NOSTALGIA: Our Childhood Pop-Punk That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

red2bjumpsuit2bapparatus2bdo2byou2bfeel2blike2ba2bmanRed Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down

This song is literally a reminder for us of our younger years of angst and the yearning for someone to notice us, even if we didn’t really understand the song in it’s entirety. RJA released the song a whopping 11 years ago, and no matter how many times the song surprises us, it’s still a pleasant throwback in which we’re jumping around the room pretending we’re the lead singer singing to our high-school crushes – or is that just me?

tumblr_n0l4ft91my1rk4sq3o1_500From First To Last – Note To Self

Anyone remember Sonny Moore? I mean, Skrillex before he was into wubba-dub-dubbing? It feels like a distant memory, and almost ludicrous to put Sonny Moore and Skrillex into the same sentence, but to truly appreciate the man behind some of the biggest hits, you do have to know where he started. From First To Last was a band that touched upon our diverse genre’s, and appealed to our singing as well as our indulgence of heavy music.

9f6fc126b7ba976824fc25d2caaec49e-300x300x1Escape The Fate – Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche

Okay, so Ronnie Radke isn’t as high on the pedastal as he used to be nowadays, being booed off stage in his current project Falling In Reverse. But, if anyone mentions the name Escape The Fate, our mind either bounces to most popular track, ‘Situations’ or the lyrics ”Let’s play a game of russian rooooulette…” 

tumblr_no8njnww3w1urh0vko1_500Neck Deep – Can’t Kick Up The Roots

This isn’t an exactly “old song” in terms of age, but Neck Deep have already matured and changed since the release of Life’s Not Out To Get You that brought them a lot of their fame. ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ might just be the song that brought them that attention that turned them into one of the UK’s biggest pop punk bands, and with the tides now echoing the sound of ‘In Bloom’ instead, their iconic sound found in ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ feels like a distant memory that will spike anyone’s body into movement… and strained necks trying to shout as if they were Ben Barlow.

Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn

tumblr_lzgcvugw351r8wb5ko1_500This. Song. Right. Here. I really needn’t say too much about it, since it’s just a great song and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. 2003 Fall Out Boy will live on forever in every punk rock boy and girl!


tumblr_njny7lvajp1tnxjceo1_500My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Would this list really be complete without some MCR? ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ is one of the bands biggest songs that threw them into stardom, but today it’s become a classic within the world of pop punk and angst. It’s a song that matches literally any occasion; partying with friends? Go ahead, chuck it on and watch everyone turn into a theatrical actor. Need to let off some steam? Well, trying to hit some of those notes throughout the song is a challenge, and shouting at the top of your lungs is one way to get all that pent up anger out.

giphyAll Time Low – Dear Maria, Count Me In

All Time Low were huge back in the day, with most people openly enjoying their music but nowadays they’ve caused quite the divide. Nevertheless, the band are always grateful to their fans and have consistently risen with each release. ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ is what we would all send to our crushes back in the day, pretending that they’re in the crowd while we jump around the room like we were frontman Alex Gaskarth (probably all had the same hairstyle, too!)

c640x360_56Green Day – Basket Case 

Now, we’re really heading back in time when these songs we’re the center of most punk-kids’ playlists. Back in the day when MP3’s were our main source of listening to music on the go and where there wasn’t a screen to set queues or see what you’re evening listening to, (OR you could argue it goes back a tad further to the ages of portable CD players that literally couln’t fit in your pocket.) ‘Basket Case’ was a huge point in most of our generation of pop-punk kids, and in a way helped us realise that no matter how weird things got, we weren’t alone. Good ol’ Billie-Joe Armstrong was like all of our uncles with the crazy stories and good advice!



