a very shooting star sort of track, but the surreality of RAYNE doesn’t end there – in fact, the tracks following offer variations of musical exploration. ‘Dolorous’ gives a very anthem-like chorus, whereas ‘Love Live Learn’ is one of RAYNE’s slower pieces, with a very uplifting undertone. ‘The Great Burden’ is a prime example of the ingenuity of RAYNE. Heavier in tone, it’s a track that captures emotion within seconds and as the chorus rolls in and the instruments change their notes and tones, ‘The Great Burden’ becomes a somewhat motivational and combative. The album is compiled of tracks matching emotions, making Complex By Design a refreshing listen for every occasion.

With only three members, it’s astonishing to believe that everything heard on this album is the mixture of talent they all have to bring forward into their music. The creativity and hard work that the men behind RAYNE have put into their latest release is an exciting entry into this new and upcoming band. The limits are endless, and RAYNE is more than willing to push forward with their imaginations, giving us an exciting, fresh and genuine taste of what’s achievable if we work hard at it.

You can listen to ‘Complex By Design’ over on Spotify or SoundCloud. Follow them on Facebook for updates.


Cardiff girl and big adventures

I’ve always wanted to travel. It’s been a massive want since my independence. I’ve stared at images of foreign countries and their nature for years and dreamed of the day I would be seeing them with my own eyes. But I never really traveled my own country much either, so even when I’d so desperately want to get on a plane and head to wherever it would take me, it was daunting knowing I wouldn’t even know my way around Wales, let alone a foreign country.

Last year changed that. And music was the biggest reason for it. My first adventure started with Slam Dunk Midlands, and I traveled with friends a lot more confident than myself. So whilst I was nervous of getting lost in a place that seemed so far away from home, my nerves were put at ease knowing that the people around me could probably get us out of any sticky situations. It was an adventure in itself – getting to Birmingham, finding the venue, going around all the stages, thinking we could last the night at the afterparty and ultimately wandering the streets until our early morning bus. Practically falling asleep in McDonalds whilst getting stared out by old women was my lowest point, but nevertheless, it felt amazing that I was able to do that. I got to meet The King Blues frontman, Itch, too. It was the most surreal experience ever – I actually got to meet a hero of mine.

Then, not even a week later, I traveled to Germany for the Rock AM Ring festival. It was insane. Not only did I fly over, but I caught a bus and hoped for the best. Sure, I had people with me, but still. No one spoke a word of English, so we had to rely on trust. From Frankfurt airport and onto a random, completely desolate bus at 1a.m. we finally arrived in Koblenz, where the plan was to get a train. Obviously, after spending however long on the bus, (I was in and out of sleep,) trains were no longer running. So, into a taxi we went and just hoped he knew where we were meant to be going. We weren’t allowed to actually drive into the campsite so we needed to get out on the road and walk the rest of the way. So backpacks hoisted onto our shoulders, we made our descent in the pitch black. It was such a wonderful, nerve-wracking experience that it brought my love for adventures out even more.

This year, I get to indulge in my love for music and adventure even more. Starting with next week, actually. I’ll be seeing my teenage anthems played live by Taking Back Sunday in Manchester with Frank Iero and the Celebration as support. Then, in April, I’ll be once again heading to Bristol to see Real Friends, a band that has recently pulled on my heart strings. A few smaller gigs in between, such as tribute bands Green Haze, The Offspin and Paramore (or less) around Cardiff and then I’ll be heading to Austria for Nova Rock 2017.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever been vocal about my love for pop punk and metal on this blog before. But I’ll be seeing Green Day, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Rancid, Slayer, Good Charlotte, Pendulum and so so much more. The best part of it? Blink 182 are headlining. Blink one-eight-two. A band that’s been my favourite since I started getting listening and exploring my own musical tastes. A bonus is, a month later, they’ll be playing in Cardiff, where in the comfort of my own hometown, I can confidently be an emotional wreck and go mental to Feeling This live.

Side note, and a little soppy: none of this would be possible without my best friend and soul mate. A man that’s made all my dreams come true and makes my future far brighter than I thought it could be. (He gets up before the tickets go on sale while I’m busy snoozin’,) but with him and the friends that have previously adventured with me, I wouldn’t have this confidence and motivation to leave my comfort zone. I thank you all greatly!

With all these upcoming adventures and concerts I’ll be attending, I’ll be trying to keep this blog up-to-date with reviews, experiences and just all the good times I can possibly gather into one gallery. I hope you’ll share in these adventures with me~