[REVIEW] These Five Years – This Could All Be So Easy EP


Heavy with bass, raucous vocal styles and riddled with high energy, the newest These Five Years record is the most definitive they’ve put out. This Could All Be So Easy is a six song EP captures some of the most chilling emotion, the kind that runs down your spine and turns your body cold. The EP feels vulnerable, stripped of walls and barriers and splayed for all to see, vocally and instrumentally intertwined to perfectly emphasise the emotion behind the music. Kicking off with ‘Better The Devil’ the EP wastes no time proving what it’s capable of and how beautifully calculated and produced each track is.

Starring a melodic, weighted bass, These Five Years has not only been able to display their hearts lyrically, but has done so instrumentally, too. The listener feels weighted, fully engaged in empathy, really promoting a relatable anthem to kickstart the EP. Moving in to ‘Enclosure,’ we get more of an upbeat tone, softening the blow of that first track. There’s no dragging of this EP forward, it moves in impeccable timing in all round concise writing. While it feeds us a variety of different tracks, These Five Years has really developed an exclusive sound, for example in ‘I Hope You Know’ it’s lyrically pulling on heart strings, driven by combative drumming throughout. It’s an incomparable collection of compositions, and it feels very These Five Years. It’s a heavier perspective of pop punk, unwilling to stay within boundaries of its foundations.

It feels like a very defining point in the bands career, a proud collection of music that has been nurtured into the released tracks we hear today. Each time stamp packing the right amount of punch, fluently moving through the motions. ‘Mea Culpa’ collects the bands talent and puts it on blast, throwing a bone to each component to really shine.

This Could All Be So Easy is available now on streaming services.

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FOXBITE – Hardly Slept At All [Single & Video]

Released last month, Foxbite’s latest single ‘Hardly Slept At All’ is a display of talent for lively pop punk from the Hereford quintet. Following on from their single ‘Nauticus’ that was released in February, ‘Hardly Slept At All’ extends the ground on which the band currently stands on, providing hard evidence that the band has a real knack at melodies, harmonics and the ability to create a infectious tracks in a variety of tempos. ‘Hardly Slept At All’ features calculated line structure, using a steady stream of fluctuating instruments to keep the track moving in fluid motion. Intricately put together and tied by the use of catchy vocals, ‘Hardly Slept At All’ brings more excitement to the following of Foxbite.


Foxbite are currently playing select shows across the UK, you can follow them on Facebook or check out their official website for more information.SpotifyiTunes






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LAKE SYCAMORE release LOATHE ahead of Swansea and Cardiff shows

Cardiff based pop punk outfit, Lake Sycamore has released their latest addition to their discography, ‘Loathe’ that’s currently available on YouTube and soon to be across various streaming platforms. Since their appearance in London’s The Slaughtered Lamb, Lake Sycamore has been building anticipation for upcoming material, with the band releasing an update earlier this year displaying plans for an upcoming album alongside a 30 second teaser for ‘Loathe,” that was due for release in June. Thankfully for us, Lake Sycamore put that long wait to one side and has released the track for early listening prior to forthcoming gigs in Swansea’s The Bunkhouse and Cardiff’s Fuel Rock Club.

Featuring a melodic structure in tone, ‘Loathe’ sees Lake Sycamore contouring a canorous rhythm of guitar around a cadenced percussion, impressively tying together in a complemented ricochet. The distortion of instruments adorns the raucous vocals and magnifies the lyrical intensity, sealed together in a buoyant demonstration of apparatus. ‘Loathe’ conceives an impression of nostalgia, ostensible of influences such as TSSF and Four Year Strong, weaving through a plethora of individual seductions to manipulate the collective of the current pop punk.

To hear more of Lake Sycamore, you can find their uploaded material via Apple Music or Spotify.

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FIGHT FOR FRIDAY announce details sophomore EP ‘Someone’s You Could Trust’

29066481_1797196866978171_2113507226873233408_nCumbrian pop-punters, Fight For Friday, has announced their EP Someone You Could Trust recently that consists of five tracks and will be self-released on May 11th. Streaming their first single ‘Headache’ on YouTube yesterday, Fight For Friday are a stand-out quintet drawing from their talent for music and chemistry together. ‘Headache’ is a real anthem of a track, with poetic lyrics posing almost philosophical stances emphasised by an atmospheric style of play through heavy bass, cadenced drums and a distinguished voice.