Taking Back Sunday with special guests Frank Iero and the Patience and Milestones @ Manchester o2 Ritz

On September 16th 2016, Taking Back Sunday released their latest album ‘Tidal Wave.’ It marked a new era for Taking Back Sunday – less emo, and well, more of an expression of their lives. Since the ages of everyone’s MSN names being “the truth is that you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologise for bleeding on your shirt,” (cue OH OOOOOH) the men behind Taking Back Sunday have grown in to families and are fathers. This isn’t to say ‘Tidal Wave’ isn’t the TBS we have all come to love over the years, it’s a mature kind of nostalgic. An album that will more than likely guarantee you to listen ‘Cute without the ‘E” before you you finish your TBS music binge.

“The Smiths made a whole bunch of sad boys like us.”

-Adam Lazzara

The release of ‘Tidal Wave’ also meant a tour to promote that new album. It’s pretty certain that if every 2000’s emo kid didn’t squeal aloud, then they definitely squealed internally. Unfortunately for us Welshies, TBS didn’t announce any shows on our side of the UK. This was not going to stop us, so we traveled to Manchester – if there’s anything I’ve always dreamed of, it’s screaming ‘You’re so last summer’ at the top of my lungs while staring at Adam Lazzara. (p.s he’s still as beautiful as ever.) After what seemed like an eternity of waiting and traveling and rushing to the merch stand, we were finally waiting on the balcony of Manchester’s o2 Ritz.

Milestones was the first band to take the stage and attempt to liven up the crowd. As a band new to myself and no doubt many others, it really didn’t take them long to get us moving at all. They’re stage presence was outstanding – they were interactive, they were fun and by god, were they good. Sure, there were a few minor blips like the odd screech of the amps but that didn’t deter the crowd from enjoying their entire set. There was an insane vocal range on the singer, amazing talents from the guitars and the bass and drums combined were moving the crowd involuntary. Their music is available on Spotify, you can find them here. If you’re fans of Frank Iero and Taking Back Sunday, they’re definitely worth the listen.  Frank Iero andthe Patience garnered their own fan crowd at the show. Even waiting in line to get in there were people in Frank Iero shirts and notebooks in hand covered in My Chemical Romance and Frank Iero stickers clearly hoping for a meet and greet. I think the majority wore more merch supporting Frank Iero than there were for Taking Back Sunday, until of course the merch stand got raided.

Luckily, the majority of the Frank Iero set list was covered on camera that you can find here if the video above doesn’t work. It’s easy to see the excitement he generated from bouncing fans, circle pits opening up and the amount of crowd surfing that was happening. If it’s one thing I’ve got to say for Frank Iero andthe Patience is that he’s much, much better live. The atmosphere that surrounded his set list was nothing short of epic. Whoever was on lights done an amazing job all night, but as you can see from the video above, the lights were perfect and on point for Iero’s set. It’s surprising the fans had enough energy left to hear all their favourite Taking Back Sunday anthems blasted from loud speakers with overwhelming bass.

Taking Back Sunday, for me, was the best damn show I’ve been to in a very long time. It was a rocky start, to be totally honest. It was like the fans wasn’t sure how to react to this band who gave us our teenage anthems being in front of them. But, when it was time to bust out tunes from the ‘Tell All Your Friends’ album, the crowd went insane. It was surreal seeing them – to see Adam Lazzara just as lively on stage as he is in the videos. To see the guy that was my desktop background for many of years actually swing around the microphone with my own eyes AND never fail to grab it was spectacular as it was. To even hear the songs exactly like they are on your home speakers. There were times when the crowd was so pumped that our voices combined completely drowned out the speakers. It even made the guys on stage smile multiple times. It’s fair to say it was just an awesome time for everyone involved. Even admitting his failed jokes on stage and at times just wanting to talk, when a fan shouted to “play some music,” Lazzara thanked him for getting him back on track.

Usually, when a band tours to promote their new album, many of fans in the crowd will be unresponsive to the songs from that album. Personally, I spend so much time listening to music that I listened to ‘Tidal Wave’ extensively and without reading any reviews thought that fans would have been turned off the maturity of the album. This show put those thoughts in their grave, in fact, every one there was all for ‘Tidal Wave‘ and every song from the album they played. Of course, the older hits generated a whole more bunch of energy, but the latest album got an amazing reaction.


