With festival season nearing and more announcements made, it’s looking like this year is going to be super expensive for those with such a diverse taste in music. Reading has announced their exclusives including Royal Blood, Slam Dunk has announced bands such as Wage War, Hellogoobye and Plain White T’s and Download has added Behemoth, Jinjer and Halestorm to their already, one-hell-of-a-lineup. So far, none of our predictions have come true – but that’s the fun right? We’re still praying for a Senses Fail announcement to play alongside Silverstein at Slam Dunk and a Ghost announcement for Download. With Rolo Tomassi being announced for 2000 Tree’s, there’s still a bunch of time for some of our predictions to come true. (Please, let it be The Blackout or Kids In Glass Houses reunion, we will do anything!) So, without any further a due, here’s our next wave of predictions to go with the last.

So first up, we think InFlames could potentially make a return to festival line-up’s this year. Already doing a brief UK tour this April, and with I, The Mask due for release in March, it’s practically perfect timing for InFlames to get up on stage. Leaving a few months between their album release and festival season, it has time to settle and for fans to rekindle their love (not that it was ever forgotten) for the Swedish metal band. We’d love to see them at Download, but they could even make an appearance at Slam Dunk or 2000 Tree’s.

With All Time Low headlining Slam Dunk this year, frontman Alex Gaskarth has recently teamed up with Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus to create the perky Simple Creatures. While we know that Blink 182 are working on a multitude of things right now, like including blast beats and going in wild directions in their recent projects, we also know that Mark Hoppus is a man of plenty. It may not be an official announcement, and perhaps even be a complete secret, but could we see a Simple Creatures show at the Slam Dunk headline event? We can hope so!

It’s no surprise, or secret really, that Thy Art Is Murder has seen their fair share of problems throughout their career, and with the release of Dear Desolation in 2017, the band had turned a corner with a much more positive attitude and chemistry to continue creating their music. Last November, Thy Art Is Murder released their latest addition to their discography, ‘Death Perception’ that has brought them back into the light since the band formed in 2006 and expanded massively into the underground metalcore scene. With, at their own admittance, more money and crew to organise for smoother sailing, we could be seeing their names popping up in upcoming announcements. Bloodstock, or maybe even Download?

Mallory Knox has been a band to see since their release of Signals in 2013, with first-track ‘Beggars’ being the centre of attention and still one of their best tracks yet. ‘Better Off Without You’ has since landed them in a solid position, and their latest single, ‘Black Holes’ just proves that their momentum is at an all-time high. We’re feeling a return to Slam Dunk!

Most of this has so far been about who we think will be at festivals down to upcoming releases or recently released material, and we get it. Most bands will be on the bill with new stuff to promote – and while we have a hunch that Download could be leaving German legends Rammstein til last (or at least we hope so) or Slam Dunk will get on the Frank Iero and The Future Violents train there’s a few bands that we think could be on the bill that hasn’t really had much going on recently. But that’s a conversation for a different time, so for now, let us know what you think and who your predictions are for the final few announcements!


Festival Season Predictions – Part One

This festival season is shaping up to be a good one, with both Slam Dunk and Download already releasing a HUGE line-up that’s made us so excited and wondering how the hell we’re going to get through a few months of living on peanuts. With the first announcements out of the way, people are going nuts for predictions and hoping that their favourite bands will somewhere fit on the bill. So, jumping on the hype, we’re about to put together a few predictions that could come true or be so far-fetched that we’ll be laughed at. SO, bearing in mind what we have already and what the next few months will bring, we’ve cultivated a few bands that we’re sure we’ll see somewhere on a festival line-up.

tumblr_inline_p2ekx2f0vs1sitizh_540Last time Senses Fail graced the UK with their presence was 2013 which took them on stage at Slam Dunk festival along with All Time LowPierce The Veil and Four Year Strong. With All Time Low returning this year, it’s a shout that Senses Fail would be too, especially with their recent release of If There Is A Light earlier this year. Not only would it be great to see them back in the UK, but alongside some nostalgic bands such as Silverstein and Gallows it’s a chance for most of us 20-something’s to take it back a few years to our primal days and party with the bands that helped develop our musical tastes into what they are today. They also toured the USA earlier this year throughout February and March, so it’s only fair we get our turn! Our fingers are crossed, and you bet we’d love to hear ‘Lady In The Blue Dress’ live again.


Stand Atlantic has been on the rise since ‘Chemicals’ took over the internet over six months ago, launching them into stardom and one of the best rising pop punk acts of 2018. With their new album, Skinny Dipping dropping, Stand Atlantic are a band with high possibility to be featured on the Slam Dunk bill this year to fully promote their music. The trio did make it on stage last year, but there’s nothing in the rule book to say bands can’t come for a second… I mean, should we talk about how many years Zebrahead has been on the Fireball stage? We should even say that we’re predicting them too, but that’s a given considering their notoriety at the day festival. While we’re on the discussion of new albums bringing bands to the Slam Dunk line-up, we should talk about The Story So Far with their recent Proper 


Dose. They’ve been a favourite for awhile now, racking up quite the fan base of loyal listeners supporting them through their journeys. Forming in 2007, The Story So Far has four studio albums, with their 2015 release of the self-titled album really pushing the boundaries and putting them in line with the bands that have really overtaken the scene in a flurry of aggressive vocals and heavy power chords. Proper Dose was a highly anticipated release, causing a frenzy of downloads and streams across the entire world after three years of waiting to hear the next installment. The Story So Far is currently on tour for select days ending November 14th, and with Slam Dunk falling in May of 2019, we could even see a UK tour following, or a Download appearance.

So, this one is almost a given, but if not, it will be surprising. Architects have been announced for Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring taking place June 2019 – which means we can practically expect them to be at Download next year. Not to mention that there is a UK tour going on prior to festival season, and their most recent drop of Holy Hell will likely be hyped the entire time, using the abundance of festivals that will likely be trying

architects_630_q6vnjyl-630x0_q90 to book them to promote their most recent album. Architects featured on a few of the bills last year, including Nova Rock, but this year could bring them to the UK festival scene. We’ve got some pretty big hopes for our Download predictions, including Swedish metal band, Ghost. The band has been announced for Australia’s Download festival along with Judas Priest and Ozzy, but could we be seeing these bands in the UK? Again, we’re going off of most recent releases, but Prequelle dropped just prior to festival season last year on June 1st, making it a close call to really expect a full crowd to know what’s going on, so with a year in between their release, we could be potentially seeing them with an incredible following that has been garnering over the past few months. ghost-interview-2

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