SICKONES release AGILITY with full band w/ new singer Kristie Easterbrook and bassist, George Walker

Since formation in 2016, SickOnes have established solid ground in the UK Punk Scene, touring alongside the likes of The Dead Kennedys and Cancer Bats and garnering positive reviews from outlets such as Dead Press, Down For Life Magazine and BBC Radio stations. The band has brought stages to life with their exciting and unpredictable performances during their career, although at the end of 2018, parted ways with their former frontman, Ben. Since then, SickOnes have introduced their latest singer, Kristie Easterbrook with their previous releases, Candid, The Step and Exit Years last year. With this second phase of production, SickOnes saw the introduction of bassist George Walker, furthering the band in creative development and energising them for their latest release, Agility.

Combative distortion opens Agility like a rumble of thunder. With heavy influence from bands such as Beastie Boys and Cancer Bats, Agility grounds itself in the hardcore punk scene with such a tumultuous attitude. It’s a loud track, hitting harder than your first morning coffee and toys with melodic riffs to tie it together throughout. SickOnes are a powerhouse of sound, a force to be reckoned with within the scene, and Agility is an exciting release at the start of 2020, with a plethora of opportunities at their fingertips.



Since the release of their last EP Count Yourself Lucky, Leeds based pop punk band, This Time Last Year have been busy creating instalments for their discography such as 2018’s ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ and ‘Just Talk,’ and now, coming this Friday is their latest collection of tracks for upcoming EP, Adolescence. Featuring their latest released track, ‘Limbo,’ the EP was recorded and mixed by Oskar Sutton, a producer known for his work with bands such as Asleep At The Helm and Solarshift at the studio in Manchester.

Adolescence sees the progress that This Time Last Year has made since their initial release, creating distinctive elements of melodic riffs atop bouncing bass. Chord changes dictate the fluctuation of emotion, driven by infectious lyrics to emphasise. If there’s one thing This Time Last Year has truly mastered during their time as a band, is the ability to grab attention – and keep it. ‘Better Off Alone’ toys with heavier elements, powerful in tones tied with intensity as we see harmonised chorus’s, pitch changes and a bridge full of behemothic properties. It’s the connection of playful pop punk characteristics weaved with a substantial amount of angst reminiscent of mid 90’s punk rock. Lyrically, the track feels privatised, displaying a sense of vulnerability behind walls, correlating with a combative tone that truly brings an emphasis to the overall authenticity of the song.

‘These Days’ features a variety of talent seen in high-energy instrumentals, displayed with rapid drumming techniques and calculated picking. It’s a track filled with atmosphere, plucking at creative heartstrings as it moves through its structure. Much like the previous, we hear aspects of a heavier nature burst through in a deepened tone and tremendous drums. Throughout ‘These Days,’ each instrument has its fair share of spotlight, building and proving their vitality to the overall track.

This Time Last Year has built a foundation for themselves, with Adolescence offering a more formative established sound. Holding onto pivotal components from Count Yourself Lucky that brought This Time Last Year onto the scene, their progression since 2017 is sizeable with distinct talent for energetic tracks touching upon emotion.

Adolescence is due for release this Friday, the 26th of July and will be available across streaming platforms.

Visit the official website for merch and check out their Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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WOVENLUNG release latest track HOLD MY HEART

Hailing from Northamptonshire, metalcore quartet Wovenlung have shared the stage with the likes of American piece Secrets and Australia’s Sienna Skies with their EP Fractured under their belt and pushing their name out into the scene. Recently undergoing a lineup change, the band welcomed a new vocalist, Phil Walker, ready before their brand new release of the single ‘Hold My Heart.’ The track is available on all platforms, progressing the bands sound into a mastered art. ‘Hold My Heart’ features heavy riffs with weighted bass, giving it a pugnacious attitude driving its combative playing style. Full of energy and melodic fluency, Wovenlung have emphasised their instrumental use to bring on overwhelming explosion of noise. The spotlight truly shines upon drummer Billy Robinson, bestowing a weighted ambience to an already substantially bulked tempo.

‘Hold My Heart’ was released today and is now available on all platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

Keep up to date with Wovenlung via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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