Black Tree Vultures – Debut E.P Review

written by Owen Jeffreys


The Black Tree Vultures who began their journey in 2017 is debuting their first E.P Sanity Isn’t Perfect next month, although after gigging around their local and surrounding area, The Black Tree Vultures has been accumulating excitement ever since. The metal genre really strikes out with the opening notes on the first song ‘Overrule Me’. The guitars feature a heavy distorted crunchy effect, with a slight electronic feel to it whilst the reverb effect really stands out in the opening. The vocals featured on Sanity Isn’t Perfect are well suited to the music, offering hints of Metallica and Pearl Jam through the use of instruments combined. ‘Overrule Me’ has great diversity with breakdowns, guitar solos, and intense build up points. It’s one of the most stand out song that the EP has on offer showing that correlation and cohesion are needed to make a song flow. The main appeal that really keeps jumping out is the use of Celyn Beynon’s vocals, showcasing talent and massive diversity using his voice to change the pitch and so well done, it could be considered perfection.

‘Holy Vultures Daydream’ kicks in with what sounds like a live performance which then kicks into a nice clean catchy guitar riff. The transitions in the song flow fluently, emphasising the drum fill in the song. ‘Doom Of Malakai’ shows similarities by jumping in with a few guitar slides although takes a moderately slow tempo, although really emphasises the depth that bassist Coner Stace adds to the track. After an instrumental minute of head bopping, the lyrics come in that brings a sense of influences to life. Being a band influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath, their sound has managed to combine an element from all, bringing the world a modern twist on the old-skool. Yet again the singing technique of the lyrics are not boring or repetitive, they are given uniqueness and are short and snappy just before the chorus. The song increases in tempo and the ear-catching guitar melody is complemented by a fast-paced drum beat by Jonno Smyth. The songs tempo transition is done superbly and the “Doom Of Malakai” is a great record on the E.P.BTV1

On the song ‘My Filthy Redhead’, the guitar solos really prove the skill of lead guitarist, Aaron Hammersley. The harmonic squeals are brilliant and the instruments really come together at certain points, proving that Black Tree Vultures know what they’re doing. ‘Thanks For The Memories’ hits out with a neat build-up, introducing the noticeable, combative drum beat. Contending for the most stand out song that Sanity Isn’t Perfect has to offer, it has a great chorus and a lot of originality to the song. While Black Tree Vultures have proven how their musical influences have come alive in their work, the band are quite clear in showing the direction in which they want to take and how they plan on doing so. ‘Thanks For The Memories’ is a song that is constantly changing little things subtly, keeping it fresh throughout. A perfect example is the guitar picking that changes into strong chords, and then a riff during the chorus.

The E.P is very well produced, and the talent of the band means they are capable of going as far as they want. Showing off their talents on each of the instruments, and each member having to stand out moments throughout, Black Tree Vultures have proved their hard-work and construction have paid off, making them one of the most stand-out metal bands in the UK.

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REVIEW: A Kind Of Superhero ‘On My Own’ [Releasing Soon]


Italy is handing out its contribution to the pop punk scene in handfuls, and their most recent deliverance is a band of various backgrounds, who’s music is about to hit the scene with a bang. A Kind Of Superhero is a five piece with influences ranging from the likes of Blink 182, Ramones, Rise Against and Zebrahead. There’s a huge variance of genres, but A Kind Of Superhero have one aim in mind, and that’s to represent the 90’s rock scene – and they’re doing a bloody good job. Musically connected with dedication and passion in their work, A Kind Of Superhero are about to drop their best track to date, and luckily for me, I’ve been given the chance to have an early listen.

Now, before we start talking about their forthcoming track, ‘Out Of Time,’ we should bear in mind the material that the band has put out before. Concentrating mostly on their performances and audience experience, A Kind Of Superhero have mastered the arts of that solid punk rock sound, antiqued with the quality and liveliness of their instrumental talents. There’s a lot of appealing elements to the bands previous releases that does make their music enjoyable, wonderfully vintage and heavily influenced by their idols. Putting out the playful sounds of instrumental chemistry, A Kind Of Superhero has been the centre of huge applaud in the past for the creation of ‘Out Of Here,’ so you can see why we’re excited about the release of ‘On My Own.’

