Since the release of their last EP Count Yourself Lucky, Leeds based pop punk band, This Time Last Year have been busy creating instalments for their discography such as 2018’s ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ and ‘Just Talk,’ and now, coming this Friday is their latest collection of tracks for upcoming EP, Adolescence. Featuring their latest released track, ‘Limbo,’ the EP was recorded and mixed by Oskar Sutton, a producer known for his work with bands such as Asleep At The Helm and Solarshift at the studio in Manchester.

Adolescence sees the progress that This Time Last Year has made since their initial release, creating distinctive elements of melodic riffs atop bouncing bass. Chord changes dictate the fluctuation of emotion, driven by infectious lyrics to emphasise. If there’s one thing This Time Last Year has truly mastered during their time as a band, is the ability to grab attention – and keep it. ‘Better Off Alone’ toys with heavier elements, powerful in tones tied with intensity as we see harmonised chorus’s, pitch changes and a bridge full of behemothic properties. It’s the connection of playful pop punk characteristics weaved with a substantial amount of angst reminiscent of mid 90’s punk rock. Lyrically, the track feels privatised, displaying a sense of vulnerability behind walls, correlating with a combative tone that truly brings an emphasis to the overall authenticity of the song.

‘These Days’ features a variety of talent seen in high-energy instrumentals, displayed with rapid drumming techniques and calculated picking. It’s a track filled with atmosphere, plucking at creative heartstrings as it moves through its structure. Much like the previous, we hear aspects of a heavier nature burst through in a deepened tone and tremendous drums. Throughout ‘These Days,’ each instrument has its fair share of spotlight, building and proving their vitality to the overall track.

This Time Last Year has built a foundation for themselves, with Adolescence offering a more formative established sound. Holding onto pivotal components from Count Yourself Lucky that brought This Time Last Year onto the scene, their progression since 2017 is sizeable with distinct talent for energetic tracks touching upon emotion.

Adolescence is due for release this Friday, the 26th of July and will be available across streaming platforms.

Visit the official website for merch and check out their Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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THIS TIME LAST YEAR release new track & video ‘LIMBO’

Leeds quartet, This Time Last Year have released their latest track Limbo, along with a music video.

The track features melodic riffs accompanied by hard hitting drums and a deep bass. Known for their anthemic style of writing, creating infectious music, Limbo delivers in all areas. It encompasses the true nature of This Time Last Year, including their unparalleled style of lyrical writing and calculated instrumentals. Since their release of Just Talk and Maple last year, Limbo emphasizes their established sound and talent, with clear production that even the slight guitar note changes brings their own intensity.

Accompanied with a music video that magnifies the guys’ passion for their music, it brings along an added tug of emotion. Taking place in a living room, switching through scenes of separate instruments, it portrays imagery of time moving as well as the effects of an overactive mind.

Limbo is now available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

This Time Last Year has a select few concert dates upcoming, including Leeds, Cardiff and Sheffield.

Like the band on Facebook for more information.


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THIS TIME LAST YEAR released WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? over the weekend

On Friday, upcoming U.K favourites, This Time Last Year released their latest single, ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ featuring Jonny Gill from Lyon Estates.

TTLY recently won the competition to play the Rocksound Breakout Stage at Slam Dunk North and rightly so, the band has progressed massively since their initial EP and continue to drop pieces of infectious, upbeat music that truly stick in your head. ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ delves into slightly heavier territory, with hard drumming and deep bass complimented by melodic guitar riffs and vocally distinctive. TTLY continue to explore their talents, in the meantime becoming a much-loved band within the U.K scene.


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THIS TIME LAST YEAR talks new track JUST TALK & Slam Dunk North

This Time Last Year has recently sought a lot of attention, and for good reason. The Leeds based pop punk band has progressed and matured since their 2017 first EP release Count Yourself Lucky, since releasing two new tracks that emphasise their growth as a unit and ultimately earning their place in the competition line up of this year’s Rocksound Breakout Stage at Slam Dunk Festival. Their latest track, ‘Just Talk’ is perky with uplifting tones that push This Time Last Year further into the spotlight for rising bands of the UK pop punk scene. This week, we took the chance to talk to This Time Last Year about their recent momentum and getting to know the band that are truly shining in unbelievable ways.

