Next Year ‘Resolutions’ EP – OUT NOW


Loughborough boys, Next Year have dropped their first EP Resolutions that is bringing our moods right the way up. The three track EP is filled with energy from the get-go, definitely showing what’s to come in the life of Next Year. It’s a very easy EP to get behind, with fast-paced, upbeat pop-punk rhythm, scream-your-heart out lyrics and the perfect amount of heavy to really get down to the headbanging. With influences such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and NOFX, the three-piece has really managed to incorporate each of their influences in a creative and ingenious manner bringing Next Year to life with the promise of high-energy, body bouncing gigs.

With each track having their personal USP’s and capture points, Next Year has some real potential to become a rising band in the UK scene. First track ‘Fall Apart’ is a brilliant introduction to the areas that Next Year can reach, and the ingenuity of guitarist James Brown with quick finger work and power strumming. Showing their talents in all the different areas are what brings Next Year into the forefront of January’s releases, not being afraid of putting in all their efforts. Being the first EP to come from these small-town English boys, the instrumentals are so carefully crafted that they all come together in such a mismatched, energetic way that really sticks out. Even with a change in atmosphere in second track ‘Hit The Ground,’ they still have that upbeat undertone that makes pop-punk the enjoyable genre that has blown up in recent years. ‘Resolutions’ definitely shows off the talent and dynamism behind drummer Alex Hurd, and cadence of bassist George Fall. All-in-all, this EP is a stunner that compiles the work of nostalgic riffs and vintage pop-punk with the modern day trends.

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We Are Giants THE EMPIRE EP Review

img_0140Smack bang in the middle of England, Northamptonshire three piece band, We Are Giants have been spreading their music locally, receiving high praise for their quirky and almost surreal sound that they’ve become known for. Earlier this year, We Are Giants released a brilliantly compilation of tracks that encapsulates who and what they are – a band with a passion for what they do, and a sound that’s groundbreaking. Reaching to every corner of the UK, We Are Giants are fortunate enough to be in one of the biggest, most accepting and adventurous alternative scenes the world has to offer. A generation packed full of energy drinks, We Are Giants are no doubt one of the most anticipated bands to have grown and developed in the UK. Enter Shikari have reached practically every corner of the world, and We Are Giants have the potential to go just as far.

There’s a surreal feeling surrounding the We Are Giants EP The Empire, and as you enter first track, ‘We Are Giants’ the mystery only increases. But the kick really starts as soon as second track, ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ begins. The instruments are alarmingly quick to the point, and with a funky bass line, We Are Giants are definitely a futuristic band creating music way ahead of the times. But, saying that, there’s a somewhat nostalgic scene into mid-2000s when music of all sorts were digging themselves out of the woodwork and entering the world to be enjoyed. ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ is a real mind blower, but it’s nothing compared to third track and maybe a favourite from the EP ‘The Empire.’ One of the best things about this track is it’s charming and loose bass line, complimented by a nostalgic sound of the guitar. There’s a lot of energy to be found in this EP and We Are Giants have found their happy medium of creating solid tracks and harnessing their talents to emphasise the use and importance of each instrument throughout their creations.

‘What’s The Difference?’ starts relatively differently, although doesn’t differ from their already very unique sound. The four track EP is one that’s definitely got much appeal to it, but with each song there’s so much to enjoy. ‘What’s The Difference?’ is one of the best tracks to really introduce this wild and other worldly band. A quick interlude of a 1940’s waltz snippet, the band are clear in their comedic value together. Their enjoyment channels through their work, making The Empire one of this year’s best listened EP.

To keep up to date with We Are Giants, follow them on Facebook and regularly check their official website and be sure to check out The Empire on Spotify, iTunes or BandCamp.


No Braver – what’s coming next?

UK pop punk No Braver are a band that’s definitely not to be missed. With their few current releases, the band show a mass of talent bursting at the seams and channeled through their instruments and chemistry as one. Releases such as Ghost In The Shell and I, The Illusionist the band have a whole lot of ground covered with areas left to explore and expand upon in their further endeavours. One of the most notable things about No Braver is their unrelenting passion for what they do – with a few bumps along the way, there is no sign of slowing down as the band move forth with their musical career.

Touring earlier this year, No Braver proved that their enjoyment goes far more than just the creation of music. Giving life to crowds with interaction, comedy and pure energy and dedication in their work, No Braver have the spirit to take their music and their career to the next level as they currently record their EP.

The Southend-on-Sea band have made recent announcements regarding their upcoming movement. For followers of No Braver, it’s an exciting time as lineups seem to tighten and the band come together to hone in on their talents and instrumental skills. If there’s one thing we can hope for, is a hint of what’s coming next and when we can expect it! Maybe an early Christmas present?