(Taking Back Sunday set list taken from 

Tonight, Taking Back Sunday play in Nottingham’s Rock City and then end the UK tour in Norwich’s UEA on the 18th. Frank Iero andthe Patience follows them on their tour until the 25th of February in Utrecht, Netherlands. These two acts are definitely a must see for all pop punk/ rock fans around the globe, and I advise any gig-goers to try their shows out and see just how much of a good time they’ll end up having.



Cardiff girl and big adventures

I’ve always wanted to travel. It’s been a massive want since my independence. I’ve stared at images of foreign countries and their nature for years and dreamed of the day I would be seeing them with my own eyes. But I never really traveled my own country much either, so even when I’d so desperately want to get on a plane and head to wherever it would take me, it was daunting knowing I wouldn’t even know my way around Wales, let alone a foreign country.

Last year changed that. And music was the biggest reason for it. My first adventure started with Slam Dunk Midlands, and I traveled with friends a lot more confident than myself. So whilst I was nervous of getting lost in a place that seemed so far away from home, my nerves were put at ease knowing that the people around me could probably get us out of any sticky situations. It was an adventure in itself – getting to Birmingham, finding the venue, going around all the stages, thinking we could last the night at the afterparty and ultimately wandering the streets until our early morning bus. Practically falling asleep in McDonalds whilst getting stared out by old women was my lowest point, but nevertheless, it felt amazing that I was able to do that. I got to meet The King Blues frontman, Itch, too. It was the most surreal experience ever – I actually got to meet a hero of mine.

Then, not even a week later, I traveled to Germany for the Rock AM Ring festival. It was insane. Not only did I fly over, but I caught a bus and hoped for the best. Sure, I had people with me, but still. No one spoke a word of English, so we had to rely on trust. From Frankfurt airport and onto a random, completely desolate bus at 1a.m. we finally arrived in Koblenz, where the plan was to get a train. Obviously, after spending however long on the bus, (I was in and out of sleep,) trains were no longer running. So, into a taxi we went and just hoped he knew where we were meant to be going. We weren’t allowed to actually drive into the campsite so we needed to get out on the road and walk the rest of the way. So backpacks hoisted onto our shoulders, we made our descent in the pitch black. It was such a wonderful, nerve-wracking experience that it brought my love for adventures out even more.

This year, I get to indulge in my love for music and adventure even more. Starting with next week, actually. I’ll be seeing my teenage anthems played live by Taking Back Sunday in Manchester with Frank Iero and the Celebration as support. Then, in April, I’ll be once again heading to Bristol to see Real Friends, a band that has recently pulled on my heart strings. A few smaller gigs in between, such as tribute bands Green Haze, The Offspin and Paramore (or less) around Cardiff and then I’ll be heading to Austria for Nova Rock 2017.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever been vocal about my love for pop punk and metal on this blog before. But I’ll be seeing Green Day, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Rancid, Slayer, Good Charlotte, Pendulum and so so much more. The best part of it? Blink 182 are headlining. Blink one-eight-two. A band that’s been my favourite since I started getting listening and exploring my own musical tastes. A bonus is, a month later, they’ll be playing in Cardiff, where in the comfort of my own hometown, I can confidently be an emotional wreck and go mental to Feeling This live.

Side note, and a little soppy: none of this would be possible without my best friend and soul mate. A man that’s made all my dreams come true and makes my future far brighter than I thought it could be. (He gets up before the tickets go on sale while I’m busy snoozin’,) but with him and the friends that have previously adventured with me, I wouldn’t have this confidence and motivation to leave my comfort zone. I thank you all greatly!

With all these upcoming adventures and concerts I’ll be attending, I’ll be trying to keep this blog up-to-date with reviews, experiences and just all the good times I can possibly gather into one gallery. I hope you’ll share in these adventures with me~