“The songs on Count Yourself Lucky were the first songs most of us had ever written, “ starts bassist Matt, “we’ve since honed into our sound with our latest single ‘Maple’ and our newest single ‘Just Talk’. Since Maple was released, our fan base has grown substantially and we’ve gained a lot of support from our peers.” Matt isn’t wrong, being the first track released since their debut EP that surged This Time Last Year into the fast-paced industry, ‘Maple’ is proof of the bands strengthened chemistry and sound as they move further and further up the ladder. With a distinct, heavy hitting pop punk sound, This Time Last Year has gained massive respect within the scene, with fellow bands supporting their journey and success. “As cliché as it sounds, TTLY isn’t just a band but it’s a family,” drummer Lewis adds. “Anyone who’s been to our shows can vouch for that!”

This Time Last Year’s most recent single, ‘Just Talk’ is yet another display of their talent for the genre. Recorded with Tim at Higgins Records, the single contains masses of energy, ‘Just Talk’ is an enthusiastic approach of breaking stigma. “I did my usual thing of putting a demo together and playing it for the guys, and they responded really well.” Ryan says, “it’s never a complete picture from the start, we all make our individual tweaks, “ he adds. “The message was written to those, myself included, who have, endured life issues but has always been seen as ‘the rock’” guitarist and vocalist Kyle says. “Recently I’ve wanted to write about mental health, but didn’t want it to be sad and preachy, but a bit more anthemic – something you can sing along to. Even heroes need saving sometimes, and talking is just the start.” The upbeat, movement promoting track is infectious, drilling the ‘just talk’ message deep with every chorus. “It all came together pretty quickly, “ Ryan says. “It’s a really simple song with some fun stuff going on with the vocals and I think that’s key to carrying the message.”

The success has launched This Time Last Year into the spotlight, but while the band gather votes to play Slam Dunk North, they’re still hard at work behind the scenes. “Our upcoming EP Flourish has as many positive vibes in there as possible, hence the name! One of the songs has guests too, but that’s all were saying right now, “ Lewis says. “Unfortunately our new material will not be released before Slam Dunk, but it will be out this summer!” Matt adds. With Slam Dunk nearing, the band are hot on their heels gathering votes, with many of their peers pushing and supporting too. “I’ve been going to SD since Fall Out Boy headlined the first one in 2006, and every year I have that dream of ‘imagine playing’ and this year it could happen,” Kyle comments. “Can you imagine the madness if we won this? It would be an amazing opportunity and it would make our dreams come true!” The dedication and passion of This Time Last Year puts them in a brilliant position, and with nothing but high praise for their live shows, This Time Last Year makes for one of the best bands in the run up. If you’d like to see This Time Last Year at Slam Dunk North, the competition is still in use for the next three days and can be voted for here.

Tomorrow also marks the first Pop Punk Pile Up event that includes names such as Malling Know, Room 94, The King Blues and many others for a three day weekend in The Venue Selby. Playing tomorrow at 3:40 alongside Air Drawn Dagger and High Visions, This Time Last Year are hearing up for a big summer. “Playing to an audience is why we do it. It’s an amazing feeling when a crowd is fully involved and its great to feed off the energy,” Kyle starts. “I think we always try and make our gigs a little bit personal and chat to people. My favourite thing is getting someone up on stage to sing a classic cover!”

Catch This Time Last Year tomorrow at 3:40 at Pop Punk Pile Up (tickets available here) and be sure to vote for this years Breakout Stage act at Slam Dunk North here.

