Pwer Festival release first lineup – Junior, Outta Peak!, False Advertising & more.

Pwer Festival has released their first announcement of bands set to take the stage at the festival in May of 2018. Taking place in Cardiff’s Gwdihw Bar, Pwer Festival has a huge lineup of bands that will not disappoint. With names such as Junior, Outta Peak! and False Advertising, the festival has already sold a majority of their early tickets that you can buy here.

It’s already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated events of 2018 to hit the streets of Cardiff. With more bands to be announced over the coming months, Gwdihw is going to see a massive amount of people walking through their doors to enjoy this. There’s a huge variety of bands including Cassels, These Five Years, Penny Rich and Sienna that are storming the pop punk and rock scene with relentless energy with lively shows across South Wales and England. It’s an exciting time for the Cardiff scene – and an even better one for gig-goers and music lovers to really thrive on the exploration of local bands.

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Pwer Festival, Cardiff 2018

PwerFESTPwer Festival is a brand new festival set to take place on the 6th of May, 2018, and with a name translated into English as Power, there’s a good chance you’re not going to want to miss this.

Started by two Cardiff based students with a variety of musical experience such as Beers Over Tears, Young Promoters Network and even DJ’ing the most chaotic Wednesday nightclub, Metros. The festival is decidedly taking place at the Gwdihw Cafe Bar. Known for their brightly coloured walls, they’re prominently known for their wide and diverse range of alternative, funk, hip hop and jazz, Gwdihw will be the host for a festival designed to give the youth a voice through music.

Pwer Festival is an exciting event offering student discount and with line-up confirmations coming later this year, it’s a chance to have a good time socialising and discovering music along with like-minded, creative individuals.

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“Giving a voice to the youth through music.”