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FIVE UK bands you should check out!

2017 has been an outstanding year regarding the UK Pop Punk scene. The support has been growing massively, and a snowball effect of fans is following closely behind. Artists such as Neck Deep and Roam have really put the spotlight on our local or unsigned bands, and with that some real gems are glowing through the smoke. There’s a huge amount of variety as well, with most breaking the ordinary and taking pop punk into new depths. Not only is pop punk seeing a massive surge of support, but a lot of UK bands are receiving more recognition and opportunities. The entire alternative scene, be in pop punk, metal or emo are glowing. Bands like Holding Absence and Junior are exploring the country promoting their music, while the Luke Rainsford is successfully spreading his messages across his social media platforms, reaching into the masses. This list is for all those people looking to support their local music scene, or even for the people who want to hear more about what the UK has to offer. With that, let’s begin.

13321914_1100589729964337_318838662644029052_n.jpgTigerstyle – Northampton

Tigerstyle’s music has been thrown into the light with their latest album I Can’t Stay that holds pure anthems and a hard pop punk kick. Hailing from the shores of Northampton, their influences range from Knuckle Puck, Real Friends and State Champs – all of which are prominent in their musical creations, all the while keeping a fresh take on the genre. There’s a lot to admire the band for, and ‘Glory Days’ is one of them. It’s one hell of a song, and if you’re a new listener to the likes of Tigerstyle, there’s no doubt that would be the song would instantly have you hooked, or at least make it’s way into one of your many playlists.

15621834_885439958260024_4285578038976777751_nWallflower – South London

Wallflower is a mysterious kind of band that hasn’t released too much information about themselves on social media, but their music is one of a kind. The south London band released their latest EP, Where It Fell Apart earlier in the year, and their name is about to show up a lot more. This month, starting on the 15th, Wallflower will be supporting The Movielife and no doubt in the future will be alongside big names again. But aside from their association with a big name, Wallflower have made a brilliant name for themselves with their melodic tracks that has a emphasis on the guitar. Their a very atmospheric band, and again, totally mysterious. It’s a very tailor made sound, showing originality and brilliance. Being in a rock band isn’t all about that big bouncing sound, and Wallflower show off their talents in various ways of instruments, vocals and overall their chemistry as a band.

0008636003_10One State Drive – Oxfordshire

This band has everything you need for the ultimate pop punk band. Aside from the pop punk punch that their music wholly possesses, they’re a band having a good time doing what they’re doing. Their official music video for ‘Ouchtown, Population You Bro!’ brought them onto the screens of many, garnering them a lot of fans and the recognition they deserve. For these guys, their passion for their work is undeniable as they treat it all with enjoyment and using their time as a band to really hone in on their desired play-style. Currently, the band are putting on live performances and reaching new heights – but they’re a band to keep up to date with, and grab a ticket if they’re near you! You’re guaranteed a good time.

PTAlbumPenelope Tree – Buckinghamshire

Penelope Tree is everything the modern industry is currently concocting. With bands such as Real Friends, Microwave and Boston Manner on the rise, Penelope Tree is harnessing this and setting themselves up for success with their style. The Scenes You Create is such a big EP released by the band, showing off their individual talents in their music and being the mature voice in a crowded room of bouncing pop punkers. While the album was released in 2016, Penelope Tree are a band that require your attention as they work on their new material, bound to drop more music that’ll pull on the heart strings.


MAYPINE – Brighton

Forming mid-2016, MAYPINE stormed the scene and made 2017 theirs with their hard work and dedication. Putting on live shows around the UK and earning the notoriety for the excitement and liveliness during their performances, MAYPINE have the music to match creating melodic chaos with their instruments. They’ve already won the hearts of many over their short period of being a band, and thriving in their environment, MAYPINE are dominating the scene relentlessly. They’ve got the charisma and talent of a pop punk band, and they’re truly harnessing all their energy into well mastered pieces, giving them a quicker incline into one of the best bands to currently be hailing from the shores of the UK.


ROAM Release Music Video For ‘Alive.’

ROAM are inching further and further into being one of the biggest rising pop punk bands in the UK, and with festivals and supporting some of the biggest bands that have been touring, they’re certainly on a rollercoaster ride that’s only going up, my friend. Their latest track, ‘Alive’ is yet another addition to their list of tracks that are pushing them further into the limelight with features in Kerrang!, Rocksound and many other huge named magazines and TV channels. ‘Alive’ is their latest release since ‘Playing Fiction’ which went down like a treat, and these two tracks are building so many expectations and excitement in anticipation for the album release on Friday the 13th of October. But, regardless of the suspicions surrounding that day, the LP is no doubt going to be fire and really bring the band out.