Visit the official This Time Last Year site here and check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates

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Leeds based pop-punk band This Time Last Year are back with their upcoming track, ‘Maple.’ Since their release of Count Yourself Lucky last year, the quartet has shown a surge of an establishment as they continue their journey into their second release. Earning a place on the Pop Punk Pile-Up stage on Friday the 27th alongside names such as Safeguard, Outta Peak, High Visions and Room 94, This Time Last Year are bringing their energetic, hard-hitting sound in every area. ‘Maple’ is a display of what the band have to offer, with a real sense of progression since their Count Yourself Lucky. Keeping in check with the punk-charged vocals, the talent of This Time Last Year shines through instrumentals ridden with energy.

‘Maple’ is available to stream now on Spotify, where you can follow the band to watch out for their upcoming releases.

Visit the official This Time Last Year site here and check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates.


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This Time Last Year “Count Yourself Lucky” EP Review

Count yourself lucky shoot

Based in Leeds with the sole intention of combining a 2000’s-esque sound of Pop Punk and new-age emo, This Time Last Year have channelled their energy in to their latest EP, Count Yourself Lucky. Releasing across platforms on Friday the 7th of July, Count Yourself Lucky is an interestingly immersive mixture of songs showcasing the variable creativity that TTLY possess, and are willing to explore. Maybe they haven’t quite hit the 2000’s sound of pop punk, but they’ve mixed the old-school with the new; to simply summarise, Count Yourself Lucky is the love-child between Rancid and Real Friends. Two completely different genre’s that probably shouldn’t work… but totally do. The quartet have refused to conform to the generic genre of pop punk and stayed true to their influences and combining all styles together.

The EP is a total of five full songs and an intro. The intro that opens the EP is rather vague and leaves you rather unprepared for the upcoming songs. It does, however, highlight the rhythm of the band with the looped sound of guitar and unclear vocals on top. In fact, it’s a longer intro to the second song on the album titled Split Cell, instead of a standalone introduction to the EP. As soon as the intro ends and Split Cell begins, you hear the change of chord and introduced to the talent that the band has to offer. The vocals offer the band that unique punk-esque style, and truly shines through the change of composition for the chorus. The style the band have advertised themselves as isn’t something new to the scene, with bands aiming to create a more emotional side to the pop punk environment. What is new is the way the band have achieved emotion through their lyrics without portraying a sort of pity-party where they depict sympathy. The attitude of the music behind the words gives it that positivity and slight optimism that gets you up and moving rather than wallowing in your own sadness. It’s giving listeners the chance to really use this music in an everyday situation, rather than for certain moods.

count yourself ucku gig

(Photos courtesy of Lexi Powell Photography)

The Last Straw is the song that really brings out that old-school feel. It’s the most punk feeling song on the EP, and offers that angst that all our inner anarchists possess. The band no doubt show clear signs of well-rehearsed and coordinated talent, but in the best way, The Last Straw feels disorganised. The quartet’s energy transmits through their instruments, confirming that they have so much more to give. A Thing Or Two reels the chaos back in and slows the EP right down. It’s a strong anthem for the EP, and is the best song to show the bands true chemistry and synchronisation. There’s not one instrument or member that takes the spotlight, but instead focuses on everything they have. Split Cell, whether intentionally or not cynosures on the vocals and guitars while second to last song, Post showcases the affect that the drums have on the overall sound, with precision rhythm throughout offering the attitude that it strives for.

Count yourself lucky EP

The EP can’t be specifically rounded up for individual fans of certain genres. There are copious amounts of bands that TTLY can appeal to, with last song 742 (cleverly named after The Simpsons residence, 742 Evergreen Terrace) feeling like a mixture of New Found Glory at the start and slowly combines similar sounds such as Modern Baseball and Boston Manor.


Overall, the Count Yourself Lucky EP is such a solid starting point for the guys of This Time Last Year in terms of their creativity and chemistry. The band show a lot of promise with this being their first EP, excitingly pulling interest from all different kinds of places, and on their way to making their own personal mark into the massive Leeds, and even unsigned UK scene. I mean, every band has to start somewhere, and This Time Last Year has given themselves an interesting and evoking starting point. It’s worth following and staying up to date on their progression and endeavours, because they’re definitely going somewhere, even if they’re not entirely sure where.

Visit the official This Time Last Year site here and check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates.

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