Hailing from the Australian shores, melodic punk outfit All Hope Remains have recently dropped their latest EP Hindsight that’s filled with energetic and hard instrumentals, emphasising the heavier tones that has been sought after since the Still Searching era of Senses Fail. Appealing to a variety of audiences, All Hope Remains has clear direction in their music with talent bursting at the seams from the melodic use of guitar, the heavy undertones of the bass or the real stentorian drums that really give them their label of punk. The final breakdown in ‘These Machines’ is a true display of their fluctuating talents, showing their competency for heavier music.

One of the biggest appeals of All Hope Remains is the softening blow of vocals atop the tumultuous sound. In tracks such as ‘Sorrow Sustained’ the pugnacious sound of drums below melodic guitars and a deepening bass, the soft and lyrically poetic vocals brings an element of rapport to the music, making it relatable with a hard hitting instrumental sound. ‘Tolerate’ is a display of the talent that All Hope Remains has for fast-paced instrumentals, with the chorus bringing in melodic riffs tying the song together and taking the lead for the best track featured on Hindsight.

The EP is full of variance, displaying many talents in unpredicted turns that keep it fresh throughout. ‘Bleed Throughout’ features choppy guitar, guiding the track into an almost acoustic bridge with echoed drums, slowing the EP down but holding on to the powerful hit that All Hope Remains has so far displayed. Its ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ that really highlight the emphasis of the drums, taking the spotlight for stand-out instrument on the album. Being full of energy, it is truly the drums that shine on this EP, further displayed in ‘These Machines’ where they guide the track through the motions and complimented by the bass. Hindsight features the importance of each member to make the music, fluctuating between outstanding performances from each. Final track, ‘Worthless’ concludes the EP by compiling their talents, in clear and crisp production. The fingerings of the guitar sets aside this track for runner up of best track, although the vocal ranges and fluctuations in ‘Worthless’ makes All Hope Remains a brilliant band to keep watch on, as the boys ground themselves in their genre showing a real sense of talent that will surely help them climb the ranks.

Keep up to date with All Hope Remains on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to head over to Spotify to stream Hindsight now!

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  1. Wow what an awesome review you have really hit the nail on the head this EP is amazing. Can’t wait to hear more from the boys …😊


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