Talking about their first single and EP, vocalist and guitarist Seb Harper explains that it is a “song based on introspection, overthinking and loneliness. We wrote it after the news of Chester Bennington’s death and although it isn’t directly related to him, it made me think about how much other people can affect your own thoughts and how hard it can be when there’s nobody around to listen or impact your thoughts in a positive way. It’s probably our most powerful song in terms of both musicality and lyrical content,” adding that the song is “relevant to the context on the EP and the message we are trying to portray: the effect that other people can have on someone’s happiness, health and life experience.”

Recording Someone You Could Trust at White Bear Studios along with the help of engineer David Page, ‘Headache’ shows the real crisp production of the upcoming album and the impact that Fight For Friday have through a thought-out memorandum that’s not only effective in the present but a reflective rationalisation in future instances. The infectious, modern pop-punk tone that Fight For Friday has taken is helpful in their contagious music that’s almost therapeutic – calming and positive with that punch of energy throughout.

“The best thing about this band is the natural bond and growth that we have.”

Forming in 2014 as an extra-curriculum activity at school, Fight For Friday have watched their band mature and materialise in front of their eyes as their dreams of playing punk have grown into reality. Playing venues such as Manchester Academy and Fac251 and touring the UK twice, they describe themselves as “a high school band that didn’t stop.” With their first EP released in 2016, Fight For Friday’s remedial writing process has seen them riding waves of momentum as they enter into Someone You Could Trust era of their career.

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LAKE SYCAMORE release first track ‘Over And Over’

Perky pop-punk band Lake Sycamore from Cardiff released their first track ‘Over and Over’ on Saturday that’s already being massively welcomed into the pop-pop scene. The five-piece has been hard at work over recent months producing the track at Unit 13 Studios and is taken from their upcoming album Stepping Stones which is anticipated for later this year. ‘Over and Over’ is of high-energy, with massive influence from renowned bands such as Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and WSTR. Being the bands’ first track, it’s a brilliant starting place with crisp production, the chemistry between musicians and clear distinction in the bands’ direction. Lake Sycamore has not gone lightly with their first track, ensuring their establishment in the industry.

Being the first real introductory look we have of the band, Lake Sycamore has defined their place in not only the Cardiff scene, but stretching across the world where people are enjoying their current three-and-a-half minute portfolio. Filled with melodic guitar riffs, combative drums and a bassline that ties it all together, ‘Over and Over’ is anthemic in tone and poisonous in nature – it’s deadly catchy. Containing the thriving pop-punk attitude of angst and depth, Lake Sycamore has filled the balance fans have been waiting for. It’s as if Neck Deep’s Life’s Not Out To Get You went out and impregnated The Story So Far’s Under Soil And Dirt, bringing you the Stepping Stones love-child. With all-around positive feedback about the track, Lake Sycamore is riding upon epic momentum, bringing excitement and anticipation for their next release.

The track is available on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes

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23172755_811951088984239_5663995002123841987_nHidden in student accommodation in the northern areas of Manchester, Flowers For Charlie have combined their talents, chemistry and musical influences. Crossing lines between modern ska and pop-punk, Flowers For Charlie stand out among the usual suspects to appeal to the fans of Less Than Jake and new-generation Sublime fans that indulge in the pop more than punk. They’re a band of catchy chorus’s, percussion drums and ingeniously mixed guitars and basslines. The quartet that make Flowers For Charlie have brought their instruments alive and delivered such an ear-catching version of the music we have come to love in the new age. The self-titled EP is compromised of four, full length tracks that bring the sound of Flowers For Charlie to life, and doesn’t disappoint.

Priding themselves on their high-energy live shows, their latest EP is almost an audible reflection of what can expect to experience – a lot of hands in the air, movement and fans shouting the words back in sync. Opening track, ‘Gin and Tonic’ is almost like a parasite latching onto a single cell organism it’s that catchy. It’s a track that really ingrains itself into your head lyrically. It’s similar instrumentally too, offering a lot of upbeat melodic riffs along with the hard tone of drum smashing, giving the track a lot more life and energy. With angsty, combative rhythm intertwining through light-hearted bass undertones, Flowers For Charlie are breaking mounds and offering a new flavour.

“I offered you my world but you wanted gin and tonic; I offered it again and you said you didn’t want it.”


