BLACK WATER CHEMISTRY release new track RETURN TO ASHES ahead of August EP

South Wales metal band, Black Water Chemistry are about to break into the scene as they launch into their new EP, Return To Ashes coming this August. The Newport quintet were founded in by brothers Matt and Chris Saunders along with friends, Murph, Gizz and Dan in 2014 and have brought an industrial sound to the table with their title track ‘Return To Ashes’ available to stream now here. Already being compared to the likes of Soundgarden and Parkway Drive, Black Water Chemistry are coalesced a variety of elements to create an all round original sound that’s no doubt set to thrive in the metal community.

Taking a DIY approach on their upcoming album, Black Water Chemistry describe their new music as being ‘updated’ since their first release. With the band Periphery holding heavy influence over their upcoming material, released track ‘Return To Ashes’ combines modern metal techniques in combative drums and hefty riffs, making it massively ambitious delivering a level of anticipation for the upcoming EP. One of the main appeals is the vintage pugnacity of the track, combining combative features in an industrial style nature.

Set for release on August 31st, Black Water Chemistry is available on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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[REVIEW] Scream Blue Murder ‘Hollow Stories’

Coventry based four-piece, Scream Blue Murder released their debut album Hollow Stories in 2016, starting the band on the right foot where they continue to grow in the industry. The full length, ten-track album is a display of the band’s energy for atmospheric, enticing music. First track, ‘Unbreakable’ shares the importance and talent for each instrument in slow rendition but introduces the band in such a heavy impact way. With a plethora of influences from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria and Cancer Bats, the four-piece have truly come together to combine their interests and efforts into one epic metal-rendition.
27657519_1660006100709909_2528635643748235799_nWith ‘Restart, Rewind, Reset,’ heavy from the get-go, the heavy bass and distorted guitars come to life. One of the most stand-out elements of Scream Blue Murder is their modern twang on the metal genre, as the track moves in and out of heavy, combative attitude into anthemic. The tumultuous relationship between the instruments and the way they ricochet off each other in such a dynamic way gives a surge of power to each track. ‘No Hope,’ for example is a charming track that’s almost magnetic, and definitely a favourite of the album. With heavy riffs and an impressive display of fret and string control, the underlying accent of a porcine-like bass, the third-track is Scream Blue Murder’s ingenuity and talent when it comes to songwriting. As it moves forth into ‘Escape Plan,’ the band’s passion intensifies massively, where breakdowns become even more epic and their songs fluctuate in frequencies. It’s a must to mention and give kudos to drummer Jamie Bloomer for his pugnacious drums that brings much of the weight to each track on the Hollow Stories album.

‘We Are Survivors’ takes a slightly different approach to its predecessors, offering a very surreal atmosphere in a very visual manner. It’s like envisioning the band in their surroundings as the intro ceases into the song – and the track becomes the most infectious of the album. With very anthemic potential as the echoed vocals sing the words ‘we are survivors, we will survive,’ the fifth track nearly steals the show. While the song runs at just short of three and a half minutes, it’s a very moreish track but their subtle change in tone for the halfway mark of the album continues into ‘Dying Breed,’ where the hypnagogic atmosphere laces through the instruments. Being the most authentic metal track on the album, ‘Dying Breed’ brings the essence of nostalgia to their music, rejoicing and enforcing their influences of bands such as Suicide Silence and pre-That’s The Spirit BMTH.
But the talent and exploration of Scream Blue Murder go further than their turbulence, as ‘Let’s Do Coke… I’ll Have A Diet’ proves. Combining their metal genre with the like of party anthems, ‘Let’s Do Coke…’ is like the band’s way of rebelling against the usual rules surrounding the metal genre. It’s definitely boundary pushing, but it works well, taking headbanging into finger guns with eminent use of breakdowns to combine them. ‘Personal Message,’ is colossal in sound, bringing the sheer strength and power of vocalist Aaron Bloomer to the forefront. The militant vocals add to the overall attitude of the song, channelling the aggressive energy that makes it truculent. Second to last track ‘Flatline’ is brilliant. Using clean vocals to compliment the bellicose, the track falls together perfectly in timing and highlights the potential that Scream Blue Murder has in various areas. Last song, ‘Hollow Stories’ is practically like the conclusion to the album, combining each of the stand-out points that each track holds to create the ultimate track, and is a such a concise, wholesome ending to the album. Hollow Stories is an epic album written by Scream Blue Murder, promoting how exciting it is for metal fans to be following the band at this time.