Don’t be fooled by their upbeat pop-punk sound, the video may trigger a few phobias such as spiders, snakes and creepy little girls.

You can follow ROAM on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up to date with their releases. The guys are also kicking off their tour tomorrow in the following dates:

Sept 20 – Cardiff Tramshed
Sept 21 – O2 Academy Oxford
Sept 22 – Norwich UEA
Sept 23 – London O2 Forum Kentish Town
Sept 24 – Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
Sept 27 – O2 ABC Glasgow
Sept 28 – O2 Academy Newcastle
Sept 29 – Manchester Academy
Sept 30 – O2 Aacademy Birmingham
Oct 2 – O2 Academy Leeds
Oct 3 – Nottingham Rock City
Oct 5 – O2 Academy Bristol
Oct 6 – London O2 Forum Kentish Town
Oct 7 – London Camden Electric Ballroom
Oct 8 – London Camden Underworld




Review: MAYPINE – In The Back Of My Mind

20799924_453307101719264_463182109330886952_nThe UK pop punk scene is bursting with energy, showing a huge amount of determination, passion and all over fun interactions within the community. Brighton based MAYPINE joined the scene mid-2016, and have already taken thousands of listeners by storm. Taking their music to the stage, their notability came from the lively and exciting shows that really stuck in your mind and making you question, “who is MAYPINE?”

21272489_460910904292217_3812576184233086093_nIn The Back Of My Mind is their first recorded EP where Maypine took to Emeline Studios with producer Ian Sadler, who’s previously worked with artists such as ROAM and Homebound. The first track, ‘A Little Sooner’ is their facebook biography captured in one song, supporting evidence of Maypine being one of the most exciting pop-punk bands in the UK. ‘A Little Sooner’ is full of the kick of a pop-punk band, but combined with melodies of a trained guitar, Maypine have really taken their creativity and turned it into reality. It honestly feels like the picture you want to draw in your mind, and having it turn out better than expected. As we move into ‘North/South Divide’ the distinctive vocals become more appealing as you listen on. It’s easy to say that pop-punk is catchy through the instrumentals, but Maypine have vocally and musically created this anthem-esque music that could well and truly fill up venues with ease. Alternative clubs hear the likes of Neck Deep, sending the crowd into a flurry of excitement, and it’s quite easy to imagine Maypine following the same footsteps.

‘North/South Divide’ not only has the appeal of vocals, but an emphasis on the drums and bass proving that every instrument is vital to their overall sound. It’s very upbeat, promoting subconscious body jerks whether you like it or not. One thing to say about the production of In The Back Of My Mind is that it’s such a clear, modern sounding recording, that one of the most appealing aspects is the sound of traditional pop-punk which have likely been remastered for the ears of today’s upcoming generation. An example of this, is third track ‘Inside Out’ that really shows their ability to create a heavy hitting pop-punk sound and high energy. As a band, Maypine have a real chemistry between them, turning musical ideas into reality and being the pop-punk band we all didn’t know we needed. Their music fits into playlists beside Microwave, ROAM, Neck Deep, pre-American Idiot Green Day and even Blink 182. Pop-punk has expanded, changed and grown over the years, almost sounding completely different to how it started back in the early 90’s, but Maypine’s fresh take on the genre that so many have come to love is appealing across all generations. As ‘Inside Out’ progresses, we hear the heavy breakdown, representing and proving that their talents are far from being explored.

‘Never Far Apart’ is an acoustic song, that really compliments the voice of lead vocalist naaame filled with emotion and passion channeled through music. It’s actually quite a lyrically beautiful song, and eventually moves into the works of the whole band as the vocal emotion peaks, letting the instruments take over. It’s a masterpiece, in every sense of the word. The band have cleverly managed to draw emotion through every component, ending the song in the same relaxing way as it started, taking you through twilight. The EP does come to an end a little too soon as we hit the final track, ‘Day After Day.’ After the incredible display of talent throughout the compilation of songs, it’s only right that Maypine shows one last push of energetic spirits as they close In The Back Of My Mind. Constructed of melodic guitars, cadenced drums and an aggressive bassline, ‘Day After Day’ is the perfect ending for their first, massive step into the pop punk scene.

Follow MAYPINE on Facebook and Twitter.

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Stand Atlantic release official video for ‘Sidewinder’

One of the things about Stand Atlantic is their massive tunes filled with power, energy and the overall catchiness of their tracks. Since formation, the band have been on the upward, gaining momentum and high praise for their hard work and dedication for their music. With the release of their music video for ultimate pop punk anthem, Sidewinder, Stand Atlantic show their passion for the emotionally driven track through visuals.

Be sure to like Stand Atlantic over on Stand Atlantic for more bangers.

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