“You were high definition, now you’re barely 720!”

Nothing beats a title than referencing McBusted.

If you’ve listened to the mighty McBusted’s album, you will know the song “Before you knew me.” If not, you can click here and listen to it yourself, you might even like it! It’s catchy and it’s sort of relatable to those in a long-term relationship. Why? Because people do change when they get themselves into a relationship and spend so much time in the company of others. Don’t get me wrong, they will still be themselves as an individual, but they will mold into someone new. As a person in a long-term relationship, I can confirm that myself and my loving boyfriend have changed and become new people that have more in common than we initially did. It’s not a bad thing unless there’s some serious changes that turns you into some complete psychopath who’s the female version of your boyfriend, but it’s more likely a good thing, allowing both parties of the relationship to connect on different levels whilst doing the things they love and communicating in some kind of secret code.

Think of it this way, you start talking to a new person. They know nothing about you, and you don’t know anything about them. They’re a blank canvas in your world as you are to them, but the more you talk the more you get to know what they like, what they dislike, they’re favourite music and films and their personality in general. You’re canvas begins filling up and up and up by the day. You start to hang out with them, you spend time in their company doing things they love and you think to yourself “Hey, this is quite fun actually!” and now you’re enjoying the same things that they do and vise versa. Time goes on and you may put more time into this specific activity, and then it becomes a personal enjoyment that you can do when you’re not around your love interest. You start to talk about it, research it, take part in it. You’re expanding and the paint on your canvas intertwines with theirs. It’s natural and it happens.

It doesn’t stop there. I’ve previously stated the way little things can make an impression on other people too, such as words. Personally, I never used to swear unless highly intoxicated and really, really annoyed. Even then, it was in the company of those who would not judge me for it, but now, I’m like a walking profanity. I even enjoy Super Smash Bros Wii U and I’ve gone as far as raging each time Bowser Jr. jumps out of his exploding cart and catches me out, resulting in the imminent final smash on poor little Pikachu.

People think of change as a bad thing, especially in a relationship when in reality it’s nothing more than a person expanding and growing. There will come some times when arguments will arise, but that happens in all relationships whether there’s nothing in common or a lot. People piss people off, that’s life. There may also be a situation in which you watch a person become someone you hardly know, and that’s the change that can affect things because it’s like thinking you picked the best kind of apple and finding out it’s a parsnip. But that’s where people tend to place blame on someone for changing so much when in reality it’s not something you can just stop. Change will happen, and there should be no blame placed on the other for changing. They’ve just grown into something new, and that would inevitably happen whether it was in the next week or the next five years.

Relationships are ever-changing, and that’s what people need to understand and respect. No-one will ever stay as that lovely and sweet girl you met, or that charming and romantic man that you first met, because once you break the barrier into getting to know them and they know you, they become comfortable in letting you see other sides of them – the good and the bad sides that include endless laughter, crying into your blanket at 3a.m. and stuffing your face full of chocolate and having brown teeth. They see every side there is, and a person in a long-term relationship should definitely have an understanding about this, and be accepting of these different aspects.


“Sing me to sleep, I’m tired and I want to go to bed.”

I’ve come to accept that no matter how much sleep I get, nor how late my classes start, I am ALWAYS going to be tired for university… And im only in my first year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy university. Its a great experience and I’ve met so many great people and learned interesting things, but since my school days, I seem to have gotten dramatically worse in the morning. I’m not lying when I say that when my mother would wake me up in the morning for school, she would avoid me like I was some sort of plague. I would grunt, scowl and bite her head off for simply asking how many sugars I’d want in my tea. I’ve got to give it to my mam, she’s put up with me for so many years with just few of ten mental breakdowns. I bought her one of those JML Magic Mats for her birthday, just to show my appreciation for the woman.

Anyway, now that my mam doesn’t wake me up in the mornings, I either rely on my alarm (that I – pretty much always – press the dismiss button instead of the snooze. Accidently, I swear!) or my sweet boyfriend to wake me up in the morning. Poor guy. I cant help but feel sorry on him; he says nice things, calls me beautiful and spends the majority of his time in my company. I know he questions his sanity when he looks over at his University girlfriend in the morning, with approximately a pint of dribble covering my face and pillow, my hair looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and sounding like I’m a grumble of pugs laying on their backs. (if you don’t know what that sounds like, imagine a group of wookies having an intense argument.)