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LifeLust Release New Single NADIR


Cardiff based four-piece, LifeLust are an alternative metal-based band focusing on melodic ambience and gruelling breakdowns. Already showing signs of being a well-established band with clear indication of their direction, LifeLust is more than a little intriguing. Releasing their debut single recently, it’s easy to see that LifeLust has put their heads together and worked hard to create the image that we see today – and it’s paid off.

NADIR is intense in energy, packing that punch that metal has in seconds on the track starting. The production of the track is immaculate, with clear, unrelenting sound that really brings every instrument into play to make this insane, epic sounding track. There are many appeals to LifeLust, including the way that the vocals are passionate and tense, although not too harsh to give the music a hostile emotion; the way that the guitar and drums work together with chemistry to bounce off of each other with ease; the way that the heavy tempo is cadenced and rhythmic, straying from the mismatched instrumental metal sound that has recently taken the scene by storm. The track is full of depth, anthemic moments and more importantly incorporating harmonics, heavy basslines that compliment the profoundness of the overall track atmosphere.

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Putting in plans for a 2018 release, LifeLust is in full swing to show the world what they can give. Already showing massive talent and distinctive sound for their desired genre, the four-piece are bringing excitement to the local scene and beyond.

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Fissure Of Riddles – Nemea [REVIEW]

23519227_1185511991583108_2954110375646456975_nDriven by passion, creativity and inspiration, Fissure of Riddles recently released their first debut album, Nemea. The quartet, originating from the shores of Dorset have extensively toured the UK since their becoming in December 2012. With two previously released EP’s under their belts, Fissure of Riddles have shared the stage with names such as The Lotus, Psycroptic and Kobra and have cemented themselves into the UK metal scene.

Nemea, released on January 20th, is a combination of talent and creativity that brings a fresh and new perspective to the metal genre. Describing themselves as melodic riff conjurers setting out to combine elements of progressive metal with southern and sludge, Fissure of Riddles have put themselves in the spotlight with their unusual take on the norm – and Nemea is the perfect exhibition to show off their style. There’s a lot to be admired about their most recent release, including the dark atmosphere that they introduce with the introductory track ‘Glacial Retention.’ It’s an early example of the eerie feeling that F.O.R can bring into a track, showing that their combined instrumental talents can really give depth to a song. They aren’t at a loss for energy though, as second track ‘Ignorance Is Blessed’ proves. The fast-paced track is anthemic and is almost Zeus-like in the sense of its epic sound. With heavy instrumentals and topped off with pugnacious vocals, each element combined compliments each other, letting the track fall perfectly into place. There is a lot to be said about the way the track shifts into changes, but easily shortened to a summary of brilliant breakdowns and guitar solos. Kudos to the finger muscles of bassist Dan Challinor and both guitarists, Matt Wyzzy and Mark Taylor.

At first glance, Fissure of Riddles aren’t scared about packing their songs full to the brim, with longest track ‘Flensing the Dragon’ running close to twelve and a half minutes long. While lengthy, it’s a track that doesn’t lack in intensity. With a lengthy intro, the drummer Lee Biles kicks the track into gear and takes on a classic metal-esque style – much like the ‘Drown Our Bilge’ style, with insane drum rhythm, heavy bass and heavy guitar riffs – but with sections perfectly falling into places and a steady rhythm (although, still very energetic.) This track is one that really brings out that melodic side, with heavy emphasis on the use of guitar layered over the top to really bring the track to life. The mood does switch though, keeping the long track fresh at every point. The way that vocalist Matt Wyzzy projects his voice in a variety of manners during one song is impressive, even more so the switch from antagonistic vocals to hypnagogic. Midway point of the song, it definitely feels like a Pink Floyd and Cradle of Filth love-child, offering a gothic surreality. In the best way, it’s a very intense track bringing ambience to their heavy style.