There’s a lot thrown into the pot for Flowers For Charlie – a mixture of bands strung together creating an authentic, early 2000’s venture into the pop-punk territory. ‘Hearts Apart’ brings out the originality for the band though, with lyrics poetically crafted which is only another check on the appeal-rating system. Relatable and creative, ‘Hearts Apart’ is a show of the talent behind the drums and guitar combining perfectly. It’s easy to see Flowers For Charlie appealing massively to the scene with memorable lyrics and music that promotes movement with ingenuous solos, percussion drumming techniques and basslines that move your head involuntary. It’s a theme that carries on throughout the Flowers For Charlie EP despite tone changes. The EP has massive variety – ‘Help Me’ takes a bluer tone, if you will. It’s not until this point in the EP do Flowers For Charlie really come clear in their chosen direction, ultimately developing a solid sound that suits them well. Ending with ‘Star-Crossed,’ Flowers For Charlie is not afraid to show off their talent in every aspect. Being the most stand-out track on the EP, ‘Star-Crossed’ is similar to its predecessors, but the spotlight really shines on the use of guitar giving the track an emphasis on its atmosphere and emotion. They’re a band that doesn’t need a second listen to grip you – they’re an instant hit with a huge appeal in all areas; lyrically and vocally, instrumentally that can really relate to any situation.

Flowers For Charlie are set to play The Eagle Inn to launch their EP, which will available on all major streaming platforms. You can support Flowers For Charlie by clicking here and buying yourself some sweet merch and stay up to date with events and news.

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[REVIEW] Sullen State ‘A Movie To Not See’

27400047_10210392491081034_114004670_nSullen State released their debut EP, A Movie To Not See on the 31st that is condensing the sound of some of the biggest names in pop-punk into one. Liverpudlian five-piece has taken their influences to create the modern day sound that has brought the scene into so much light recently, and their EP is definitely appealing to fans of Title Fight and The Story So Far, who have become massive icons within the industry in recent years.

The four-track EP is a brief introduction to the sound of Sullen State, proving that the band has massive potential in the growing scene. Already having such a clear direction in mind, Sullen State is the perfect example of the dedication and passion that the UK scene has for the music. The first track, ‘Songs and Novels’ quickly gives you a feel for the mixture that Sullen State has taken influence from. Using their instruments to give grips to the tone that they have, ‘Songs and Novels’ is of crisp production showing sheer talent in their early career with a plethora of areas explored. With heavy undertones, the track is mismatched in the most perfect way to combine each instrument to show each individual contribution. ‘Apprehensive’ is a slower track, heavily dependent on the vocals to pack that punch. It’s poetic lyrically, making it one of the stand-out tracks that stick with you way after the initial listen. Cliche to say that a track is ‘catchy’ but the slow tempo of the music, along with its short run-time makes it a memorable track that brings it to the forefront. Pushing them aside from the norm, Sullen State have truly combined their influences in a multitude of areas from lyrics, beats and appeal. In short, the band have already impacted on the scene and pressed their stamp permanently to become a memorable band from the get-go.

‘Compassion’ brings the harshness of the band to life, with combative vocals matched with a heavy, depth-bearing bassline that really brings the track alive. In all, the track is balanced in its tempo – although the limelight definitely shines on the drums. Despite the moments of fast-paced instrumentals matched equally throughout all aspects of the track, drummer [name] takes the track into an entirely new league. Brilliantly and passionately carrying the song, the same level of commitment and hard work can be heard in ‘Null.’ The pugnacious tenacity in the last two tracks of the EP is what brings Sullen State into their own, giving them that unique edge bands spend years thriving for. The way that they have mixed their hard-hitting theme’s with melodic, distorted guitars along with complete, well-kept rhythm throughout brings the Liverpudlian quintuple out of the pop-punk normality. A Movie To Not See is a brilliant starting point, showing the potential behind Sullen State.

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Next Year ‘Resolutions’ EP – OUT NOW


Loughborough boys, Next Year have dropped their first EP Resolutions that is bringing our moods right the way up. The three track EP is filled with energy from the get-go, definitely showing what’s to come in the life of Next Year. It’s a very easy EP to get behind, with fast-paced, upbeat pop-punk rhythm, scream-your-heart out lyrics and the perfect amount of heavy to really get down to the headbanging. With influences such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and NOFX, the three-piece has really managed to incorporate each of their influences in a creative and ingenious manner bringing Next Year to life with the promise of high-energy, body bouncing gigs.