I always say to myself “hey, tonight im going to get an early night and wake up feeling refreshed!” but that never actually works, and its about time I start to accept my fate of being tired for the rest of my life. I have too many games to play; too many pokemon to catch, too many versions of Zeldas lullaby to play on the ocarina and too many potions to consume to regain HP. How can I get any sleep with the fate of Hyrule in my hands? I have to stop Team Rocket! I need to stop Ganon!

Sigh, I think its about time I make people sign a disclaimer before they willingly spend a night with me, knowing I wake up as if I was Darth Vadar after a night of too much tequila.


“The killer in me is the killer in you.”

A simple Smashing Pumpkins lyric to start the post! It’s probably going to become habit to do something like that, I mean, it’s nothing special but it saves trying to come up with something gripping and original. Especially at 1a.m. when all I’m dying is for some sleep to cure this ungodly hangover!

Not to say too much about the lyric, it’s just something that I’ve found kind of relevant in day to day life. Everyone claims to be original, yet there’s things that they’ll see or hear and they’ll start to pick up on it and use it in their lives. I’m not claiming that everyone’s a copy, because they’re not taking an entire personality and molding themselves around their hero or someone they idealize and obsess over, and it’s quite cute just to notice that these things happen. Granted, sometimes it’s a little creepy. I’ll give you two examples, one that’s creepy and one that’s “aw, that’s actually pretty cute,” kind of things. Let’s start with the creepy…

So, a few months back I had just started talking to my now-boyfriend. I mean, I didn’t know we were going to start dating, so it was a kind of like “you’re real cute and I like your face, hey,” kind of thing. We spoke a lot, and about absolutely everything and I kind of got to know him (through the internet, of course) and he got to know me. It wasn’t until a few weeks into it, I pretty much came across a girl that was the exact replica of his personality. It was terrifying, she spoke like him, she abbreviated the same words as him and it was just borderline obsessive. Not to sound all big headed and stuff, but I was the one who won him over by not being him, so I think it worked out a lot better for me in the end. I just found it real creepy, I mean, really? Do you think being that similar is going to score you man-points, girl? Probably not. There’s a difference between common interests and molding yourself into something completely different. Be yourself, you won’t need to hold up an act in the long run if you do get somewhere.

There are cute similarities though, where people kind of pick something up and without realising, uses it. It could just be words that someone likes the sound of and takes it away and uses it elsewhere, or that the word is drummed into their head so much by one person it genuinely finds it’s way into their vocabulary. Being Welsh, I have a lot of different words for different things. Here’s an example: “dwt.” You’ve kind of got to pout your mouth and make the oot noise in the middle, but that means small. So if I’m talking about a small dog, I’ll be like “he’s dwt” or something. I’m not sure, I’m terrible with examples. Back to the whole point of this text, anyway! I find it adorable when someone just picks up on something as little as a word like that, and they don’t realise they do it but it happens. I’ve noticed a lot of people doing it, and I have been noticing it for a few years. I speak to a lot of people online and over the internet, frequently skyping or even my friends here in real life who aren’t really down with the lingo will just start saying these words after I’ve said them so many times.

It’s fair to say that everything comes from somewhere, and well done to you if you were the creator of something that has found it’s way into the mainstream! Unless it’s “fetch…” 

I could expand on this for hours, and not only concentrate on the language side of it. It just proves that similarities are something that can be there to begin with, and can develop over time. It’s super cliche to end posts with “hey, be yourself!” but it honestly is the best way of doing things. If you act differently, you’re only lying to yourself and everyone, and the act you have to keep up to continue impressing whoever it is you’re trying to, is only going to fall short and you’ll get caught out one day. It won’t even be a thing of “hey, you’re not who you said you were,” it’ll be something more like you said you liked something, they kind of reference it and you just don’t have the slightest of clue what they’re on about.