LAKE SYCAMORE release LOATHE ahead of Swansea and Cardiff shows

Cardiff based pop punk outfit, Lake Sycamore has released their latest addition to their discography, ‘Loathe’ that’s currently available on YouTube and soon to be across various streaming platforms. Since their appearance in London’s The Slaughtered Lamb, Lake Sycamore has been building anticipation for upcoming material, with the band releasing an update earlier this year displaying plans for an upcoming album alongside a 30 second teaser for ‘Loathe,” that was due for release in June. Thankfully for us, Lake Sycamore put that long wait to one side and has released the track for early listening prior to forthcoming gigs in Swansea’s The Bunkhouse and Cardiff’s Fuel Rock Club.

Featuring a melodic structure in tone, ‘Loathe’ sees Lake Sycamore contouring a canorous rhythm of guitar around a cadenced percussion, impressively tying together in a complemented ricochet. The distortion of instruments adorns the raucous vocals and magnifies the lyrical intensity, sealed together in a buoyant demonstration of apparatus. ‘Loathe’ conceives an impression of nostalgia, ostensible of influences such as TSSF and Four Year Strong, weaving through a plethora of individual seductions to manipulate the collective of the current pop punk.

To hear more of Lake Sycamore, you can find their uploaded material via Apple Music or Spotify.

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LAKE SYCAMORE drops MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE and WOES support tomorrow @ Clwb, Cardiff

Last week, Cardiff based pop punk band released their latest single and music video for ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ taken from their upcoming EP Stepping Stones. Entering the scene only recently, the pop punk outfit has already sought a surge of success, hitting audiences around the globe and jumping on the bill for their first show with WSTR. With a growing fan base and riding on momentum and creativity, ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ brings Lake Sycamore in to the spotlight for their work.

Taking heavy influence from artists such as The Story So Far, WSTR, State Champs and Four Year Strong, ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is a combination of their influences that have brought the band together. With a music video to match, Lake Sycamore shows off their energy for the music in crisp production.

You can catch Lake Sycamore supporting Woes tomorrow along with Clarity at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff’s Womanby St for £7. Tickets available here.

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LAKE SYCAMORE release first track ‘Over And Over’

Perky pop-punk band Lake Sycamore from Cardiff released their first track ‘Over and Over’ on Saturday that’s already being massively welcomed into the pop-pop scene. The five-piece has been hard at work over recent months producing the track at Unit 13 Studios and is taken from their upcoming album Stepping Stones which is anticipated for later this year. ‘Over and Over’ is of high-energy, with massive influence from renowned bands such as Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and WSTR. Being the bands’ first track, it’s a brilliant starting place with crisp production, the chemistry between musicians and clear distinction in the bands’ direction. Lake Sycamore has not gone lightly with their first track, ensuring their establishment in the industry.

Being the first real introductory look we have of the band, Lake Sycamore has defined their place in not only the Cardiff scene, but stretching across the world where people are enjoying their current three-and-a-half minute portfolio. Filled with melodic guitar riffs, combative drums and a bassline that ties it all together, ‘Over and Over’ is anthemic in tone and poisonous in nature – it’s deadly catchy. Containing the thriving pop-punk attitude of angst and depth, Lake Sycamore has filled the balance fans have been waiting for. It’s as if Neck Deep’s Life’s Not Out To Get You went out and impregnated The Story So Far’s Under Soil And Dirt, bringing you the Stepping Stones love-child. With all-around positive feedback about the track, Lake Sycamore is riding upon epic momentum, bringing excitement and anticipation for their next release.

The track is available on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes

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