THIS TIME LAST YEAR release new track & video ‘LIMBO’

Leeds quartet, This Time Last Year have released their latest track Limbo, along with a music video.

The track features melodic riffs accompanied by hard hitting drums and a deep bass. Known for their anthemic style of writing, creating infectious music, Limbo delivers in all areas. It encompasses the true nature of This Time Last Year, including their unparalleled style of lyrical writing and calculated instrumentals. Since their release of Just Talk and Maple last year, Limbo emphasizes their established sound and talent, with clear production that even the slight guitar note changes brings their own intensity.

Accompanied with a music video that magnifies the guys’ passion for their music, it brings along an added tug of emotion. Taking place in a living room, switching through scenes of separate instruments, it portrays imagery of time moving as well as the effects of an overactive mind.

Limbo is now available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

This Time Last Year has a select few concert dates upcoming, including Leeds, Cardiff and Sheffield.

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Our Nameless Boy release video for ‘ALL IT IS’ ahead of EP release

Bristol four piece, Our Nameless Boy has released a video for ‘All It Is’ taken from their upcoming album Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again due for release on March 1st.

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer in late 2015, front man and guitarist Iain had been told that the cancer had spread as far as his neck, starting chemotherapy just before Christmas. The video for ‘All It Is’ is powerful imagery taken just two weeks after starting treatment in March 2016 and just prior to receiving another operation. Talking about his experience, Iain explains: “I was scheduled to start my course of chemo in January, but a high blood count meant I had to begin just before Xmas. The NHS team who looked after me were brilliant and my then girlfriend (now wife) shaved her head in solidarity with me and raised a load of money for charity in the process”

“I finished chemo in March 2016 and we began filming the music video for ‘All It Is’ about 2 weeks later, just before I had to go in for another operation.”

‘All It Is’ is part of a bigger project due for release on March 1st. Since forming in 2014, Our Nameless Boy has an impressive sound incorporating that of Manchester Orchestra and At-The-Drive-In. Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again is to be released via Beth Shalom Records and is currently available for preorder both digitally and physically via cassette tapes. Talking about the EP, Iain says: “Most of the EP songs were written right before I was diagnosed and touch on personal past experiences.

The one exception would be ‘Nothing On My Mind’ written in the times I could stand and hold a guitar between chemo cycles. It describes many of the themes you might imagine – denial, battling with aging, isolation and how to be around people you care about’.”

With a select few live shows already planned, Our Nameless Boy is a band to stay on the watch list.

Preorder here.


MAYPINE releases music video for ‘GIVE’ and details upcoming EP Bend/Break

Brighton based pop-punk quintet, MAYPINE has released a music video for the most recent track ‘Give.’

Filmed in St Peter’s Church in Brighton for its architectural features, the cinematography for ‘Give’ highlights energy MAYPINE puts into their music. Vocalist Jase explains “The video follows the EP colour scheme, with red lighting filling a dark space with moments of bright white light at key moments of the song. As a performance video for our first single, it gives people a glimpse of what our live shows are like.”

The track features a heavy emphasis on cadenced drumming, with the tight snare complimenting the deep sound of the bass drum as it moves it’s way around and pushing out the symbols with epic force. MAYPINE have risen to one of the best rising pop-punk bands to come from the UK and for good reason. ‘Give’ shows the talents that the band has as a unit with ferocious, unrelenting sound with layers of depth and intertwining instrumental tracks. The distinctive sound that MAYPINE has conjured brings them further into the spotlight as they edge closer to the release of upcoming EP Bend/Break. ‘Give’ was recently premiered on BBC Radio 1, and is quickly becoming a highly anticipated release for this year. Due on July 6th, the band revealed that Bend/Break should be considered as their debut EP. “As a band, we decided to remove our debut EP from all streaming platforms. This is not to say we’re not proud of it, but we just felt that we needed to be as authentic as possible and to write songs that reflect who we are, not who we felt we needed to be.” According to MAYPINE, upcoming Bend/Break is a much truer representation of the band, feeling as though they have truly found their sound.

“Following a fire at my flat, my fiancée and I lost the majority of our things and had to rebuild. Obviously, this was an incredibly stressful time and I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and could bear no more burdens. However, I fought through and became a much stronger person in the face of adversity,” vocalist Jase comments. “Bend/Break is a therapeutic record. I had so many emotions and so much frustration that I need to expel through music. It’s definitely helped the healing process.”

With a variety of influences, MAYPINE reveals that Bend/Break includes a variety of the band’s inspirations as they head on further into their career. Primarily influenced by bands such as PVRIS, Boston Manor, Thrice and Nirvana, MAYPINE headed to The Ranch to work with Neil Kennedy and George Daly with mastering duties left with Grant Berry at Fader. The four-track EP is due for release on July 6th with pre-orders live now by clicking here for physical copies or here for digital.

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