In the time since their previous release, A Kind Of Superhero has had the opportunity to hone in on that talent and explore the skills, ultimately taking their creation of music to the next level. Their short experience in the scene has given them time to really thrive in their music, with space to explore different concepts and areas, but one thing A Kind Of Superhero won’t give up on, is their passion for their chosen genre. ‘Out Of Time’ is the musical equivalent to the band advancing their talents, remembering that they want to engage with their audiences not only through headphones, but through live performances. Giving them the edge that most bands lack – they’re a band that sounds just as good live, but giving you a better experience.

‘On My Own’ is a brilliant introduction to the band if you’ve never listened to them before. Delivering a hit of drums after a brief introduction with a distorted guitar line and soft vocals, it doesn’t take much for A Kind Of Superhero to present what they’re best known for, and that’s the atmospheric sound of old school punk rock derived from the influences of major bands during the 90’s. Being a modern band, A Kind Of Superhero has truly channelled their energy in the right places, through the medium of their predecessors hail across the industry in the early years. For fans of the old, 90’s coming of age groups such as Sum 41, you’ll be shocked and perhaps surprised that A Kind Of Superhero are the love child of Insomniac and Nevermind, it’s younger half-brother being All Killer No Filler. It’s a mash-up of DNA, and ‘On My Own’ enhances the impact of their influences, offering a fresh perspective of just how powerful the 90’s were on today’s generation.

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FTTTF3Northern English alternative band, Feed Them To The Forest have gained high praise since formation and initial release, and for good reason, too. The five-piece band have worked alongside names such as Mike Spink and Robin Schmidt – who’s seen the likes of Gaslight Anthem, Placebo and Mumford & Sons – to mix and master their digitally available tracks ‘Black Canary’ and ‘Six Seasons and a Movie.’ But now, in the coming weeks, Feed Them To The Forest are about to drop something more than just a little bit special – and it’s got some great vibes.

‘Black Canary,’ for those who haven’t heard, is an immediate introduction to the sound of FTTTF, and their headed direction in which they’ve already started to show proficiency for. It’s got huge vocal ranges, and a guitar complimenting every note on offer. It’s a song that really shows their energy as a band, much like their second song ‘Six Seasons and a Movie.’ The creativity and originality that oozes from their instruments for these songs are extraordinary. FTTTF have caught onto something largely unheard, bringing a refreshing sense of ingenuinity to the scene. And with the release of physical CD copy, ‘Double A Side,’ the two bonus tracks included show that they’re more than able and willing to continue exploring that creativity. Live session, ‘The Kids Need New Shoes’ is relatively melancholic, with the overall sound capturing genuine emotion that can make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up. In addition, the talent possessed by the leading guitar is powerful, holding the ability to speak as loud as the vocals. Behind both components, the cadenced drums and subtlety of the bass adds the depth. Overall, it’s a song driven by feeling, giving histrionics to the music in a very sincere way.

Stated on their official facebook page, FTTTF have advertised themselves under the genre’s of punk / emo and alternative, and bonus track ‘The Kids Need New Shoes’ is a real contender as to the best song to display each of the genre’s influences, proving that their modern take on these genre’s can really make it within the scene. The second bonus track – an acoustic version on their beautifully energetic ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ – is more than just an acoustic. It’s a demonstration that their musical talents go far beyond the works of various instruments, but the display of euphonious vocals shows that they can master any kind of project in front of them with passion. For previous fans that has heard the material released for ‘Black Canary’ and ‘Six Seasons and a Movie,’ upcoming release of ‘Double A Side’ is a real treat that shows another side of FTTTF; it’s a remarkable collection of worked songs.

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