With each track having their personal USP’s and capture points, Next Year has some real potential to become a rising band in the UK scene. First track ‘Fall Apart’ is a brilliant introduction to the areas that Next Year can reach, and the ingenuity of guitarist James Brown with quick finger work and power strumming. Showing their talents in all the different areas are what brings Next Year into the forefront of January’s releases, not being afraid of putting in all their efforts. Being the first EP to come from these small-town English boys, the instrumentals are so carefully crafted that they all come together in such a mismatched, energetic way that really sticks out. Even with a change in atmosphere in second track ‘Hit The Ground,’ they still have that upbeat undertone that makes pop-punk the enjoyable genre that has blown up in recent years. ‘Resolutions’ definitely shows off the talent and dynamism behind drummer Alex Hurd, and cadence of bassist George Fall. All-in-all, this EP is a stunner that compiles the work of nostalgic riffs and vintage pop-punk with the modern day trends.

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We Are Giants THE EMPIRE EP Review

img_0140Smack bang in the middle of England, Northamptonshire three piece band, We Are Giants have been spreading their music locally, receiving high praise for their quirky and almost surreal sound that they’ve become known for. Earlier this year, We Are Giants released a brilliantly compilation of tracks that encapsulates who and what they are – a band with a passion for what they do, and a sound that’s groundbreaking. Reaching to every corner of the UK, We Are Giants are fortunate enough to be in one of the biggest, most accepting and adventurous alternative scenes the world has to offer. A generation packed full of energy drinks, We Are Giants are no doubt one of the most anticipated bands to have grown and developed in the UK. Enter Shikari have reached practically every corner of the world, and We Are Giants have the potential to go just as far.

There’s a surreal feeling surrounding the We Are Giants EP The Empire, and as you enter first track, ‘We Are Giants’ the mystery only increases. But the kick really starts as soon as second track, ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ begins. The instruments are alarmingly quick to the point, and with a funky bass line, We Are Giants are definitely a futuristic band creating music way ahead of the times. But, saying that, there’s a somewhat nostalgic scene into mid-2000s when music of all sorts were digging themselves out of the woodwork and entering the world to be enjoyed. ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ is a real mind blower, but it’s nothing compared to third track and maybe a favourite from the EP ‘The Empire.’ One of the best things about this track is it’s charming and loose bass line, complimented by a nostalgic sound of the guitar. There’s a lot of energy to be found in this EP and We Are Giants have found their happy medium of creating solid tracks and harnessing their talents to emphasise the use and importance of each instrument throughout their creations.

‘What’s The Difference?’ starts relatively differently, although doesn’t differ from their already very unique sound. The four track EP is one that’s definitely got much appeal to it, but with each song there’s so much to enjoy. ‘What’s The Difference?’ is one of the best tracks to really introduce this wild and other worldly band. A quick interlude of a 1940’s waltz snippet, the band are clear in their comedic value together. Their enjoyment channels through their work, making The Empire one of this year’s best listened EP.

To keep up to date with We Are Giants, follow them on Facebook and regularly check their official website and be sure to check out The Empire on Spotify, iTunes or BandCamp.


No Braver – what’s coming next?

UK pop punk No Braver are a band that’s definitely not to be missed. With their few current releases, the band show a mass of talent bursting at the seams and channeled through their instruments and chemistry as one. Releases such as Ghost In The Shell and I, The Illusionist the band have a whole lot of ground covered with areas left to explore and expand upon in their further endeavours. One of the most notable things about No Braver is their unrelenting passion for what they do – with a few bumps along the way, there is no sign of slowing down as the band move forth with their musical career.

Touring earlier this year, No Braver proved that their enjoyment goes far more than just the creation of music. Giving life to crowds with interaction, comedy and pure energy and dedication in their work, No Braver have the spirit to take their music and their career to the next level as they currently record their EP.

The Southend-on-Sea band have made recent announcements regarding their upcoming movement. For followers of No Braver, it’s an exciting time as lineups seem to tighten and the band come together to hone in on their talents and instrumental skills. If there’s one thing we can hope for, is a hint of what’s coming next and when we can expect it! Maybe an early Christmas present?

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