BURY THE TRAITOR release new video for A.S.I.F

Metal core quintet, Bury The Traior has released their first track along with a video for ‘A.S.I.F’ taken from their upcoming EP Ascend To Clarity due for release February 14th.

For fans of Architects and Bury Tomorrow, the Derby quintet has packed combative and raucous instrumentals into their four minute long track, incorporating powerful melodies in a perspicuous chorus. The EP, standing at a six-track runtime, holds a promise of gnarly breakdowns and convoluted song writing. In addition to the clear and precise production seen in ‘A.S.I.F’ Bury The Traitor has put themselves in the right direction, booming in the current UK metal core scene.

In addition to the details regarding their upcoming EP, Bury The Traitor have a select few dates scheduled for February:

13th – O’Riley’s, Hill
14th – Star & Garter, Manchester
15th – Mulberry Bar & Venue, Sheffield
16th – The Angel, Nottingham
17th – Waterfront Studios, Norwich

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Dead Crown – Come Hell EP Review

Dead Crown straight from the get-go on this EP shows that they’re here to bring heavy but melodic metal to the masses and they certainly succeed with their first track called Southside which has the perfect follow on to their second track The Seven which I feel is incredibly heavy and I can hear the punchy sub drops that hit beneath the drop at the start of the song.


Kendall Johns sure shows that he has lungs of a god with some of the vocals that really are aggressive while keeping some form of raspy rap screams which go perfectly over some of the songs brutally assaulting riffs.


I wasn’t sure what to think of this band when I heard the name but once I sunk my teeth into it I can’t stop listening to it as it’s like a brutal assault to my ears but in the way that I’d imagine a band to actually do it. This band could clearly hit it with the big guns so once this EP drops I can well believe them to actually be making a huge name for themselves which you can tell they deserve because they’ve put a lot of thought into the songwriting on this EP.


Definitely think my favourite song off this EP would have to be Home as it’s just super heavy from the get-go and once you’ve heard the first drop in the song it really builds the atmosphere for the whole song which I feel would be incredibly heavy and the crowd would kick off live which I know I would.


This band would go down well in the UK scene as they’re after something that’s just straight out heavy while keeping a punch to their riffs so that they’re not just a boring band live. The stage presence I’d expect from a band of this talent would be run around and entice the crowd into a frenzy which I would most certainly get involved in.


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A HIGHER DEMISE – To Death Or Victory EP Review

AHD2012 brought the formation of Kent based metalcore band, A Higher Demise. Their previous release of The Doctor Will See You Now gained high praise, and brought the guys a horde of followers for their industrious work, filled with passion and energy. Taking inspiration from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Issues and Of Mice & Men, A Higher Demise has tirelessly been working towards their upcoming release of To Death Or Victory – their second EP, and a lot of work has gone into it.

With a total running time of over 25 minutes and compilation of seven songs, A Higher Demise has created a wonderful mixture of theatrics and metal. It’s beautifully produced, with crisp and clear instruments – particularly opening track ‘Looking In.’ The heavy bass and drums are massively influential for the overall attitude of the song and complimented with the ferocity of the guitar, it’s a real introduction to what the band has created this time around for To Death Or Victory. A Higher Demise have always had a knack for contrasting clean and aggressive throughout their music, and it was one of the massive appeals for their previous release, The Doctor Will See You Now, and this time around A Higher Demise have used their contrasting vocals to easily add a sense of pugnacity. The second track, ‘Entropy’ really shows this with its combative, pumped up attitude from the get go. It’s heavily brilliant, with anthem-like clean vocals to get you shouting back. It’s a real contender for the liveliest song with guaranteed fist pumping.

An admirable aspect of To Death or Victory is the display of melodic hardcore in songs such as ‘Tear It Down’ and ‘Entropy’. Not only does A Higher Demise possess the ability to really bring a hefty energetic atmosphere surrounding their music, the ease they display to switch between a softened riff is just a small fraction of the creativity and talent that they share between them. ‘The End Of Us’ is another song that shares this similarity, with aggressive instrumentals and vocals softened and complimented by astonishingly strong, clean segments. ‘In The First Place,’ and ‘The Obituary’ there’s a sense of nostalgia within the songs, where the band is showing their roots of heavy, loud music filled with energy. Even though A Higher Demise has always shown a sense of theatrics throughout their musical journey thus far, ‘In The First Place’ really shows off their skill for the heavier genre that they’ve mastered. They could be considered a hybrid of sorts, combining the arts dramaturgy with an oldskool metal such as Bullet For My Valentine’s 2005 release of The Poison. ‘The Obituary’ on the other hand, has that heavy passion but takes that display of combination further.

The final song, ‘Endgame’ is the best song to end the EP with. It’s an emotionally driven song, with beautifully written lyrics that tug at the heart strings. Keeping that aggressive tone, they take the gentle segments further and really slow down the song in sections. Midway through the song, they subtly add a few chord changes, switching up the tone of the track instead of keeping repetition throughout the entirety. It’s a perfectly timed aspect that really makes this song what it is – and A Higher Demise has really taken their creativity and originality further with To Death or Victory.

To Death or Victory is set to release on September the 1st, so be sure to follow A Higher Demise on FACEBOOKTWITTER and check their official BANDCAMP for updates.

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