‘Scrumps’ is a song that carries on with that ambience, although brings the heavy element into the atmosphere created by their music. It’s a track that really shines for the drums throughout with Biles’ stand-out performance. Whereas ‘Paleozoic’ shows the depth that the bass has on the overall track, and how much an emphasised bassline can really add towards the aura surrounding it. All in all, at only fifth track in, Nemea is a hypnotic album – one that can’t be turned off midway. It’s the kind of album that sucks you in from the get-go. ‘Grid Your Lions’ brings a little turning point to the Nemea album, but despite the track lacking in run-time compared to its track-family, it’s a quiet marching kind of track. Almost like an intermission before the chaos kicks back off – and it sure does. The rhythm is the same, but the sound is escalated and amplified for ‘Edos’ where the intensity once again rises. The refreshing thing about F.O.R is their understanding that metal doesn’t have to be about fast-paced, insane playing style to get across to their listeners, but create atmospheres that bring to life each song. They use their talents in a variety of ways, instead of down-tuning everything to create that dark sound that the genre has become accustomed to – and F.O.R have still gained momentum through their touring. While ‘Hauling’ is the last track on the album, it certainly isn’t the last that F.O.R have to offer in terms of creativity. The band have an admirable knack of how to combine their talents in creative ways in order to convey their ideas. There is not one member that shines more than the other on Nemea, and that just proves how much chemistry F.O.R have together, and how their talents combined compliment each other.

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Shattered Youth cover photoNorthampton, yet again, has proven it’s growing scene is only getting stronger as more and more bands start surfacing. This time around, we’re given a five-piece metal band with a message in their upcoming track, ‘Shattered Youth.’ Sequoia Throne is a prime example of quite how catchy metal can be, with the ‘Shattered Youth’ intro gently introducing you into a huge track that’s going to pump you up. The leading guitar, complemented by very rhythmic drumming is almost hypnotizing, persuading and pushing you to keep on listening. Let me tell you this, it’s not an easy track to turn off.

“For all these feelings I hold dear,

you swore to me

that we were meant to be

you lied to me,”

In seconds, the track blows up with aggressive vocals, a quick and thunderous change of tempo. With no warning, the speed of the track accelerates instantly showing that Sequoia Throne is a band made of energy with the vocalisation and musical talent portrayed in their debut single is derived from emotion, originality and overall passion for their music. The ingenuity possessed by the Northampton metalheads are clear each second of the track, with every riff by the guitar and precision picking of a string, bang of the drum and reverberation of the bass cleverly combining to create the perfect layer of instrumental sound, all to be topped with the armoured vocals.

Shattered Youth Single ArtThe appeal of the track doesn’t stop at the sound, though. The lyrics, poetic to the metal mind, are more than just relatable and engaging. They’re hard-hitting, personal and scarily accurate to those who didn’t write the song. It’s a feeling, that whether or not has stayed with you over a period of time, has at one or another fleeted our minds. There is, of course, a sole message behind the lyrics. After speaking briefly with vocalist Phil Walker, confirmed the theory of reflection. The inspiration formulating from former school pressures; from repressing your true self to fit the bill; from feeling vindicated and deprived of hope from those around you. The story behind the track is empowering with positive undertones that really give you a sense of self-entitlement to your own spirits and feelings. While lyrically, the track can be perceived to fit a variety of scenarios, there’s no denying the reflective assertion that it does have.

‘Shattered Youth’ has a brilliant level of depth to the track, with the drums and heavy bassline cooperating hand in hand creating a solid ground for the instruments to stand and grow upon. One of the most appealing aspects to the track is that extraordinary sense of multiple layers – it almost feels visually foggy. It’s a very surreal experience to visualise something through the listening senses. They advertise the genre of metal – but it feels like a very complicated hybrid between old and new. The clean vocals that come into play for the chorus showcase an impressive range kicking in the impulses to sing as loud as you can. The contrast between both clean and aggressive is astonishing, adding intrigue to the mystery. It’s honestly a perfect representation of their wavering abilities of clean, aggressive and down-right gritty metal. It’s an exciting first track to hear from the band, building a lot of expectations for what’s next to come.

You can follow Sequoia Throne on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with releases, but be sure to check out their upcoming track ‘Shattered Youth’ on their YOUTUBE on October 20th!